Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Chapter82 Give Her a Dose of Her Own Medicine

However, Su Bei’s career would reach a new level .

Du Luo hurriedly supported Su Huixian .

Lu Heting, who had been standing aside, smiled . His assistant did a good job and the result came out in advance .

The result was undoubtedly the most beneficial to Su Bei .

Of course, his woman must not suffer any injustice .

The police worked until the middle of the night and were all dead tired, so one of them said to Su Xingfu, “You can go home now . We have to get off work and rest . ”

Although Su Xingfu was angry, he was completely helpless .

He just waved his hand and left . Xu Zhiqin hurriedly followed behind him .

There was a hint of coldness in Du Luo’s eyes . No one knew if it was because of Su Huixian or Su Bei .

“Du Luo, Minxuan, you go out first . I will apologize to Su Bei,” Su Huixian said gently .

She had already figured out everything .

She called the police and made a post on Weibo to ruin Su Bei . But she didn’t know that she actually walked into Su Bei’s trap .

When the others walked out of the police station, she pointed at Su Bei and said, “Su Bei, you set me up . You did everything on purpose!”

A gentle smile appeared on Su Bei’s beautiful face . “I just used the same trick you used on me five years ago to give you a dose of your own medicine . ”

Su Huixian suddenly remembered what happened five years ago . She played the same trick on Su Bei so that Su Xingfu and Du Luo would totally lose their trust in Su Bei .

At that time, she also pretended that she drugged Su Bei, and Su Bei believed that it was true .

This time, Su Bei completely copied her previous trick .

Su Bei was not able to prove her innocence back then . Right now, it was even more difficult for Su Huixian to prove her innocence .

Su Huixian looked at Su Bei . She realized that the Su Bei in front of her right now was no longer the arrogant princess who would never play dirty tricks to fight back no matter how many times she and Xu Zhiqin had bullied her in secret .

Su Bei had changed . And she must have come back to take revenge .

For the first time, Su Huixian had known how horrible Su Bei was .

She turned around and walked towards Du Luo .

Du Luo looked somewhat cold . She walked towards him and said between sobs, “Du Luo, I’m really sorry . I didn’t expect this to happen . I was so scared at that time, so I thought that Su Bei had really drugged me . But I’ve already apologized to her . ”

Du Luo didn’t say anything .

She held his hand and continued, “I’ve also suffered a lot this time . Don’t blame me for my honest mistake, okay?”

Du Luo lowered his head and looked at her . She was crying bitterly, and what she said was enough to convince him .

So he said, “Forget it . It’s not all your fault . Just be careful from now on . ”

“Du Luo, I knew you would believe me . I will try my best to make it up to Su Bei, and I won’t let her get hurt again . ” Su Huixian took the initiative to kiss Du Luo, thinking that such intimacy could mend fences with him .

When she came back home later, she would also convince Su Xingfu that what happened was just an honest mistake .

Qiu Minxuan quickly went back and deleted all the posts that she and Su Huixian made on Weibo . It was as if nothing had happened .

As for the investigation result that was released by the police, she believed that only very few fans would see it .

The fans usually gave all their attention to their idols . Who would read the investigation result released by the police?

Even Su Huixian thought the same . So she focused her attention on Du Luo and Su Xingfu without thinking about her previous post on Weibo .

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