Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1986

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Chapter 1986: This is a Courtroom, Not a Place for Husband and Wife to Profess Their Love


Xu Baohan didn’t say anything. He decided to let him think whatever he wanted.

At that moment, Zhou Yuan stood up and said, “Mrs. Nian, I’d like to ask you something. You said that Mr. Nian and An Lan have known each other for many years. They’re both colleagues and schoolmates. That means they’re really close and they see each other often, right?”

Luo Sang frowned and said, “Yes, but they’re always talking about work or…”

“You just need to answer yes or no,” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

Luo Sang forced herself to admit, “Yes.”

Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “Then, Mrs. Nian, have you ever had any wild thoughts about their relationship? Have you ever been a little envious or a little jealous? Please answer my question honestly in court.”

“… Yes,” Luo Sang had no choice but to admit in the face of the lawyer’s aggressive gaze, “But that was in the past, then…”

Zhou Yuan interrupted her directly, “Chief Judge, Mrs. Nian has personally proven that Nian Junting and An Lan have no problems, but as her wife, she has also had wild thoughts. As An Lan’s boyfriend at that time, He Mingqian thought that it was normal for the two of them to have an ambiguous relationship. He would feel uncomfortable, and men would feel insecure and jealous. That’s why he said those things in public. He didn’t think that he was slandering An Lan. He thought that he was telling the truth, but his truth wasn’t the actual truth. It could only be said that he had invested too much in this relationship, and it was a kind reminder to others. He didn’t want others to be like him.”

The Chief Judge frowned silently.

Luo Sang bit her lips gloomily.

Xu Baohan frowned and said to Nian Junting in a low voice, “I told you that you should be in court today, not your wife.”

Nian Junting nodded and said, “Yeah, I forgot that my wife is a narrow-minded and jealous person. She cares about me too much, that’s why she has a grudge against me. I can’t do anything about it.”

Xu Baohan: “…”

As usual, this man didn’t understand what he meant.

This is a courtroom, not a place for the couple to profess their love.

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He took a deep breath and resisted the urge to kick him down.

Song Ruixue calmly invited a third witness, Yan Zhen, the judge. Yan Zhen was present when An Lan was humiliated by He Mingqian in public.

After Yan Zhen finished speaking, Song Ruixue held his eyes, his gaze cold, “Let me ask you, did you also warn my client out of kindness when you wantonly insulted and humiliated her in public? Your words were close to vicious. What would the people who heard these words think? They would have determined that An Lan was a promiscuous woman, but there was no evidence for anything you said. You said that my client actively pursued and seduced you, but in reality, you pestered her to send her flowers, text messages, and invite her. My client thought that it was not in line with your personality, and you became angry out of humiliation. You even sent her text messages to threaten and insult her. My client has the screenshots to prove it.”

Song Ruixue paused for a moment, “Even… because my client has a new boyfriend, because of jealousy, in order to take revenge on my client, you deliberately instigated him to do something that gravely flout the law, and even nearly killed my client’s boyfriend.”

“Objection,” Zhou Yuan hurriedly said, “The opposing lawyer is getting more and more ridiculous. My client has never done anything to flout the law.”

An Lan stared at He Mingqian and smiled coldly. At this moment, she heard Song Ruixue say, “I would like to invite another witness, Zhao Gui, to come up.”

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