Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Chapter81 I Don’t Need Anyone to Raise Me

Su Huixian’s face turned deathly pale . Now she realized that everything was just Su Bei’s trick .

Su Bei didn’t do anything . She just said a few words, and it already pushed Su Huixian into such an unfavorable situation .

Su Huixian shook her head anxiously . “No, Dad, Du Luo . Please believe me . How can I sacrifice my future just to frame Su Bei? It’s just that I really thought she drugged me…”

“But the truth is, she didn’t!” Su Xingfu interrupted angrily .

Xu Zhiqin hurriedly spoke for her daughter, “Hubby, although Su Bei didn’t drug her, Huixian did have a relapse at that time . Besides, Su Bei touched Huixian’s glass . It’s only normal for Huixian to suspect her . ”

Su Bei said in a calm voice, “Su Huixian looked uncomfortable at that time, so I poured her a glass of water . I just tried to help her, as a sister . But anyway, forget it . I shouldn’t have meddled in other people’s business . I just humiliated myself . ”

Su Xingfu had always preferred a gentle and obedient daughter . So upon hearing Su Bei’s words, he said, “Huixian, you’re in the wrong this time . Apologize to Su Bei . ”

“Hubby, Huixian just had a relapse . She’s not in good health yet . Don’t make her condition worse,” Xu Zhiqin pleaded while wiping her tears .

When Su Bei saw that Su Xingfu was being fair, the coldness in her eyes faded away .

However, the next second, Su Xingfu’s words made her realize that nothing could be changed .

The Su family would never be her family .

Su Xingfu would always be Su Huixian’s father only, not hers .

Su Xingfu said, “Then Su Bei, I apologize to you on behalf of Huixian . Let’s just forget what happened tonight . We don’t want to release the investigation result to the public . We will tell them that everything was only a misunderstanding . What do you think?”

Such a suggestion was not so much to defend Su Huixian but added salt to Su Bei’s wound .

Before the investigation result came out, he allowed Su Huixian to attack her on the Internet . At that time, why didn’t he stop Su Huixian from making this matter public?

But now that he found out that Su Huixian might be ruined, he made such a request from her .

Su Bei looked at Su Xingfu indifferently . “What do you think people will think of me if we don’t announce this to the public? Right now, everyone believes that I really drugged Su Huixian, and I stole her part in Orisa Fashion Show . How can I prove that I’m innocent?”

“I’ve already told you that I can raise you after you go home,” Su Xingfu replied .

“You can raise me? I’m a normal person who needs to work and realize my self-worth . I’m not a pet of the Su family nor a puppet that can be controlled by others . I don’t need anyone to raise me . ”

Seeing that Su Bei refused to listen to him, Su Xingfu turned to the policeman and said, “We can discuss this matter on our own . Besides, it’s just a misunderstanding among our family members . Why not just let us deal with this investigation report by ourselves?”

Actually, his suggestion was favorable to the police .

After all, it was difficult for outsiders like them to get involved in family matters . As long as there was no major incident, they usually allowed family members to deal with their own family matters .

But today, they couldn’t .

So the policeman said, “I’m sorry, Mr . Su . We will announce the investigation result according to the procedure . ”

The expression on Su Xingfu’s face changed drastically .

Xu Zhiqin and Su Huixian were also on the verge of collapsing . Their legs were feeble after what the policeman said .

The police would make their final conclusion . Once this report came out on the news, Su Huixian would definitely receive countless ridicules and humiliation .

Brands like Orisa would definitely not cooperate with her anymore .

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