Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1717

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Chapter 1717: I Have No Daughter to Spoil, But I Can Spoil You

Nian Junting felt her words were sweet like he had just eaten a mouthful of honey.

He felt that his wife was great.

He reached out and hugged her. They exchanged seats, and he let her sit on him, “Luo, I’ll go with you to Tibet. But you must be mentally prepared. Ngari is beautiful, but it’s a tough trip. I don’t mind bringing our son, but he might not be able to bear the journey. Your parents are too old. It’s better for just the two of us to go. As for Nian Xi and her husband, they’re newlyweds. Let’s not disturb them. We’ll go alone next time, okay?”

“Alright… I didn’t say that I must go with them. It’s not good to disturb them either,” Luo Sang wrapped her arms around his waist. In fact, she didn’t want much. He just needed to learn to understand and give in, in certain aspects.

“The main thing is that I don’t want them to disturb us,” Nian Junting said in a low voice, then kissed her hard with his thin lips.

Luo Sang wrapped her arms around his neck, and he carried her to the bed. Suddenly, his body stiffened. A moment later, he let go of her and searched for something in the drawer beside her.

“What are you doing?” Luo Sang was confused. It was rare for him to stop suddenly.

“I’m looking for a condom,” Nian Junting said seriously.

Luo Sang blinked, thinking that she had heard wrong. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to have a daughter?”

“… I’ve decided. I’m not in a hurry, and I don’t want to be jealous of others.” Nian Junting pursed his thin lips, and a complicated look appeared on his face. “We’re fine like this. I don’t have a daughter to spoil, but I can spoil you.”

Luo Sang was speechless.

She frowned, got off the bed, and touched his forehead, and asked. “Hubby, what’s wrong?”

He didn’t seem like him at all. He hadn’t said much in the past few days, but she knew that he wanted to have a daughter. Especially after seeing Yan Su pregnant, he was so envious. In fact, she was also a little envious of them. So, she agreed to it. Now, she wanted to have the baby, but he didn’t want to. Was he trying to play a joke with her?

Nian Junting silently approached her and held her tightly in his arms, “With Little Apple, we don’t have much privacy. Would we lose more time together with another baby? Just like today at the movie theater, we’re separated by a seat. We’ll be separated by two seats if we have another child. Luo, life is too short. I just want to have a dating life with you for a while longer. I still have a lot of things I want to do with you in this life. I like you more than having a daughter. Let’s talk about conceiving a second child later.”

Luo Sang felt like crying.

No wonder he suddenly sat down beside her with Little Apple in his arms tonight.

She knew that he loved her, but she didn’t know that after so many years of marriage, he had never gotten over it.

She began to reflect on herself. Perhaps after the marriage, she paid more attention to her child.

“Hubby, you’re right. We’re not in a hurry. I love you. Don’t take what Little Apple said tonight to heart. He is just a child,” she smiled and kissed his thin lips.

“I don’t mind,” Nian Junting snorted. His body was burning hot from her kiss. He held his breath for a while, then pushed her away and said, “I’m going to take a cold shower. I don’t have a condom at home. I’ll buy it tomorrow.”

Luo Sang looked at his uncomfortable look and laid on the bed with a smile. “Junting, you don’t have to do this. I will not get pregnant that easily.”

“I have to.”

Nian Junting went into the bathroom.

Luo Sang looked in the direction of the bathroom. She suddenly thought of Yi Jingxi whom she had met that day, as well as how she and Nian Junting had gotten to know each other and fell in love with each other. She was filled with emotions.

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