Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 74

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“Assassination!” Long Sijue said coldly . Meanwhile, many men in black appeared in front of the shattered glass window .

Long Sijue flashed a cold smile . ‘He’s really impatient, isn’t he? The moment I found this little thing who can delay my death, he’s here to kill me!

‘But is he capable of that? I doubt so!’

Su Qianxun’s blood froze . ‘I only promised to bear his child so that me and my younger brother’s lives would not be in danger . Why do I have a feeling that this childbirth agreement is going to speed up my death?’

She did not want to die!

Long Sijue carried Su Qianxun with one arm, while he used his other hand to pull the bedsheet from the bed to cover her body . No one was allowed to see his woman…

Not even the dead!

Every men in black held a five-feet-long katana that glinted in the dark . Those men dashed towards him in the darkness .

Long Sijue tightened his arm around the little thing as he jumped up and pulled out a two-feet-long dagger from between the cushions of the couch .

The men in black started to launch their attack on Long Sijue aggressively, but Long Sijue was not afraid of them at all . In the blink of an eye, he managed to take down three men in black .

Su Qianxun wanted to see what was going on, but Long Sijue scolded her sternly, “Don’t look around!”

He did not want the little thing to see such a bloody scene .

Su Qianxun quickly hid herself in his arm and wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him . Their bodies were closely pressed together without any space in between .

Soon, Long Sijue realized that the main target of the men in black was the little thing in his arms instead of him .

He kept deflecting the katanas which were aimed at Su Qianxun . His eyes grew scarier and scarier . At this moment, he emanated an extremely murderous aura, like someone who had just walked out of hell .

The blown-up cruise ship became even more tilted and started to sink again . Long Sijue defeated a few more men in black . All of them fell towards the tilted side . Long Sijue quickly turned and protected Su Qianxun in his arms before he collided heavily into a wall .

Su Qianxun’s head was wrapped inside the blanket, and she did not know what was happening at all . She could only close her eyes and hug Long Sijue even more tightly .

The full moon outside the window was getting brighter . Suddenly, Long Sijue felt a little weak . The venom in his body decided to break out right then!

Large groups of men in black continued to enter the room, and countless knives were aimed at Su Qianxun . Long Sijue suddenly inserted his d*ck into the little thing’s v*gina . Su Qianxun was so shocked that she screamed . She raised her head and looked at Long Sijue in disbelief .

Long Sijue became slightly more energetic . He quickly turned and deflected the katanas which were aimed at them . The collision and friction between metal created ear-piercing sounds .

However, someone still managed to cut Long Sijue’s arm with his katana, and blood spilled out…

At that crucial moment, Ye Gu arrived with some underlings . He killed a few men in black without hesitation . He then dashed towards Long Sijue and stood in front of Long Sijue to protect him .

“Young master, the venom in your body is breaking out . Please leave first!” Ye Gu and the other bodyguards opened up a path for him to leave .

Long Sijue did not say anything . He held Su Qianxun tightly and swiftly fled the scene . From the beginning to the end, he did not remove his d*ck from her v*gina .

Su Qianxun felt uncomfortable, and wanted to pull herself away, but he stopped her with his big hands . “Don’t move . ”

His voice sounded a little hoarse .

“Why are you even doing this at a time like this?”

“Do you know how to swim?” Long Sijue suddenly asked .

“Huh? No!” Su Qianxun immediately answered him .

Before she could finish speaking, she suddenly felt weightless . She screamed out in shock .

“Hold your breath!”


Long Sijue jumped into the sea with Su Qianxun .

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