Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 68

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Mu Bai knew Su Qianxun well . Su Jiye was the person she cared for the most . If it was not because she was compelled by circumstances, it would be impossible for her not to visit Su Jiye .

“Sorry, Jiye . Sorry, it’s all your elder sister’s fault . I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Su Qianxun’s tears fell . She felt really bad for him, but there was nothing she could do . Even after this, she could only visit him once a week .

“Qianxun, you can talk to me if you’re facing any difficulty . I can solve it for you . ”

“Thank you, Doctor Mu . You’ve helped me and my younger brother a lot . I wouldn’t want to trouble you even more . ”

Su Qianxun wiped off her tears because she knew that it was useless to cry . She held her younger brother’s face, but he refused to look into her eyes .

“Jiye, you know that your elder sister is very busy, right? My classes are going to start very soon, and I have to work part-time too… After this, I will… visit you once a week… I promise to bring you your favorite crispy duck every time I visit . Is that okay?” Su Qianxun wanted to cry so badly .

“I’ll take that as a yes if you don’t reply… Why don’t you cheer up? I can’t stay here for long . If you’re unhappy, I’ll leave now…”

The moment Su Qianxun finished talking, Su Jiye suddenly hugged her tightly . He was now a grown-up and had great strength . He hugged Su Qianxun so tightly that she was almost out of breath .

“Alright, I won’t leave yet . I’ll stay with you for another ten minutes,” Su Qianxun said in an extremely soft voice as she gently ran her fingers through his soft, short hair .

As Su Jiye really loved listening to Su Qianxun’s stories, Su Qianxun told him his favorite story . Mu Bai felt great sorrow in his heart as he looked at the pair of siblings .

Su Jiye kept holding his elder sister’s hand, and every time Su Qianxun moved, he would tighten his grip on her out of anxiety . Su Qianxun knew that her younger brother was afraid that she would leave .

However, as the story ended, their time together also came to an end . She had no choice but to leave . She must not make Long Sijue even more angry right now .

“Jiye, I have to go now—”

Before Su Qianxun could finish her words, Su Jiye stood up abruptly in a fit of madness . He then hugged her tightly and shook his head with force .

No, he did not want his elder sister to leave .

“Jiye, I have no choice but to go . I’ll visit you again…”

When Mu Bai saw this, he joined Su Qianxun in convincing Su Jiye . However, no matter how hard they tried to comfort and persuade him, Su Jiye would not let go of Su Qianxun .

“Su Jiye, do you want me to never visit you again? I’ll get very angry if you continue to behave like this . Let me go!”

As if Su Qianxun was suddenly provoked, she shoved Su Jiye away . He fell onto the bed . He lowered his head and big droplets of tears streamed down his face…

He was crying…

Su Qianxun cried too . She raised her hand to cover her mouth as she shook her head non-stop . “Jiye, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Su Qianxun inched backwards . She then and ran out of the ward . She cried as she walked because her heart was aching immensely . However, at that moment, she could not allow herself to be soft-hearted .

Mu Bai followed her out of the ward . He instructed the nurse to take care of Su Jiye before he left to chase after Su Qianxun .

Mu Bai found Su Qianxun at the stairwell . He knew that she would be there . Back then, she would hide there alone every time she felt sad .

“Qianxun, don’t be sad . Jiye knows that you love him . ” Mu Bai walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders .

Su Qianxun forcefully wiped away the tears on her face . With her hand pressing on her chest, she asked, “Doctor Mu, can you… do me a favor?”

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