Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1

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In the Su Mansion .


Everyone was in a festive mood .

Because today, the daughter of the head of the Su family, Su Bei, was finally getting married to her beloved fiance, Du Luo .

The reflection in the mirror showed her finely carved features . She was like a masterpiece drawn by God on a canvas .


She was wearing a strapless wedding dress that enhanced her collarbones and made them more eye-catching .

The carefully tailored wedding dress hugged her slender figure tightly . And its beautiful, full-length ruffles made the eighteen-year-old Su Bei look more feminine .


In S Country, the legal age to get married was eighteen . So after her eighteenth birthday, Su Bei decided to marry Du Luo, the man she had loved for several years .

Although she had drunk a lot at her bridal shower last night, she still got up early to freshen up .

The day was breaking, and the sky was just turning bright outside as the sun was beginning to rise slowly from the east .

“Miss Bei, everything is ready now . It’s still early . Why don’t you rest for a while? We will come back for your makeup in two hours,” suggested the staff who was helping her dress up with a smile .

“Okay . ” Su Bei looked at the dark circles under her eyes in the mirror and nodded .

She still felt a little groggy because she drank too much last night . So she picked up the glass on the table and drank two mouthfuls of water .

When the staff left, a maid came in with a pot of bird’s nest soup and put it in front of Su Bei .

Su Bei filled a small bowl with the soup, and gulped down two mouthfuls of it . Maybe because she drank too much wine last night, the tip of her tongue was bitter . The soup tasted a little strange to her .

After finishing the soup in the small bowl, she didn’t eat more . She just sat on the sofa and closed her eyes .

A few minutes later, the door of her room was gently pushed open, and someone came in quietly .

Su Bei didn’t fall asleep . She secretly half-opened her eyes and glanced around . She found out that the person who came in was Su Huixian, her half-sister .


Su Bei’s stepmother was the one who had broken her parents’ marriage, so she despised her stepmother and Su Huixian . She had never bothered to get along with them . So she wondered what Su Huixian was doing in her room right now .

Su Huixian took a quick glance at the empty bowl . Her mouth curved into a wicked smile as she lowered her head to look at Su Bei . “Su Bei, do you really think you can marry Du Luo? I am the real daughter of the head of the Su family . You will never know what is in this bowl of bird’s nest soup . But I will make sure that you enjoy your wedding night in advance . ”

She then took out her phone, and dialed a number . “Are the two bodyguards I have arranged especially for Su Bei ready? Tell them to come here now . ”

Su Bei opened her eyes wide in shock upon hearing what Su Huixian had said . She knew that Su Huixian had never liked her . But she didn’t expect that Su Huixian was this vicious .


It seemed that Su Huixian wanted to drug her and found someone to rape her . Such a vicious woman!

Su Bei stood up and sneered . Su Huixian heard some movements, so she turned around . Seeing Su Bei standing in front of her, she took a few steps back . “You… you are not asleep?”

“Su Huixian, it must have been very hard for you to pretend to be a good daughter in the Su family for a long time . Do you feel comfortable now that you have finally taken off your mask?” Su Bei said with a hint of mockery in her cold eyes .

“I don’t understand what you mean . ” Su Huixian’s face turned deathly pale . She was so scared to be exposed that her nails dug into her palms, and she couldn’t dare to meet Su Bei’s eyes .

Su Bei grabbed Su Huixian’s wrist . She was taller than Su Huixian, so she blocked the way, not giving Su Huixian a chance to run away .

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