Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 102

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Long Sijue stared expressionlessly at the two people opposite him . There was a cigarette between his stoic, thin lips . His profound, black eyes were hidden behind the smoke, and others could not tell what he was thinking .

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Su Qianxun immediately explained .

“Miss Su, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about . We’ve all been in the same situation before . ” Lan Qingcheng winked at her with a knowing look on her face .

“He really isn’t! Doctor Mu, please put me down . I’m fine, I can walk by myself!”

Su Qianxun struggled to get down . Mu Bai no longer find it appropriate to carry her either, so he put her down .

“Doctor Mu, thank you so much for what you did just now . I’ll make a move first . ”

Su Qianxun did not dare look at Long Sijue’s expression . After she thanked Mu Bai, she turned around and left .

Mu Bai’s intuition told him that her anxiety and fear were related to that man opposite him . Without being aware of it, he reached out and grabbed Su Qianxun’s hand .

Danger flashed past Long Sijue’s gaze . Su Qianxun could feel the man’s anger from a distance away, and she immediately shrugged Mu Bai off .

Mu Bai furrowed his eyebrows and stared at her . “Your injury…”

“I’m fine . ”

After Su Qianxun spoke, she turned around and ran away . Not only was she scared that Long Sijue would punish her, but she was also scared that he would vent his anger on Mu Bai . She did not want to implicate Mu Bai .

Once Su Qianxun arrived at the ward, she leaned against the door and panted loudly . She was still feeling very anxious . The door behind her was pushed open, and Su Qianxun immediately turned . When she saw the man who walked in, she subconsciously inched backwards .

However, she only managed to take a few steps before Long Sijue grabbed her arm . With an expressionless face, he dragged her into the bathroom .

“Young master, that person is my younger brother’s attending physician . He has nothing to do with me!”

Long Sijue completely disregarded her explanation . He pulled over her hand, which Mu Bai touched earlier, placed it under the faucet and turned the faucet on .

He had turned on the hot water .

Su Qianxun was in a lot of pain . She tried to pull her hand back, but Long Sijue firmly held on to her wrist to stop her from moving . The young woman bit her lower lip with all her might in order to stifle any cries for mercy .

Long Sijue started to rub her hand forcefully, as though he could not feel the heat at all .

After an indefinite amount of time, the man finally let her go . Su Qianxun could only feel as if a layer of skin of her hand had been washed off by him .

Su Qianxun felt like her hand did not belong to her anymore . Long Sijue’s hand was not any better .

“Take off your clothes!” Long Sijue ordered coldly . Her shirt was also dirty .

Su Qianxun’s tiny body trembled violently . She knew that before him, she did not have any room for resistance . She raised her hand and undid the buttons of her clothes one by one . The dress slipped down from her body to the floor and piled up beside her feet .

Long Sijue looked at the flawed, tiny body before him, and he narrowed his eyes a little . The wounds on the young woman’s body had actually added a sense of unruly beauty . Far from making him less attracted to her, it turned him on even more . He felt a kind of bloodthirsty excitement .

He suddenly walked forward and carried her onto the sink nearby . He pulled down his zipper and penetrated her fiercely .

Su Qianxun did not want to cry at all, but the bodily pain made her lose control of herself . Her tears fell down like pearls of unstrung necklaces .

Her tiny body was pressed under the man, and her pale, thin legs were hanging mid-air . Around her slim ankle, the small bell-shaped flower on her anklet swayed non-stop .

… . .

When Su Qianxun woke up, she was already in Jin Garden . Her scalded hand had been treated and wrapped with gauze . She experienced a recurring fever for the next few days . Her body temperature was sometimes high and sometimes low . Throughout these few days, the family doctor took care of her .

Su Qianxun bit the thermometer in her mouth as she stared at the ceiling above her head . She really wondered if she would lose her life before she could bear a child, as the man had been torturing her so viciously .

Her cell phone rang, and Su Qianxun reached for it . When she saw the incoming call displayed on the screen, her gaze immediately turned cold .

It was a phone call from Su Ran!

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