Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 799

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Chapter 799: She would Surely Be a Good Mother

Xia Chuxi held his breath sharply . His gaze fell on Su Qianxun’s face . There was a conflicted look in his eyes . He kept staring at Su Qianxun, which greatly displeased Long Sijue .

Su Qianxun did not even spare him a glance . She merely stared ahead with indifference . She no longer had any feelings towards this man .

The elevator door opened . Long Sijue and Su Qianxun stepped out of the elevator .

After the two of them left, Xia Chuxi immediately turned around . All he saw was Su Qianxun following Long Sijue obediently . The elevator door slowly shut, blocking his view .

Xia Chuxi slouched against the elevator and felt his ears ringing . All these years felt like a nightmare . The kerfuffle yesterday had completely opened his eyes . He finally saw the people around him for who they really were .

Earlier on, when he heard Qiao Yiren bad-mouthing Su Qianxun, he could not help but explode with rage . If this happened again, he doubted that he would be able to withhold his anger . He might just kill Qiao Yiren for real!

Xia Chuxi eventually calmed down when he returned to his mother’s ward . He tidied his clothes and hair before entering the room .

Mrs Xia had just woken up today . Seeing her son walk in, she immediately asked, “How did it go? Did she sign the divorce papers?”

Xia Chuxi shook his head . He sat down and said, “Mother, don’t you worry about this . I’ll take care of it . I have already told the lawyer to bring this case to court . ”

“You must divorce her as soon as possible . ” Mrs Xia grimaced . When she thought of Qiao Yiren, she felt utterly disgusted .

If she had not seen the video clip that night, she would certainly not believe that her daughter-in-law, whom she adored, was such a shameless person .

“Big brother, you have to get our mother’s jewelry set back . It was a gift from our father to our mother . It’s our family heirloom! It must still be in the hands of that wh*re,” Xia Xinruo said with gritted teeth .

“Understood . I’ll get it back,” Xia Chuxi nodded and replied . That jewelry set was the thing that his mother valued the most . He must not let that c*nt have it .

“It’s just jewelry . You have to get a divorce as soon as possible . ” Mrs Xia knew that she might never get it back .

Now that Su Manni and her daughter’s masks had fallen off and revealed their true colors, they would only be even more shameless and difficult to deal with in the future . After all, they no longer had anything to lose .

At this point, she did not wish for more, only that her son could get out of this situation as soon as he could .

“No, I must take it back . That c*nt doesn’t deserve to wear your jewelry . ” Now Xia Chuxi did not even want to say Qiao Yiren’s name . It disgusted him even more than swallowing a fly .

When Long Sijue and Su Qianxun arrived at Lin’er’s ward, the little fellow was still sleeping . Hao Tian was the only person keeping him company .

Su Qianxun walked to the bedside and leaned down to check on Lin’er . Once she made sure that Lin’er condition seemed satisfactory, she was relieved .

Long Sijue stood at the door and gazed at her . He recalled when they had run into Xia Chuxi earlier on . To be frank, he could have released those s*x tapes sooner just to avenge the young woman, but he had not done that .

It was because, personally, he wished Xia Chuxi would marry Qiao Yiren .

If Xia Chuxi was already a married man, then he and Su Qianxun would never be back together .

It would not be easy for him to get a divorce .

Long Sijue watched her gaze at Lin’er with a gentle look in her eyes . He imagined that when they had a baby, she would surely be a good mother .

Su Qianxun did not wake Lin’er up . She put the cookies that she bought him on the way here on the bed and left quietly .

“Can I visit your grandfather?” Su Qianxun was quite worried about Elder Long’s condition . After all, he was an elderly . If he remained in a coma, it would seriously damage his health .

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