Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 76

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The realistic blue butterfly seemed extraordinarily alluring and dazzling on her pale skin .

Su Qianxun pulled up her shirt, but her eyebrows were still tightly furrowed . She had a theory in her mind . ‘Does this butterfly’s change in color have something to do with me having s*x with that man?

‘And what does the first and fifteenth day of the month mean?

‘What’s the connection between these two matters?’

Su Qianxun sighed . Since she could not figure it out, it was best not to think about it first . So what if she knew what was going on? Right now, she had no ability to change anything .

After Su Qianxun walked out of the room, Aunt Qi happily brought her to the walk-in closet to change her clothes .

“Young Mistress Su, from now on, all the clothes in this walk-in closet belong to you . They were all custom-made at the young master’s order,” Aunt Qi said with a grin .

Su Qianxun looked at the lavish walk-in closet . It was truly very beautiful and dreamy . All of the clothes were arranged from the lightest color to the darkest, and they looked very pleasing to the eyes .

“Young Mistress Su, do you like it?”

“I do . ”

Su Qianxun was feeling miserable on the inside . She did not like this feeling . All of this made her feel like a canary in captivity, reared by Long Sijue .

And that was, in fact, the truth .

Su Qianxun chose a set of light pink sportswear and changed into it . When she was about to leave, she looked at the luxurious, interconnected walk-in closet in the opposite direction, which seemed endless . She asked out of curiosity, “Aunt Qi, who does these clothes belong to?”

“I don’t know about this either, Young Mistress Su . This walk-in closet was already here when I came to Jin Garden . New clothes would be added every year, and the walk-in closet would be expanded if it ran out of space . But no one knows the person to whom the young master prepared this walk-in closet for… Also, the young master strictly prohibits anyone from touching anything inside . You have to be careful when you enter your walk-in closet . Don’t ever walk into the wrong room and take out the wrong clothes . This could enrage the young master . ”

Aunt Qi then warned her about how she once heard that someone had accidentally ruined one of the clothes in the walk-in closet . The young master flew into a terrible rage because of it .

Su Qianxun knew very well that the walk-in closet had to have been prepared for a girl, since it was filled with clothing for young women . Could it be someone Long Sijue was in love with?

… . .

Su Qianxun followed Aunt Qi into the dining room . A hearty meal was already prepared there .

Su Qianxun was definitely hungry . Her mood was also slightly better since she no longer had to be locked in that bedroom of several square feet . She ran briskly to her seat and sat down .

Aunt Qi still had something to attend to, so she left after asking Su Qianxun to eat first .

Su Qianxun felt even more comfortable because she was alone . She was not used to eating while being watched by a group of people .

Su Qianxun simply stood up to take the dishes that were out of her reach without caring about her image .

Long Sijue was in a video conference with his subordinates, but at a certain point in time, he had begun to stare at the laptop screen by the side .

His lips curled up when he saw the little thing’s candid table manners .

All the people involved in the meeting felt like they were experiencing some problems with their eyes . Tang Zui, who was sitting opposite him, looked at Long Sijue with a funny expression on his face . “Jue, what’s so interesting? Let me take a look too . ”

Tang Zui was about to go over to take a look when Long Sijue immediately slammed the laptop cover down . He then carried on with the meeting without any expression on his face .

Tang Zui was speechless .

Once Su Qianxun was full, she planned to look around outside to see how Jin Garden was like .

As she walked, she heard someone behind her say, “You’re only a tool brought back by the young master . What makes you qualified to wander around here?!”

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