Hermit Wizard - Chapter 154

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Savior or Destroyer (23)

The amount of information stored in the Root Stone was quite large, but most of them were difficult to understand, or I had no idea how to use it. I know the level was very high, but I didn’t have the background knowledge to absorb it.

Nevertheless, I listened patiently. That was because I could fully understand the value of those ruins even by collecting only understandable content.

The explanation of the dragon species described from the viewpoint of the pioneer species continued, and…

“… Huh?”

There was a phrase that caught my interest.

[As mentioned earlier, the dragon species who have already settled in other worlds are classified as ‘external-dimensional species’ and are protected by relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, the intervention of indiscriminate civilization is strictly prohibited.]

[However, we would like to inform you of the exceptions under the terms of the ‘Relative Protection Act,’ which take precedence over the ‘external-dimensional race rights’ related laws.]

[No matter how friendly the dragons evolve, the assumption that they may pose a threat to the pioneers is practically impossible. However, our people’s safety is one of the values ​​we value most, and it isn’t a proposition that is underestimated, partially excluded, or subject to an optimistic assumption. We have to take the best steps to ensure the safety of our people under any circumstances.]

[Therefore, despite the slim chance of occurrence, we enter the following information into this storage medium. Users should never abuse this information and can only activate this feature if they know the ‘direct, explicit and immediate threat of dragons’ against their people. Please note that if you violate these instructions, the feature may be permanently disabled.]

[However, for the dragon that caused the activation, this feature is always activated even after it has been activated once. In this case, the deactivation penalty does not apply. This is because once a dragon has shown aggression to your people, it can show repeated threatening behavior until there is a behavioral correction.]

After completing the explanation so far, the storage media left a brief gap. One after another, Parvache began to utter words that couldn’t be interpreted even in the realm of wills.

Parvache and I had no choice but to ask Maru directly about the meaning.

Maru refused to explain at first, saying that there were too many difficult meanings, but it began to explain when we urged it several times by scratching the air.

“Ah… this… what it means…”

It took some time for us to understand Maru’s words. If all the storage medium contents had been delivered in that way, it would take at least a few months.

However, we asked what purpose and how the concept was being used, and Maru felt it also difficult to explain.

After hearing that, I had no choice but to put a satisfied smile around my lips.


“It was dark under the lamp.”

Upon receiving Grime-Tepamine’s magical communication, the Dragon Emperor gritted its teeth quietly.

The strange human companions were found in Ramuming’s village, not far from the Dragon Emperor’s nest.

It didn’t know how they got into such a place, but it was enough to dig reason after catching them.

According to Grime-Tepamine, the monster-like humans weren’t in town. It was unknown whether that son of a bitch was moving separately or whether he had avoided the dragon’s search magic by using unknown magic.

It wasn’t a big problem. In the first case, it would be enough to interrogate his companions and dug up his tracks, and if it were the latter case, he would have no choice but to reveal his appearance in the process of overturning the entire village.

Yes, the Dragon Emperor was going to head to the Ramuming’s village as soon as all of its people gathered.


The old dragon breathed its Mana into the Scriptures it was holding in its hand. Once again, it located all the dragons on that planet, and it sent communication magic to all of them.

-We have identified the location of some unique threatening species!

It conveyed its wills through magic one after another.

-Right now, at this moment, all our fellows stop other activities and gather to my nest!

As the destination was just around there, there was no reason to choose another place as the gathering point.

The Dragon Emperor shouted like that and waited. While quietly burning the anger in its heart until its people flock to its nest.

It would take some time for the dragons scattered all over the planet to gather together, but it was going to wait long enough before leaving. It wouldn’t take up to half a day.

Since he was an enemy that had already been fought in a moment that it didn’t remember, the Dragon Emperor didn’t intend to do anything careless at that time. It prepared for the same strategy as in the war with the demons, a surprise attack using total firepower.

“Wait for a little, you small creature.”

The Dragon Emperor laughed coldly.


After completing the expedition to the Root Stone, we returned to Ramuming’s village as quickly as possible. Knowing that memory could be stored and read, it was possible to assume that they would track us down anytime soon.

After eating some, Garam, who seemed to had recovered a little, was resting by renting a hut of Ramumings. Mrs. Pearl looked after him, and I made Maru practice in a hurry.

Time flew by in such a hurry that there was no time to take a breath, and their response came faster than expected.



The Ramumings outside the village screamed as if their souls were escaping as a whole.

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“Oh, that surprised me! What is it?!”

Hwang Soo-rim stood up with a perplexed look. Usually, people ran right out of the hut in surprise and looked around. Instead, she chanted the reconnaissance magic and floated it to the vast outside landscape.

It was a good posture. Well trained. There was no need to expose yourself without knowing the nature of the danger. However, it didn’t mean much to ‘them’ right now.

Hwang Soo-rim, who grasped the outdoor landscape with her magic, shouted in astonishment.

