Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 11

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Lu Heting trudged back to his car .

He sat in the driver’s seat with his eyes closed for a long time before he finally calmed down .

The sudden sound of his phone ringing interrupted his train of thought .

He picked up the phone and said in a hoarse voice, “Mom . ”

In a fancy restaurant, the elegant Mrs . Lu looked at her son’s long face, and asked worriedly, “What happened?”

“Nothing . ” Lu Heting lowered his head and cut the steak carefully, but his movements were sometimes interrupted by his stagnant thoughts .

He was completely absent-minded .

His mother smiled and said, “That’s good . I know you only care about the company and the kid . By the way, one of my friends’ daughters is a nice girl . She just came back from abroad . She is well-educated and reasonable . She is a good person . You should meet her . Even if not for yourself, then at least for the child . The kid needs a mother . ”


“Mom, I’ve told you that I already have a wife . ” Lu Heting put down his knife and tried to be patient .

His mother nodded and compromised . “Yes, yes . Her name is Su Bei, right? She went abroad to study after marrying you five years ago . But she hasn’t come back at all during the past five years, right? She just got a marriage certificate with you . Apart from that, it’s like she doesn’t belong to this world at all . Your old grandmother might have been happy to hear that you got married, but do you think that I will also believe your story?”

Lu Heting pressed his lips into a straight line and didn’t say anything .

“My words might upset you, but as your mother, it’s my duty to tell you these things . Five years ago, your grandmother was seriously ill . Her greatest wish was to see you settle down, and you gave her what she wanted . But she has recovered now . You can’t continue to live in a fantasy . That woman called Su Bei hasn’t come back for five years . Even if she really exists, you can’t wait for her for a lifetime . Son, listen to me . Just move on . Even if you don’t need a woman by your side, your baby needs a mother . ”


Lu Heting gave the steak he had cut to his mother and said, “Mom, eat the food please . I have something to deal with in the company . ”

Then, he stood up abruptly and walked out of the restaurant .

When he was outside, he suddenly stopped and squinted his eyes at the people walking past him .

For a moment, he felt as if he had seen Su Bei among the crowd .

But the very next second, she seemed to have vanished into thin air .


Though Su Bei hadn’t been able to meet Lu Heting, she had to focus on participating in the company’s event first .

She had worked as a model in the United States . Because of the natural advantage that her tall frame and long legs gave her, as well as her confidence and her professional skills, she had quickly gained a place in the American model circle .

However, since she had to take care of her son, her working time was limited, so she hadn’t gained much recognition .

But now, Da Bao was old enough to go to school . Before returning to S Country, she had contacted with Qian Yu Entertainment Company, and signed a one-year contract with them .

Su Bei went straight to the Hao Jue Hotel .

Tonight, she was going to attend a party thrown by a luxury fashion show that was arranged by the company .


This party was specially arranged for the models and the judges of the fashion show, so that they could get familiar with each other first .


The first round of the test was set to take place in three days . If a model didn’t perform well at tonight’s party, they would not even qualify to take the first round of the test .


Only after a model passed both the first and second rounds of the test could they officially become a member of the fashion show . After that, they would be able to earn a considerable amount of money .


The party was held at the Hao Jue Hotel .

When Su Bei arrived at the hotel, her agent, Qiu Minxuan, recognized her at a glance . Su Bei had a fairly unique face that set her apart from other women . Her face was small, but it looked cute and exquisite .

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