Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 80

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The moment Su Qianxun finished talking, Long Sijue grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her onto his lap . He then lowered his head and kissed her petite lips .

Su Qianxun mustered the courage to shove him away . When Long Sijue stared at her with a hint of displeasure in his eyes, Su Qianxun quickly said, “Young master, the noodles will become soggy if they’re soaked in the soup for too long . Why don’t you finish them first?”

“Do you mean that I get to swallow you up after I finish those noodles?” Long Sijue asked, staring at her . He reached his large hand under her shirt and caressed the smooth skin around her slim waist .

Su Qianxun felt as if her heart was going to stop beating anytime . ‘This man has a terrifyingly strong libido . Didn’t he say that he only needs to do it on the first and fifteenth day of each month?’

“Hmm?” Long Sijue had yet to receive her reply, so he reached out to grab her chin and forced her to look at him .

Su Qianxun felt her blood run cold from his gaze . She could only bite the bullet and nod . She needed to visit her younger brother today . Since she had already made a promise to her younger brother, she could not go back on her word .

Long Sijue eventually showed mercy and let her go . When Su Qianxun was released, she heaved a loud sigh of relief . She then quickly pushed the tray with the bowl of noodles and side dishes on it towards Long Sijue .

“Young master, please taste the noodles now . They are very delicious . ”

“Very delicious?” Long Sijue lowered his gaze and looked at her crotch .

Su Qianxun froze for a moment . When she realized what he was implying, she pressed her thighs together without being aware of it and blushed .

“I’ll savor it carefully later!” Long Sijue implied .

Su Qianxun was dumbstruck .

When Long Sijue saw that the little thing had become utterly embarrassed, his mood significantly improved . He picked up the chopsticks and started to eat the noodles in the bowl .

The taste of the soup was mild and not strong in flavor, but Long Sijue found it surprisingly tasty . He did not expect the young woman to be such a good cook . He ate some of the mixed vegetables in the cold platter . They were fresh, crunchy, and exceptionally succulent .

Long Sijue suffered from mild anorexia . He never had much of an appetite for any food . Even though the butler instructed the kitchen staff to serve him a wide variety of food for each meal, he never ate much .

However, Long Sijue took only three minutes to finish all the food prepared by Su Qianxun . There were no leftovers at all .

“Are there more of this?” Long Sijue raised his head and looked at the young woman, who was standing obediently next to him .

Su Qianxun shook her head . “No . ”

As soon as Long Sijue heard that, he pushed the tray in front of him away and pulled the young woman towards him . After that, he lifted her and placed her on the desk .

Su Qianxun was startled . She raised her head nervously and looked at him . “Young master!”

“Then it’s time to swallow you up!” Long Sijue said . He lowered his head and kissed her small lips, which were slightly parted out of shock .

Su Qianxun widened her eyes in disbelief . ‘Is he seriously doing this in the study room?’

By the time Su Qianxun realized what was happening, Long Sijue had already torn her underpants .

Without the painkiller, Su Qianxun was in tremendous pain as he penetrated her . She kept crying and begging him to stop, but the more miserably she wept, the more excited Long Sijue became…

Long Sijue removed his d*ck from Su Qianxun’s vagina once he was done . Without the support of the man before her, Su Qinxun immediately slid off the desk . She almost fell to the floor, but Long Sijue extended his long arm, scooped her up, and sat her down in the chair .

A sudden knock on the door startled Su Qianxun . She stood up abruptly and saw Zi Fan walking in with a blank expression .

Su Qianxun wiped the tears off her face in a flustered manner . She looked at the man standing next to her, mortified . ‘Did he know that Zi Fan was right outside the room? How long has she been there?’

“You can go now . ” Long Sijue glanced at the young woman . He then picked up a cigarette from the desk, lit it, and started to smoke .

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