Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 45

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“Long Sijue, I want to see my younger brother . Tell your man to get out of my way . I want to go out!” Su Qianxun immediately requested .

“You’re not allowed to!” Long Sijue hung up after he said that .

“Hey… Hey! Long Sijue, you jerk!” Su Qianxun was so angry that she was about to explode .

When she dialed the number again, her call was instantly rejected .

Su Qianxun was rendered speechless .

Long Sijue did not return for the next three days, and she did not see anyone else other than Aunt Qi during that period of time .

Aunt Qi did not come frequently either . She was only tasked to bring Su Qianxun her meals and to ask if Su Qianxun needed anything . Aunt Qi would then leave if Su Qianxun had no special request .

Su Qianxun felt as if she had been completely cut off from the world .

She also tried to call people from the outside like her younger brother’s current doctor . That was when she found out that the phone in her room could not be used to contact the outside world at all .

Throughout those three days, Su Qianxun did nothing but eat and sleep . As a result, her energy was replenished, and the pain in her body also completely vanished .

However, as time passed, she became more and more anxious . She was extremely worried about her younger brother .

On the fourth evening of her ‘imprisonment’, Su Qianxun could not wait any longer . She planned to escape by climbing out of the window .

She told Aunt Qi in advance that she wanted to hit the sack already, and asked Aunt Qi not to come over anymore .

After the sky darkened a little, Su Qianxun opened the window . As she stood on a chair and prepared to climb out of the window, there was a sudden knock on her room door .

Su Qianxun was taken aback .

She quickly got off the chair and shut the window . She then carried the chair and was about to put it back in its original position when…

Someone opened the door, and Su Qianxun immediately straightened up . Even though she had a nonchalant expression on her face, her eyes darted guiltily around the room .

Ye Gu entered the room and gazed at her with his cold, black eyes . “The young master ordered me to bring you to him . ”

When Su Qianxun saw that Ye Gu was looking at the chair next to her, she awkwardly pushed it back a little .

“Where… Where are we going?”

Ye Gu said nothing . He turned coldly and started to walk . Su Qianxun hurriedly followed him . No matter what, she could finally get out of this room .

And she would have the chance to see her younger brother once she was outside .

Ye Gu walked very quickly . By the time Su Qianxun caught up to him, he was already waiting by the car .

Ye Gu extended his hand and was about to open the door to the backseat for her . But Su Qianxun had already opened the door to the front passenger seat and sat inside .

Ye Gu put his hand down, walked over to the driver’s seat and settled in . He then drove the car out of the Jin Garden .

“Where are we going?” Su Qianxun turned slightly to look at the man beside her, who was driving .

Ye Gu was holding the steering wheel with both hands and staring ahead emotionlessly . He pursed his thin lips tightly, not planning to answer her question .

“Ye Gu, I’m asking you a question! Can you answer me!” Su Qianxun was rather irritated . She raised her hand and shoved him lightly . ‘This man is practically a piece of wood!’

Ye Gu furrowed his eyebrows slightly . He turned and glanced at her . “We are going to see the young master . ”

Su Qianxun was rendered speechless . She pondered for a while before she said, “Since you’re Long Sijue’s subordinate, you must know where my younger brother is, right?”

“Yes . ” Ye Gu was willing to speak at last . Su Qianxun heaved a sigh of relief while she thanked the gods for their mercy .

“Where is he?”

“In the hospital . ”

“He’s in the hospital? Really? You guys got him out of the police station as soon as I signed the agreement? How are his injuries? By the way, he’s actually autistic, but his condition seemed to have improved a little when I saw him in the Qiao family mansion . I’m not sure if he’s able to communicate with other people now . Which hospital did you guys send him to? Is it the one he was receiving treatment in?

Su Qianxun asked several questions at once .

Ye Gu was at a lost for words .

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