Hazure Skill “Kage ga Usui” o Motsu Guild Shokuin ga, Jitsuha Densetsu no Ansatsusha - Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: It’s not your fault

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

「How’s Warawa-san?」, asked Milia while I was arranging some documents.

「She’s doing fine.」

「It’s been a while since we last met.」

They had met on the island once after Lyla’s collar broke. I had asked her whether she could sense Lyla’s magicka then, but was told that she felt nothing. If the trail goes cold or we find out that Warwick has already passed, then she’ll remain that way for the foreseeable future. Humans, being unable to detect her magicka, won’t pose a problem, but the demons that get wind of her existence will if they come to find her.


If that happens, I’ll…

「Do you have a moment to spare, Milia-chan…?」

「Ah, sure.」

She got up and headed for the counter.

「Are you listening or not!?」

The voice, belonging to an adventurer who had been here that same morning, rang out across the entire room.

「It’s a D-ranked quest, isn’t it?」, the voice continued. 「That’s what we prepared for, but that’s not what we got! My friends are fine now, but just think about what would’ve happened if we hadn’t brought enough potions!」

He was alone, despite the fact that he had left with three others earlier.

「Oi! You!」

「Yes, yes…」, replied Milia timidly, scurrying over.

She appeared to have been the one who assigned him his quest.

「We met some monster that was clearly A-ranked or higher! How do you explain that?」

「Ehhh… that’s unfortunate to hear, but it is a D-ranked quest. I believe we have explained the risk involved in such an undertaking…」

The employee who had called Milia over looked like she was in a tight spot too.

「What’s with Milia?」, I asked.

「It’s not anyone’s fault per se, but it seems that an anomaly has occurred in that guy’s quest. Because of that, the other three party members were seriously injured. I don’t know what kind of explanation Milia gave earlier, so I got her to talk to him…」

Milia’s frantic bowing failed to quell the adventurer’s anger.

「It’s clearly your fault, and I want compensation!」

「B-But, sir…」

「It’s like I’m talking to a brick wall. Get me someone higher up!」

「Y-Yes, as you wish. P-please give me a moment…」

On the verge of tears, Milia nervously headed for the branch chief’s office. I had a look at the quest slip while she was gone.

「Excuse me.」


「I see that you went on a D-ranked quest that involved clearing a beehive, and your buddies were gravely injured as a result?」

「Yes, exactly!」

The names of those who had accepted the quest were written on the quest slip, from which I noticed that not all the party members were D-ranked. One of them, probably the leader, was C-ranked, another D, and the other two E. ‘Two under-ranked adventurers. Risk explanation conducted’ was noted overleaf in Milia’s signature cursive.

「You were advised on the risks involved and the recommended adventurer rank. In spite of that, you went ahead and got your party members injured — this happens all the time, you know?」

「You too? How dare you!」, rang his gravelly voice.

My concerned colleagues tried persuading me to let Iris handle it instead of adding fuel to the fire, but I ignored their pleas.

「You brought this upon yourself.」

「…Come closer, if you dare.」

His nostrils flared up, and veins bulged from his neck. I went to Milia’s spot at the counter, making him flinch for just a second when he noticed my missing arm.

「It’s unfortunate that an anomaly like that occurred, but please treat it as a lesson learnt. There are as many adventurers who have lost their lives due to such hubris as there are stars in the sky.」

「Hubris!? No way! What are you talking about!?」

「Then why did you bring two E-ranked adventurers with you? That means half of your party was insufficiently qualified. Fifty percent. You knew the risk involved, but you went ahead with it. Am I wrong?」

That shut him up. For a second or two, at least, after which he continued blabbering with spittle flying out of his mouth.

「That’s what I’m saying! It was all because of that anomaly! If the quest had gone as stated, everything would’ve been smooth sailing –」

「You said it yourself. The anomaly occurring was nobody’s fault. It’s just your ill fortune.」


He swallowed the words that were on the tip of his tongue.

「If anomalies could be predicted, they wouldn’t be anomalies.」

「But, but still –」

「And even so, you should thank your lucky stars that all four of you made it back alive」, I continued. 「Life is full of the unexpected, but I don’t think you need me to tell you that.」

Admitting defeat, he sighed loudly and sat down.

「You’re right… I’m sorry. I guess I just wanted to take it out on someone… tell that girl I’m sorry.」

「Please apologise directly.」

I realised that Milia had returned with the branch chief behind her.

「I’m sorry, employee-san. For making a scene, and wasting your time…」

「N-No, don’t be. I’m sure there were measures that could’ve been taken on our side too.」

「The very nature of our profession carries risks… you really forget that after you get used to it. I suppose it’s a lesson learnt for me, as that one-armed man said. And luck was on my side this time.」

He lowered his head a little then left, allowing a wave of relief to wash over everyone.

「Just as I was wondering how to mediate the situation」, said Iris, smiling mischievously.

「Thank you, Roland-san!」

「It’s okay」, I replied, turning to Iris. 「Sorry for making you come out, chief.」

「It’s fine. Even if we say the same thing, it really hits different when it comes from you.」

It might be because of my appearance, I thought.

If that’s the case, then it was worth losing my arm.

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