Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Chapter 56 Call It Even

Gun Gun giggled . “Bei Bei, you’re not a wolf . You’re a cute girl! Daddy’s wife is not cute, that’s why he doesn’t want me to marry a cute girl…”

Su Bei paused before asking, “Gun Gun, your daddy has a wife, right?”

“Of course!” Gun Gun replied without hesitation, tilting his head . The whole Lu family knew that his father’s wife was studying abroad . “But she is not as lovely as you!”

Su Bei secretly gritted her teeth in anger . ‘Lu Heting, you bastard!’ It turned out that he really had a woman!

She really didn’t mind that he had a wife . After all, five years had passed . She had never expected him to wait for her, a woman that he didn’t even know .

However, he shouldn’t have lied to her .

At the same time, she knew that she had no right to get angry . She could just take it as his revenge against her for leaving without saying goodbye back then .

Now they could call it even!

Fortunately, she hadn’t told him about Da Bao’s existence . Otherwise, things would have become really complicated .

“Bei Bei, will you come to see me?” Gun Gun asked eagerly, tilting his round head .

Su Bei let out a soft chuckle . “I’ll come if I get the chance . Be a good boy . Good night . ”

After hanging up the phone, she sighed slightly . No matter what, it was shameless of Lu Heting to lie to her without any conscience, claiming that he had a son but no woman .

How could he have a son without a woman?

Even a child would be more honest than him!

Well, forget it . She could just call it even . They wouldn’t owe anything to each other anymore .

Then, she grabbed a cushion and sat on the sofa in a daze .

In the study of Lu Heting’s house, he finally stood up after defending against the powerful attack from the new hacker . He looked at his brother and said indifferently, “Ask this person to come to the company and report for duty . ”

Lu Weijian’s face broke out into a smile at once . “As long as you’re around, we can solve anything!”

Seeing that his brother seemed to be unhappy to hear that, he hurriedly flattered him even more . “You’re a king! You beat everyone! This hacker is the best one we’ve gotten . Should we offer him or her the highest salary?”

“It’s up to you . ” After saying that, Lu Heting walked out of the study without looking back .

“No wonder hackers like attacking us . As long as they can cause great pressure on our defense system, they’ll be hired at our company with a high salary,” Lu Weijian muttered to himself . “Well, let me see who you are! Come and show yourself!”

He sent a sincere job offer to the e-mail address that Lu Heting had given him .

A moment later, there was a ping on Da Bao’s iPad telling him that he had received a new email .

When he was about to open it, Lin Moli came over and threw a set of pajamas to him . “Da Bao, enough of playing with that . Kids should go to bed early and get up early . It’s good for your health!”

Da Bao turned the iPad over and clicked on the newly received e-mail . When he saw that the name of the sender was “Invincible Swordsman,” he couldn’t help shaking his head in disdain . The employees of the Lu Group were so childish!

Lu Heting went to his son’s room . Gun Gun was sitting on the chair with his head on the desk . He had fallen asleep with tears on his face, looking pitiful .

Lu Heting picked him up and tucked him into the soft bed .

When he returned to his bedroom, he took out his phone and dialed the number that was written on the box, the one he had already memorized .

After a few rings, Su Bei’s sweet voice came from the other end of the line . “Hello, Su Bei here . Who is this?”

“It’s me . ” A faint smile appeared at the corners of Lu Heting’s lips .

“Hello, Mr . Lu . ” Su Bei spoke in a chirpy, high-pitched voice, wanting to sound polite . But on the contrary, she sounded distant and alienating, as if she was talking to a stranger .

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