Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 103

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Su Qianxun took out the thermometer and picked up the phone call .

“Qianxun, it’s me . ” Su Ran was sobbing .

“Ran Ran, what’s wrong?” Su Qianxun’s gaze was very cold, but she still pretended as if she knew nothing .

“I-I”m fine . Where are you now? I went to your house to find you but your house is always empty . The university semester has already started . Why haven’t you come to class yet?”

Su Ran hated Su Qianxun to death right now . While Su Qianxun managed to escape the last time, she was raped by Zhai Sheng and lost her virginity .

She almost died . Both her an*s and v*gina were torn, and she only recovered after staying in the hospital for almost a month .

“I’ve been accompanying Jiye in the hospital for his treatment lately, so I haven’t been home . ”

“Then, when are you coming back to campus? We can talk when we meet . ”

“I’m not sure yet . I’ll have to see how Jiye’s recovery goes . ”

“Alright then, you take good care of Jiye . I have so much to tell you once you’re back on campus . ”

After Su Qianxun ended the call with Su Ran, she flashed a slight, self-deprecating smile . She kept saying that Xia Chuxi was blind, but was she not blind as well?

… . .

Long Sijue was somewhat surprised when he received Su Qianxun’s phone call . Even though he had given the young woman the phone for quite some time, that was actually the first time she had called him .

“What’s the matter?” Long Sijue’s voice was still cold as ice .

“Young master, are you coming back tonight? I have something to discuss with you . ”

“I’m not sure . If you have anything to say, you can say it through the phone . ”

Su Qianxun was somewhat nervous as she licked her petite and dry lips . “The new semester has already begun . Can I attend classes?”

The young woman did not wait for Long Sijue to speak and continued anxiously, “I’ll try my best to bear your child! Please, I want to go to class!”

“Jue, who’s on the line?”

Lan Qingcheng’s voice rang out on the other end . Su Qianxun’s breath froze . He was with his fiancée!

“Sorry, I-I didn’t mean to bother you on purpose, I—”

“It depends on your performance tonight . If you perform well, I’ll consider your request . ” Long Sijue hung up the phone right after he finished talking .

Su Qianxun was completely dumbfounded . What did he mean by her “performance tonight”?

Did he mean…

The moment Su Qianxun thought about that, her face immediately turned red . Her body was flushed, and she felt as if she was grilled over a fire .

Nevertheless, in order to make Long Sijue agree to her going to university and attending classes, she could only try her best to put on her “best performance” .

Su Qianxun really did not know anything when it came to that . Even after racking her brain, she still could not come up with any idea . Finally, she decided to give Tang Zui a call .

She believed that he would certainly be able to tell her what to do .

When Tang Zui received Su Qianxun’s phone call, he was about to have s*x with a beautiful woman . They were both already naked and ready for the final step .

“Hello, chick . ” Tang Zui almost thought he had heard wrongly .

“It’s me . I have something to consult you about . Do you have time now?” Su Qianxun let out a soft cough and asked .

“I do . Go ahead . ” Tang Zui immediately got off the beautiful woman .

“Zui, where are you going? Come back, I’m h*rny . ” The beautiful woman got annoyed, and she kept moaning .

“Go aside, I have a serious matter to attend to . Just go!” Tang Zui immediately drove the woman away .

Even though Su Qianxun was clueless when it came to s*x, she knew what Tang Zui was doing on the other end of the phone right now .

“You can talk now, chick . ” Tang Zui took a bathrobe and wore it .

“About that… I want to attend classes, and Long Sijue said that if I perform well tonight, he’ll agree to my request… But I don’t know what to do to put on a good performance…” Su Qianxun’s voice got softer and softer .

Tang Zui exploded with joy when he heard what Su Qianxun said, “That’s all? It’s super easy!”

“But I don’t know anything…”

Vexed, Su Qianxun bit her lower lip . ‘What kind of life am I living right now . If only I didn’t impulsively sign that agreement with Long Sijue back then . ’

“Just listen to me . Tonight, there are only two things you need to do…”

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