Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1987

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Chapter 1987: “You Should Never have Provoked My Man.”

At that moment, not only was He Mingqian flustered, even Xu Baohan, who was sitting behind him, was stunned.

After a while, Zhao Gui had already walked into the courtroom.

Xu Baohan furrowed his brows. Why couldn’t he understand what did An Lan do to have Zhao Gui called up?

Song Ruixue presented two photos to the judge, “The two people in the photos, one is Zhao Gui and the other is He Mingqian’s assistant. The location is right at the entrance of the court. I still remember that some time ago, Zhao Gui lost the case and was at the top of the court building. He Mingqian was the one behind it.”

“Nonsense, I didn’t.” He Mingqian stood up anxiously. “I had no idea that my assistant had contact with Zhao Gui. To pin the crime on me based on two photos is slander.”

“Silence,” the Chief Judge reprimanded sternly. “Silence in the Court.”

Song Ruixue looked at Zhao Gui and pointed at He Mingqian with his other hand. “I want to ask you, have you seen him before?”

Zhao Gui nodded, “That day, I lost the case and was very indignant. I scolded Xu Baohan in court. Xu Baohan had someone bring me out of the court and I caused a ruckus at the main entrance. It was this person’s assistant who said that if I wanted to save my son, I would go with him. Then, I saw him in a car not far from the court. He said that Xu Baohan was helping the murderer of my son. Even if there was a second trial, Xu Baohan wouldn’t be able to help my son even if he communicated with the people in the court. He said that the connection in your industry is very deep.”

He Mingqian’s expression became more and more tense, and the Chief Judge on the stage also furrowed his brows.

Zhao Gui was so nervous that he moistened his tongue, he then continued, “He said that if I made a scene at the entrance, I would definitely be arrested by the police. There’s no use in making a scene, I can only commit suicide to make the matter bigger and attract the attention of the media. Only when the public knew that Xu Baohan was embezzling would they investigate my son’s lawsuit. When I asked him why he wanted to help me, he said that Xu Baohan used his power to bully others and snatch his girlfriend away. He even wanted to force him to damage his reputation so he might not be able to become a lawyer, or he might even go to jail. I believed his words back then, that’s why I was instigated by him to commit suicide. Fortunately, Xu Baohan saved me, and he even fell from the twelfth floor because he saved me.”

Song Ruixue continued the topic, “He Mingqian, in order to take revenge for his own personal gains and purposes, encouraged people to stand on the edge of the rooftop to commit suicide. It had been raining for the past few days, and the rooftop was covered in moss, making it easy for it to slip. What’s the difference between his actions and murder?”

“Objection,” Zhou Yuan said anxiously. Just as he opened his mouth, Song Ruixue’s cold words had already shot back.

“What are you objecting to? Are you objecting that He Mingqian didn’t instigate people to commit suicide, or that he didn’t commit murder?”

Zhou Yuan’s scalp went numb. “I object to all of it. These are all his one-sided statements.”

“Then what if there are still these photos?” Song Ruixue asked someone to pass a stack of documents to the Chief Judge, “It’s very coincidental. There are no CCTV cameras where He Mingqian saw Zhao Gui, but the shop at the entrance has CCTV installed and coincidentally captured the scene of Zhao Gui getting into Song Ruixue’s car.”

After the Chief Judge took a look, he glanced coldly at He Mingqian.

Song Ruixue continued to be aggressive, ” He Mingqian, you said that Xu Baohan stole your girlfriend. Don’t you remember that you and An Lan broke up a long time ago? You said that Xu Baohan was corrupt, you said that the court’s waters were too deep, which indirectly implied that Zhao Gui’s entire court was corrupt, implying that the court was unfair and not honest? Not only did you publicly destroy An Lan’s reputation and disparage others, you also spread unjustified rumors…”

“To frame a conscientious judicial officer of the state, to destroy the prestige of the judicial organ, and to interfere with the normal activities of the judicial organ, the seriousness of the circumstances, and the vile means used to almost cause death, you have seriously violated the criminal law. Yet, a person like you are still a lawyer. You are taking advantage of your position to commit a crime. What right does a person like you have to be a lawyer?”

He Mingqian’s face instantly turned pale.

He had initially discussed with Zhou Yuan that it was impossible for him to completely get away with it. At most, he would argue in court that he did not deliberately fabricate the truth, but he did not expect the other party to call Zhao Gui out as well.

He could not understand why Zhao Gui would stand up and testify on their behalf. Didn’t he hate Xu Baohan to death.

If it was just a problem between him and An Lan, it would be fine if he paid some money, but if he were to be accused of undermining the authority of the judiciary, he would basically be done for.

The Chief Judge gave He Mingqian a deep look, and in the end, he decided to compensate An Lan for two million yuan in psychological damages, revoke her lawyer’s practice certificate, and sentence her to three years in prison.

After the sentence was announced, He Mingqian couldn’t believe it. “No, I didn’t do it. This is a frame-up. An Lan and Zhao Gui colluded. An Lan, you’re so despicable…”

He rushed towards An Lan excitedly, but Xu Baohan was even faster. He rushed over and protected An Lan tightly behind him.

The law enforcement officers quickly came over to detain He Mingqian. He roared like a madman, “Bitch, I won’t let you off.”

“Now that things have come to this, not only have you not shown any signs of repentance, you even insulted and threatened the person in question in court. You’re looking down on the court. Looks like your sentence was too lenient,” Xu Baohan warned with narrowed eyes.

He Mingqian glared at him. “Xu Baohan, I…”

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“I am a judicial officer, pay attention to what you say,” Xu Baohan said coldly. “The sentence is for you to repent. Don’t tell me you still have no intention of repentance?”

He Mingqian bit his lips and did not say anything. Three years in prison was already long enough. Even if he was released, he would not be able to become a lawyer again. If this continued, his sentence might get even heavier.

But because he was too angry, his entire body was trembling.

An Lan smiled at him, “I already know about Zhao Gui’s matter. Do you know why I didn’t make a move? I just wanted to give you a fatal blow at the end. Senior Song and I have discussed this in private. You and Zhou know everything about this lawsuit. It’s a pity that you’re wrong. What I wanted from the start wasn’t as simple as you apologizing to me. For a vicious person like you, the best outcome would be to go to prison and reform.”

He Mingqian’s chest heaved up and down.

An Lan moved closer to him and said, “You should never have provoked my man.”

After saying that, she pulled Xu Baohan out of the courtroom without looking back.

Hearing her last sentence, Xu Baohan’s heart was in the clouds.

‘Look at how powerful his woman is. I was bullied by someone, and her woman even helped me clean up the mess.’.

She was too charming, her woman was too charming.

Nian Junting held Luo Sang’s hand and walked behind them. He lowered his head and said to Luo Sang, “Listen to how An Lan protects her man. Look at how you usually protect me. You only know how to threaten me, warn me, and tease me.”

Luo Sang glanced at her with a smile and said, “If you were with An Lan back then, you would be the one being protected by him today. Xu Baohan wouldn’t be involved, would he, Hubby?”

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