Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Chapter 42 The First Place

Her long legs ended in a pair of black boots, which made them look even more attractive .

Although she was sitting on a huge motorcycle, both of her feet were firmly planted on the ground, illustrating just how tall she was .

She seemed to possess some kind of magic . As soon as she entered, no one in the room could take their eyes off of her .

Seeing this, Su Huixian inhaled sharply . It was Su Bei! She had actually shown up!

But how on earth had she pulled it off?

The dressing room was locked . Where had she gotten such a unique black outfit at the last minute?

After parking the motorcycle, Su Bei took off her helmet from her head . A smile appeared on her plump red lips .

Supermodels seldom smiled, because a smile would lessen their aura and make them look common . However, Su Bei’s smile didn’t make her lose anything, but instead made her more attractive .

She walked down the runway confidently and stood in front of the judges .

After such a long day, the judges were already sick and tired of staring at models . However, they had never expected to see such an excellent candidate . Su Bei was eye-catching enough to far exceed all their expectations .

The other models also had their eyes widened in surprise .

Of course, no matter what score Su Bei got, it had nothing to do with them .

But Su Huixian was different .

Without Su Bei in the race, she was ranked fifth . She had barely been able to qualify .

If Su Bei scored higher than her, however, she would be kicked out .

“Su Bei, why? Why are you set on ruining my life? You’re the legitimate daughter of the head of the Su family . You can easily get everyone’s love and the favor of Du Luo . Why didn’t you just die somewhere? Why did you come back to steal everything from me?” Su Huixian clenched her fists .

“Hello, everyone . I’m Su Bei, Number Twenty . ” Su Bei could speak fluent English and her words were clear and articulate, showing how confident she was .

“Su Bei, you’re late . What do you have to say for yourself?” One of the judges began with a difficult question .

“I arrived three whole seconds before my scheduled time, so I don’t think I’m late . Otherwise, you would have all gotten up and left by now, right?” Su Bei said with a smile .

The atmosphere in the room suddenly lightened . The judges all smiled with satisfaction . Her pronunciation was perfect, which naturally left a good impression on them .

The rest of the interview went smoothly . Su Bei was able to communicate fluently with the judges in English, which received praises from all judges .

The wider the smiles on the judges faces, the gloomier Su Huixian’s face looked .

The judges had a long conversation with Su Bei, longer than the conversations with the rest of the candidates put together .

Finally, they scored her .

As expected, Su Bei got the highest score .

That was to say, she directly qualified to be a participant in the Orisa International Show!

Of course, the rankings changed as well . Now that Su Bei was in the first place, the previous candidate who was in the first place got the second place, and so on .

The change in rankings didn’t really affect most of them . Those who hadn’t qualified were still unable to get onto the stage of the Orisa International Show .

As for the candidates who had previously ranked first to fourth, they still qualified .

It was only Su Huixian, whose rank had jumped from fifth to sixth, that had lost her qualification!

After thanking the judges, Su Bei pushed her motorcycle and walked out valiantly .

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