“C-Crazy, what are all those things?!”

It started.

We moved from the Root Stone to there in a hurry, and then I practiced with Maru several times. Thus, we didn’t give enough explanation to the rest of the group yet.

I spoke calmly.

“It was a good response, but those guys would have scanned this place in advance. That’s why they gathered as much as possible and fly this way. Considering the number of the dragon gathered and the size of the planet… likely, we were already discovered while I was away from the village.”

After saying so, I walked out of the hut. The blue-haired aliens were staring at the other side of the sky with a numb look.

I followed their gaze and looked over the horizon. In the sky, a similar scene was unfolding wherever I looked without even having to distinguish between front and rear, left and right.

“Hu… Huaaaaarrrgh!”

The Ramuming’s screams followed one after another.

Hwang Soo-rim, who followed me, muttered behind my back.

“Oh… it’s like a fucking shit.”

On the other side, where our gaze reached, countless dragons approached that village surrounding the sky all around.

colored dots covered the sky, and the speed at which the shape grows wasn’t unusual. They were flying fast.


As if he had lost his reason, an old Ramuming sat down.

“[email protected]#%#[email protected]!”

He mumbled over and over again with words I didn’t understand. So, I spoke, ignoring their reaction.

“Were there so many dragons on this planet?”

At first glance, their number would be over a thousand.

“Parvache, we had the wrong plan in the first place.”


It didn’t answer.

Currently, it seemed that Parvache had become so weak that it was difficult to create a will. Even so, I kept talking to it.

“It wasn’t something we’d go looking for one by one and break them down. Even if we had pushed it that way, it would’ve been faster for the Earthly Truth-Seeker’s new body to be completed.”

Parvache still didn’t respond.

In the meantime, the Ramumings in the village were showing a reaction close to a group frenzy. Usually, dragons’ appearance in the village would’ve been a disaster itself, but that scene would bring extreme despair and fear.

Moreover, it seemed that most Ramumings had never seen so many dragons moving at once. The last war with the demons appeared to have ended long ago, right?

“… Eraser, tell me.”

Next to me, Hwang Soo-rim rolled her lips with a pale complexion. Instead of panicking or expressing her emotions, she asked questions.

“Escape? Or suicide?”

Her tone was pretending to be calm, but her voice was shaking.

It was a question that came out of remembering the advice I gave before entering that world. When I was on the verge of being caught by a dragon, I told her that it would be better to commit suicide if it was judged that there was a low chance that I could save her.

Considering the obsession with dragons, it was obvious that we wouldn’t die easily once we were caught.

“No, you don’t have to.”

I shook my head and replied.

Suddenly, Hwang Soo-rim’s complexion relaxed a little.

“… Is there any way? Really? In this stupid situation right now?”

Her words were harsh and negative, but the voice was a bit mixed with hope to believe.

“… Something like a hidden secret spell? No, there’s nothing to hide in the first place. I can’t tell how far you can go or what you can’t do, after all. Anyway… is there a way?!”

Instead of answering back, I looked back at the sky.

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‘Come a little closer, a little closer.’

What I was waiting for was the moment when all the dragons came into my sight.


A squadron of dragons crossed the sky through the light purple clouds.

The Dragon Emperor was flying in the middle of the line. It hadn’t fully recovered its body yet. However, it chose to go on the front line as it was.

Coincidentally, the destination of Ramuming’s Village influenced its decision-making.

The Dragon Emperor mumbled.

“However, it might be the best battleground for the dragons.”

If they were injured, they could immediately crush the monkeys around them and consume them. The Dragon Emperor thought to take some Ramumings and recover first while the other dragons were overpowering their opponents.

-Dragon Emperor! We can see the stable with our naked eye!

The dragons in front sent magical communication.


If they were aware of it, those small creatures might try to commit suicide at that moment. The Dragon Emperor thought to end the suppression with a quick rush before that.

It cast communication magic on all of its 1,500 people flying in the sky.

-Everyone! Start suppressing the small creature. Keep in mind! Unlike the demons, this time, the priority is to secure them alive instead of killing them at random!

The soaring dragons replied with magic all at once. They then gradually began to lower the altitude. It was a paving stone to put the preys within the range of the spell.

Its people who covered the sky turned their bodies at once and descended gracefully. The Dragon Emperor laughed happily as it looked at the magnificent sight.

“That’s a luxury for human beings.”

Since the beginning of the dragon civilization in that world, it was probably the first time that all dragons had united for war against humans.

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It was such unusual opponents. After getting them, meaningful results were expected. Of course, including resolving personal grudges.

“Compared to any war we have gone through, we’ll treat you so well.”


The dragons roared.



The sound of dragons exhaling from the sky rang like thunder. After hearing it, the condition of the Ramumings got even worse.


The howling dragons created airwaves. They approached close enough to touch my skin.

“Maru, get ready.”

