Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 2

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Su Qianxun tried her best to calm down . When the pervert threw himself at her, she raised her small feet and used her greatest strength to kick his cr*tch mercilessly…

“Ouch!” he cried . The pervert widened his eyes from the pain . He held the part of his body that got kicked and collapsed on the bed . Big droplets of sweat emerged on his forehead .

Su Qianxun took the brief chance to quickly roll down from the bed . The moment she landed on the floor, she ran out of the room .

“Are you trying to run away…”

The man extended his hand to grab her . He managed to grab Su Qianxun’s shirt . There was a ripping sound as Su Qianxun’s top was torn apart . Half of her feminine, snowy-white shoulder was exposed .

On the top part of her chest, a blue mark in the shape of a butterfly could be vaguely seen .

Su Qianxun only realized that something was amiss after she ran out of the scary room . She felt uncomfortably warm . However, because her shirt was torn, she could feel a slight cool breeze, which actually made her feel extremely comfortable .

She really wanted to take more of her clothes off…

Her mind was in quite a mess . She knew that she was in a very strange situation right then, and there was only one thought in her mind—escaping!

The man chased after her . He cursed fiercely as he looked at the young woman who was staggering forward, “B*tch, I’ll definitely kill you today once I catch you . ”

The loud footsteps behind Su Qianxun frightened her even more . ‘I can’t be caught . I mustn’t be caught!

‘Xia Chuxi is the only person who can save me now . He must be on this ship since he invited me over!’

Su Qianxun shook her dizzy head and rushed into the elevator the moment the doors opened . As she looked at the hideous-looking man who was charging towards her, she bit the tip of her tongue to keep herself clear-headed .

She scrabbled for her cell phone and skillfully dialed the number that she had been most familiar with for more than ten years .

The call was connected after only a few rings .

“Hey, Chu…”

A man and woman’s loud pants—accompanied by the intense sound of banging—suddenly rang out from her cell phone .

“Chuxi, I love you!”

“Baby, I love you too!”

Su Qianxun swallowed back her call for help . As she listened to the frenzied noises on the other side of the phone, she felt as though she had been struck by lightning . The man’s voice could not sound more familiar to her…

‘Xia Chuxi!’

The cell phone slipped out of her hand . The wave of heat continued to engulf her, and her skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat . Droplets of perspiration came together and slid down her skin .

When the elevator doors opened, Su Qianxun had no idea where she was . Flustered, she gritted her teeth and dashed out of the elevator…

“B*tch, keep running away and… I…” The pervert swore as he dashed out of another elevator . At that moment, five men in black who looked like phantoms appeared in front of him .

The man in black, who stood in the middle, acted in a flash . The pervert was clamoring only seconds ago, but before he even managed to take a clear look of the other party’s face, he shut his mouth and went quiet .

Ye Gu turned around coldly to look at the long corridor in front of him . It was already empty . The young woman from earlier had intruded the young master’s forbidden area…


Su Qianxun leaned against a metal door . The chillness of the door made her wide awake for a brief moment . She looked to the front and noticed that a man was sitting there!

Even though he was sitting, it was obvious that he was at least six feet in height . His fully-black clothes made him look like the dark knight . His long legs were elegantly crossed, while a half-burnt cigarette was being held between his fingers, which were made up of distinctive joints .

Su Qianxun stared at the handsome man in front of her who was resting with his eyes closed . She walked involuntarily towards the man as if under a spell and gulped when she saw the man’s seductive body…

Her footsteps had already turned soft and light at this point . Her legs gave way when she was less than twenty inches away from the man . She tumbled towards the man and fell on his body…

The man opened his eyes abruptly . When Su Qianxun lifted her head, her eyes were met with a pair of cold, black eyes . They shone with a strange light . Even though those eyes were really cold, she felt a strange sense of familiarity .

‘I think I’ve seen those eyes somewhere before…’

The young woman who had initially lost all rationality regained her senses for a brief moment . Unfortunately, it only lasted for a second before she lost all rationality again . Only her instincts were left…

“Go away!”

Long [1] Sijue’s originally steady breathing was disrupted . The burning cigarette between his fingers broke into two . His voice was so cold that it sounded like it came from hell .

He extended his hand and tried to push the young woman on top of him away . Suddenly, something soft touched his lips .

Su Qianxun’s tiny hands trembled as she grabbed his shoulder and kissed him clumsily .

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