Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 85

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Su Jiye lay still on the bed, curling up like a fetus who was still in his mother’s womb .

Su Qianxun walked towards the bed and extended her hand . She gently caressed her younger brother’s soft hair . She continued to apologize, “I know that I was wrong . You were very obedient and didn’t do anything wrong . It was my fault . I… I shouldn’t have talked to you that way . I’m taking back those harsh words I said the last time . I’ll come to visit you very often and won’t be angry at you ever again . ”

When Su Qianxun saw how her younger brother remained in a fetal position, her heart ached terribly . Doctor Mu had mentioned that the posture reflected extreme insecurity .

Due to the intensive treatment Su Jiye received in the past few years, there was obvious improvements to his condition, and he had not adopted the posture for a long time .

“Jiye, I’ve promised to visit you once every week, right? I promise to try my best to visit you twice a week after this… What do you say?”

Su Qianxun felt extremely bad for her younger brother, and was willing to make even bigger sacrifices for him . Worse came to worst, she would just initiate s*xual intercourse with that devil and let him torture her . It was no big deal for her .

“I’ll love you forever . ” Su Qianxun bent down, put her arms around him gently, and caressed his face with her small hands .

When Mu Bai saw how close and inseparable the siblings were, he felt extremely bad for them . He noticed that the back of Su Qianxun’s hand was red and asked, “Qianxun, what happened to your hand? Are you injured?”

Su Qianxun did not move . Instead, she maintained her posture and kept her arms around her younger brother, because she knew that a hug was what he needed the most . “It’s no big deal . I accidentally bumped my hand into the car door . ”

“Su Qianxun!” Mu Bai suddenly raised his voice and shouted at her . It startled Su Qianxun . She had known him for two years, and Mu Bai always gave her the impression of a gentle protector, like an older brother . He had never raised his voice at her .

Su Qianxun let go of Su Jiye . She blinked and stared at Mu Bai . Mu Bai’s expression was slightly grim . He pulled her hand over and took a look at it . “It’s already swollen . Would it have swollen up like this if it was simply a careless bump?”

“Doctor Mu…”

“Why must you always be like this, keeping everything to yourself . You didn’t even tell me that you were injured! You make people terribly… worried, do you know that?!” Mu Bai then realized that he had lost his composure .

“Sorry, I will go and get you some medicine . ”

Mu Bai left the ward and stood by the door . He lifted his hand and rubbed his forehead . ‘What’s going on with me?’ He had always prided himself on his self-restraint . However, the moment he saw that the young woman was injured, he lost his composure .

Su Qianxun looked at her hand . The bulge on her wrist had enlarged . Earlier on, she bumped it against the car door when Long Sijue shoved her hand away . After that, she slapped Qiao Yiren across the face with that same hand . The bulge now appeared rather frightening indeed .

‘But what’s up with Doctor Mu? He seems very angry . Have I done something wrong?’

Because Su Qianxun was staring at her wrist, she did not notice that Si Jiye, who was lying on the bed beside her and facing away, had balled up his large hands into fists . His entire body was extremely stiff .

Mu Bai returned to the ward shortly after with several different types of medication . He walked to the bed, pulled Su Qianxun’s hand over, and examined it . He was worried that it was a bone injury, so he asked her to move her wrist around . Once he was certain that her bone was fine, he took out a medicinal spray and was about to apply it on her .

However, Mu Bai’s hand suddenly froze mid-air . Su Qianxun was still waiting for her treatment, and she raised her head to look at him when she saw that he had stopped moving . Mu Bai turned to look at the young man, who was lying motionless on the bed, and said, “Jiye, do you want to apply the medicinal spray on your older sister’s hand? She’s injured . If you do that for her, her injury will recover much sooner, or else she’ll continue to be in a lot of pain . ”

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