Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 81

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Su Qianxun stared at the neatly-dressed man before her . Not a single crease was on his shirt . She then looked at herself; her clothes were disheveled and undone . He had torn her blouse open in a fit of passion, revealing the bra beneath the garment .

Su Qianxun bit her lower lip in embarrassment . She covered the part of her blouse that was torn with her hand and endured the pain between her legs as she turned around in a daze and left the study .

When Su Qianxun walked past Zi Fan, she could sense Zi Fan’s disdain towards her even though there was no expression on the woman’s face at all .

Su Qianxun wanted to grab some clothes from the walk-in closet before she headed to the bathroom . However, her legs went limp, and she nearly fell when she turned around the corner .

A pair of large hands caught her just in time . Ye Gu gazed at the pale and delicate young woman in front of him . His heart was aching . He suppressed the anger within him and helped her to get back on her feet .

Su Qianxun stared at him and started to laugh all of sudden . She lowered her head, and there was a hint of sorrow in her voice . “Ye Gu, do you look down on me?”

‘What am I to that man? He could just bully me in front of anyone he pleases without regard for my dignity at all .

‘Even though I’m just a tool, I still want to maintain my dignity…

‘Why is he humiliating me again and again?!’

“No,” Ye Gu answered in a very serious manner .

Su Qianxun raised her head and looked at Ye Gu in a daze . When she realized that she had lost her composure, she quickly lowered her head, sidestepped him, and walked away .

Ye Gu clenched his fists tightly . Just as he was about to leave, an incredibly soft voice rang out from behind .

“Thank you, Ye Gu . ”

She was grateful to him, even though he merely said that to console her .

Ye Gu’s body stiffened . By the time he turned around, Su Qianxun had already entered the walk-in closet . He felt as though a hand was ruthlessly clutching his heart, and he could barely catch his breath .

‘I didn’t do anything at all, but she kept thanking me . How could the young master bring himself to hurt such an innocent girl?’

Su Qianxun chose a long dress that could cover her up completely . She accidentally glanced at the walk-in closet opposite hers on her way out and noticed that there were some clothes that were meant for girls who were around seven or eight years old . She found it strange .

Su Qianxun put on the long, white dress after she showered . The dress had a high collar and long sleeves; it reached just above her ankles, revealing her exquisite, lovely anklet .

Frankly, Su Qianxun regretted choosing that dress . It was too conspicuous on her, but there were not many clothes in the closet that could cover her up from head to toe . That dress was already considered plain when compared with the rest .

When Su Qianxun walked out of the bathroom, Aunt Qi was waiting for her in the room . Even though Aunt Qi had gotten used to the sight of Su Qianxun’s beauty, she still froze the moment she saw the gorgeous young woman . Su Qianxun looked as though she had just walked out of a painting .

A little embarrassed, Su Qianxun tucked her long hair behind her ear . She greeted the woman in her room in a soft voice, “Aunt Qi . ”

“Oh my, Young Mistress Su, you look as though you just walked out of a painting! My goodness, how could there possibly be such a beautiful person? No wonder the young master likes you so much . ” Aunt Qi clapped her hands .

“A beautiful appearance won’t take you far in life . It’s more important to have a good personality, don’t you agree?” Su Qianxun smiled coyly .

“Both are necessary… Oh, before I forget—I’ve come to inform you that the young master has instructed the driver to take you to the hospital . ” Aunt Qi was nearly bedazzled by the beauty of the young woman before her .

“Really? I can finally go to the hospital?” Su Qianxun was surprised, but this pleasant feeling was soon followed by bitterness and sorrow . She tried hard not to think about the things that upset her .

Su Qianxun could not wait to leave for the hospital . Therefore, when she rushed towards the front door in a hurried manner, she bumped into Long Sijue, who was also on his way out .

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