As soon as I said that, a pile of tentacles jumped from my chest. Instead of coming down to the ground right away, it floated in the air and stretched its tentacles back and forth. It then swam around like a tumble and turned its body.

It was so excited.

“Dragon…! It’s a dragon…! There are so many…! There are so many dragooooons…!”

I cut off its words so it couldn’t keep looking away.

“I’ll let you play as much as you want in a little while, so let’s start with the practice!”

“… Okay, definitely! For sure!”

It only got to the ground after reconfirming my promise. It then stretched out its tentacles in all directions, similar to when it communicated with Root Stone. The turquoise sea urchin-shaped guy turned its gaze toward the sky.

“Now, Maru. Look at those dragons… That’s a ‘direct, explicit, and immediate threat,’ right? Every single one of them.”

“… Uh, right… You’re right.”

Maru, who liked many dragons, was a little depressed because it felt something after listening to me.

“So, shall we do what we practiced?”

I couldn’t predict that the dragons in that world had an artifact called ‘The Dragon’s Scriptures.’ I didn’t think there would be a magic tool that backed up the memories separately, even if I erased them from the main bodies. I didn’t think that far.

Due to that, it could’ve been a huge failure. It was giving me a headache, only thinking about it.

… If it wasn’t for that guy and the information on the Root Stone.

“Please, Maru.”

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“… Yeah!”

That guy paused for a moment as if it was fumbling through its memory.

I recalled the information that the Root Stone delivered.

[… This language system is a high-level technology that directly intervenes in a specific species’ genes and is not included in the basic information tool within the genes of the pioneer race. Even if you are a pioneer, it takes a lot of time to train before using it skillfully. However, several phrases have been separately selected and marked on this storage medium in preparation for an emergency. Even if there is no understanding of the grammar or meaning of each morpheme of this language, the function can be activated by memorizing and saying a few selected sentences. These are phrases that can be useful in an emergency.]

Yes, it was a kind of language system that the storage medium, called the Root Stone, left for ‘preparing for emergencies.’

Maru stared at the dragons flying in the sky.

Suddenly, without any warning, it vibrated the air in all directions and exploded a loud sound!

“[Zheweiii… Takk!]”

Echoes resonated in the plains following the roaring trail.




Everyone, including me, hurriedly closed their ears. Oh, I thought my eardrums dropped! The sound was so loud that it made my head pound.

It wasn’t just the species on the ground who heard the binge.


The Ramumings, who came to their sense and looked at the air, hardened.

“… Good!”

I also looked up at the sky. The expected effect was spreading in the air.

“Yoo-No, Eraser. How the hell… did that happen?”

Mrs. Pearl asked with a puzzled look, and I laughed instead of answering.

Where our gaze reached, there was a starry landscape in the daytime sky.

in the blue sky, and the colors of the scales were so colorful. There weren’t only primary colors such as red, blue, gold, black, and silver, but also the angle of sunlight. It was also diverse.

All those dragons were stuck in the sky in the same way they were running toward us.

I could see it in my eyes when I opened the Mana circuit. Some guys opened their mouths wide and hardened, others felt like they were about to activate the spell, and others stiffened at the moment of trying to stretch out their wings and stretch out the forefoot.

Did it work better than expected? That was exactly what Maru ordered.

Oh, should I say that the sentence Maru just said was roughly equivalent to ‘Wait!’ in the language I know?

“Now, then!”

I closed my ears and rushed the tentacles. Suddenly, as if expecting something similar to happen, the people around us hesitated and blocked their ears.

Maru burst the next sentence it had memorized in the air.

A sentence that Maru only memorizes how to pronounce without knowing the meaning of each word. It was a sentence whose meaning of the entire sentence was known, but no understanding of grammar.

An explosion seemed to destroy the mountain, which was absolutely second to none compared to the previous one.

“[Ghoedremai-boa… Takk!]”

Even before the echoes of the sound produced by Maru disappeared, an extraordinary change began in the sky.


While humans, fox, Maek, Ramumings, and other species were all talking in confusion. I watched the air show in front of my eyes.

The sentence Maru made at that moment seemed to mean that much in translation. “Come down, sit down!”

As soon as the words fell, the dragons, which had been stiffed in the sky, began to fall with their heads down, crouching like a mountain duck shot by a hunter, completely missing their previous orbit of gracefully falling.

There were red dragons, blue dragons, and gold dragons. Altogether, the giant dragons that covered the sky all start to free-fall toward the ground at once.

It looked like the sky was falling, and celestial bodies were eroding to the ground, or it was a painting as if a meteor shower made of all-natural colors was pouring toward the earth.

“O… o… oh, my God!”

By the time an exclamation, whose source was unknown, scattered into the atmosphere…

At first glance, a group of huge biological meteorites, whose trajectories exceeded a thousand, finally touched the earth, and the dry plains welcomed them with a roar.

-Bang bang bang bang!

The flesh, blood droplets, and scales of the giant beings were torn and scattered on the ground with dirt.

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