Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 106

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Due to the fact that Su Qianxun was intoxicated, she no longer suppressed her desires . Long Sijue gazed at the little thing underneath him, who appeared completely relaxed and extremely seductive .

The little thing no longer looked in pain like she usually did . Instead, the look of anguish on her face was mixed with pleasure . Her voice was pleasant-sounding as always, which excited the man on top of her even more, so much so that he could barely control himself . He wanted to melt himself into her petite body so badly .

… . .

When Su Qianxun woke up the following day, it was already late in the morning . She pressed her hand against her forehead and opened her eyes to gaze at the ceiling above her .

After a while, she sat up abruptly . She could not recall a single thing that had happened the previous night after she got drunk . ‘Shit . I drank myself into oblivion…’

Su Qianxun wanted to ram her head against the wall and kill herself so badly . Extremely vexed, she grasped her hair with force .

“Young Mistress Su, you’re awake . The young master told me that if you want to head to the university, you can tell the driver to drive you there,” Aunt Qi said as she entered the room .

Su Qianxun raised her head all of a sudden and stared at Aunt Qi in disbelief . “Aunt Qi, what did you just say? Can you repeat it?”

“The young master told me that you may instruct the driver to drive you to the university . What’s wrong?” Aunt Qi thought that she had already relayed the message correctly .

“Ah! That’s awesome . I can finally go to campus!” Su Qianxun sprung up from the bed in excitement and jumped for joy .

“Hey, young mistress, stop jumping around . If you want to head to campus, you should get ready immediately . You may be able to catch the evening classes . ”

Su Qianxun saw the time displayed on the clock . It was almost afternoon . She instantly rushed into the bathroom to wash up .

… . .

In Long Sijue’s study room .

Tang Zui sat facing Long Sijue . His expression was dark . Until that moment, he could still feel the prickling pain in his p*nis, which made him extremely uncomfortable .

The night before, a random drunk chick mistook his p*nis for a carrot and tried to pluck it off him . After that, she bit his p*nis so fiercely that it almost bled .

Fortunately, when he went to the hospital for a check-up, the doctor said that his p*nis merely suffered from external injuries, which would not affect its function .

What infuriated him the most was that, after the drunk chick bit his p*nis last night, she even complained about its taste and spat on the ground!

Tang Zui swore that if he ever saw that woman again, she would be done for!

Long Sijue saw his facial expression . He furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “What’s going on? What happened?”

Long Sijue knew Tang Zui very well . Ever since that particular incident a few years ago, there were very few things that could fluster him .

“Nothing… That fellow, Si Mancheng is coming back soon . Once he’s back, why don’t we throw him a welcome-back party? We’ll celebrate the fact that he’s practically turned himself into a piece of coal!” Tang Zui could not possibly tell someone else that his d*ck was almost bitten off by some drunk chick who thought it was a carrot!

‘How embarrassing!’

He shifted in his seat, wanting to cross his legs . But the slight movement caused him so much pain that his expression changed .

‘That bloody woman . I’ll definitely hunt her down and catch her!’

Long Sijue saw that Tang Zui refused to elaborate, so he did not press on . He narrowed his black eyes suddenly when lively footsteps rang out from the corridor outside the room . He knew that it was the young woman . ‘Is she that thrilled to get out of this place?’

The man furrowed his beautiful eyebrows slightly…

… . .

Su Qianxun did not let the driver send her to the university entrance, for she did not want to draw attention right now . After she got off the car, she walked towards the campus at a light, relaxed pace . As she looked at the people around her and the towering trees by the roadside, she felt a sense of familiarity .

‘The taste of freedom is truly amazing!’

Just as Su Qianxun arrived at the entrance to the campus, Su Ran’s voice rang out behind her . “Qianxun, you’re back on campus!”

When Su Qianxun heard that voice, she clenched her fists tightly . She took a few deep breaths before she turned around to face Su Ran, who was walking towards her, and smiled . “Ran Ran, what a coincidence . You’ve just arrived as well?”

“Yeah, I arrived later than usual because I had something to attend to today . How’s Jiye getting on?” Su Ran still acted as though she cared deeply about the siblings .

Su Qianxun was seriously revolted by her pretense, to the point that she almost puked . Su Ran majored in the performing arts after all . Her acting skills were outstanding indeed!

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