Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 28

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When the siblings’ fingertips touched, the police officers abruptly pulled Su Jiye away and he stumbled a few steps back .

Su Qianxun could only watch helplessly as the police mercilessly took her younger brother away . Due to fear, Su Jiye kept turning to look at his older sister with a frantic look in his eyes .

“Jiye, don’t be afraid . Behave well, okay . I’ll go and get you . Be obedient and wait for me to take you home . ”

Su Qianxun did not dare to cry out loud . If her younger brother were to hear her cry, he would only become even more frightened .

After Su Jiye was taken away, the servants let go of Su Qianxun . She collapsed to the ground, and only managed to stifle her cries by biting her lips tightly with her teeth .

Xia Chuxi was staring coldly at her from the back . When he recalled how dignified and well-respected the Su siblings were back in the day, he actually felt rather disturbed .

However, when he thought of Qiao Yiren who was pregnant with their child, he coldly said, “He has to pay the price for hurting others . ”

When she heard that, Su Qianxun suddenly started to laugh . She wiped away the tears on her face with great force and stood up…

“Xia Chuxi, come over here . I’d like a word with you . ” Su Qianxun gazed at him with a smile . Even though the clothes she was wearing were old and bleached from repeated washes, they somehow made her look even more dignified .

Xua Chuxi furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at the incredibly stunning young woman . He walked towards her in a daze, as though he was bewitched . “You… Um…”

Su Qianxan lifted her foot and landed a vicious kick on the spot slightly below Xia Chuxi’s lower abdomen . He owed it to her younger brother!

Xia Chuxi was in so much pain that the veins on his forehead were bulging . He could not believe that Su Qianxun dared to treat him this way .

The servants around them shuddered in unison, and subconsciously clasped their legs tightly together . They knew how painful the kick was just by watching it!

After kicking Xia Chuxi in the groin, Su Qianxun turned and ran away without hesitation .

“Young Master Chu, should we chase after her?” the servants around him asked fearfully .

“That’s not necessary! Get the hell out of my sight!” Xia Chuxi was glaring furiously at Su Qianxun’s back as she escaped . He wanted so badly to grab her back and beat her up without mercy .

He simply could not believe it . The young woman, who used to be so obedient to him that she could not bear to see him in any degree of discomfort, had attacked him in such a vicious manner!

Su Qianxun headed to the police station after she left the Qiao family’s mansion . When she arrived there and asked to see her younger brother, the police turned down her request no matter how hard she begged for it .

Her face had turned white by the time she walked out of the police station . She knew that Su Manni, as well as Qiao Yiren, would not let her and her younger brother off the hook easily .

‘I have to think of a way to save him and get him out of there . He must be terrified, being alone in the police station . ’ When Su Qianxun thought of that, her heart ached so much that it felt like it was being torn .

Ever since the Su family fell from grace, Su Qianxun had not once sought out her grandfather’s old friends for help no matter what kind of difficult situation she was in . This time, for her younger brother’s sake, she had no choice but to pay them a visit .

However, reality was far crueler than she had imagined . Even after she visited a number of her grandfather’s old friends, all of them avoided her and refused to see her . One of them even sent his servant to hand her some money, as though he was trying to send a beggar away .

After running around for a whole day in vain, Su Qianxun ambled numbly down the street .

It began to drizzle at some point, but Su Qianxun was completely unaware of it . By the time she realized, she was already soaked from head to toe .

She raised her head and spotted a familiar person, whom she remembered as one of her grandfather’s friend . He often visited the Su family back in the day . He treated her and her younger brother very well too and even bought them gifts on a regular basis .

“Uncle Zhao…” Su Qianxun called after the man and ran towards him .

However, the man merely glanced at her before he got into his car, not even acknowledging her .

“Uncle Zhao, I know that the Su family has fallen from grace . I wouldn’t have come here to trouble you if it wasn’t an emergency . My younger brother, Su Jiye is being detained at the police station . Can you help me get him out of there? I’m begging you . ”

“What the hell are you people doing, allowing some scum to come up to me like this!” The man in the car swung the car door shut as soon as he finished speaking . He simply treated Su Qianxun as if she was invisible .

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