Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Chapter 89 He Was Very Satisfied

“By the way, I want to ask you one more thing . Do you think I should invite those lawyers who have helped me to dinner? I just want to thank them,” Su Bei said .

Lu Group was a very high-end company . She thought that if she invited those lawyers to dinner rashly, people might think that she was intentionally making friends with the powerful and fawning over them . That was why she wanted to ask for Lu Heting’s advice .

Her question made Lu Heting feel like she was a wife asking her husband’s opinion .

But wait! Wasn’t he really her husband?

Therefore, he said, “You can invite them to dinner . ”

He could take her to meet them . After all, they should know their boss’ wife sooner or later .

“All right . Then I will need to trouble you again . Please help me find the most suitable schedule and make an appointment with them,” Su Bei said as she nodded with a smile .

“Okay . ”

Lu Heting still had something to do, so he went back to the company .

He wore the watch given by Su Bei . It had a cool and delicate touch on his skin . He felt like her fingers were around his wrist .

Lu Heting rolled up the sleeve of his shirt, and his watch became more visible . It was as if he was deliberately showing it off .

Well, he was very satisfied with it .

He was going to meet a client in the afternoon, so Lu Weijian and his assistant waited for him .

While Lu Heting was picking up some documents, Lu Weijian’s eyes were fixed on his wrist, tossing back and forth .

He wanted to say something, but he obviously hesitated . So Lu Heting looked at him and said, “Say it!”

“Brother, did you change your watch?”

A smile that Lu Weijian couldn’t decipher appeared on Lu Heting’s face . He even looked a little proud and sweet . “Yes . ”

“But why? The value of this watch is way too low, right? As far as I can remember, you haven’t worn a watch at this price since you were twelve . Don’t you think our clients will have an impression that we are going bankrupt once they see this watch on your wrist?”

Lu Heting hit him hard on the head .

He shrank his neck and said, “Oh, I’m so wrong! As long as my brother stands here, no one dares to say that Lu Group will go bankrupt . Oh, my! Wait! Is this watch a gift from my sister-in-law?”

Lu Heting had already walked far away .

One day later, Lu Heting informed Su Bei that he had made a dinner appointment with the lawyers . He made a reservation at a restaurant on the top floor of a five-star hotel .

“Okay . Thank you very much,” Su Bei replied with a nod . She then freshened up and went to the restaurant .

Since it was a private occasion, she dressed casually . She wore a white T-shirt and a half-length denim skirt . Her fluffy chestnut curly hair was tied into a bun, and she had a small bag in her hand .

Her whole being looked so fresh and beautiful yet fashionable .

When Su Bei entered the hotel, she unexpectedly ran into Su Huixian .

Su Huixian was arm in arm with Du Luo, and behind them were Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin .

What happened in the past two days made her very unhappy, but she could only pretend to be patient and kind in front of Du Luo and her parents .

Thus, Su Xingfu and the others still felt that it was Su Bei’s fault .

Tonight, Su Huixian specially ordered the specialty of this restaurant and invited them to dinner .

But she didn’t expect to meet Su Bei here .

“Hi, Su Bei! Are you here for dinner too?” she greeted kindly . It was as if everything that happened was nothing to her .

Su Bei just curled her lips lazily and said, “Yes . ”

“Why don’t you join us then?” Su Huixian invited Su Bei, showing her generosity .

However, she kept her fingers crossed secretly, praying that Su Bei would refuse .

Of course, she would never want to see Su Bei be in the same place as Du Luo .

“Well, who am I to refuse such an invitation?” Su Bei smiled brightly . And with her outfit that looked so refreshing, she was like a new lotus that had just come out of the water, delicate and soft .

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