Good Morning, Mister Dragon! - Chapter 100

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“When it comes to ruthlessness, you guys are way ahead of me!” Su Qianxun smirked coldly . There was an ironic expression on her face .

When Xia Chuxi saw how nonchalant and clueless she looked, he suddenly flew into a violent rage . He grabbed her thin and frail shoulders and glared at her in fury .

“Do you know how many people you’ve hurt!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about! Let me go!”

“How dare you say that you have no idea? The night Yiren and I got engaged, the Qiao family’s mansion exploded and was almost razed to the ground . There were innumerable casualties . Right now, Uncle Qiao, Yiren, and Aunt Man are still hospitalized! Su Qianxun, how dare you tell me that this has nothing to do with you!?”

“I already said that I have no idea! Now that I have found out about it through you, my only comment is that the person who blew up the mansion did a good job . My only regret is that those three brutal and cold-blooded people aren’t dead yet!” Su Qianxun’s expression was extremely cold .

“Enough! I should have known earlier . Why on earth would someone as vicious as you feel even a tiny bit of guilt!” Xia Chuxi wanted to crush her shoulders so badly right now .

“Vicious? Xia Chuxi, it’s your own choice to be blind and dumb . Now, let me go!” Su Qianxun’s heart was as cold as steel .

“Su Qianxun, don’t you think that you can do whatever you want now just because you have someone backing you up! The members of the Qiao and Xia family are not people you can afford to mess with!”

Xia Chuxi glared at her petite face, which did not reveal a single ounce of guilt . It was as if she did not care at all about the grave incident that had happened .

He hated this expression of hers the most . He wanted to crush her face so badly!

“Let me go! You’re hurting me . ” Su Qianxun continued staring coldly at him .

“You can feel pain too? Su Qianxun, I’m warning you, no matter who your sugar daddy is right now, you better leave him and apologize to Uncle Qiao immediately . That man isn’t going to have you as his sugar baby forever . Wait till he’s tired of you-”

“Who are you to interfere with my business? I can become whoever’s sugar baby . That’s my business! If you still don’t let me go, I’m going to scream for help!”

“I dare you!”

“Help! Help!” Su Qianxun did not want to listen to Xia Chuxi’s bullshit anymore . Now that she did not have the strength to flee on her own, the only thing she could do was scream for help .

Xia Chuxi immediately tried to cover her mouth, but someone opened the door to the stairway right then . Su Qianxun looked towards the door . She did not expect that person to be Mu Bai .

When Mu Bai noticed that the man had his hands on Su Qianxun, he immediately walked towards them . Without a word, he swung his fist at Xia Chuxi .

In order to avoid Mu Bai’s attack, Xia Chuxi had no choice but to release Su Qianxun first . At the same time, he raised his leg to kick the man who was being a busybody .

The two men fought in the stairway while Su Qianxun leaned against the wall and watched both of them nervously . She was worried that Mu Bai would be in hot water, so she shouted angrily, “Xia Chuxi, you stop right now!”

When Xia Chuxi heard what Su Qianxun shouted, not only did he not stop, but he attacked Mu Bai even more vigorously .

Mu Bai was not showing any signs of weakness either . He was as aggressive . Su Qianxun did not expect Mu Bai, who usually seemed gentle, to be such a good fighter!

Both of them were on equal footing . Both were injured as well . The corner of Mu Bai’s mouth was swollen . Xia Chuxi had also been kicked a few times, and he was groaning from time to time .

When Su Qianxun saw that the fight was getting more and more heated up, she shouted anxiously, “You two, stop fighting! Stop it!”

The two men were extremely indulged in the fight, and did not listen to her at all . Xia Chuxi and Mu Bai kicked each other, retreated, and swung their fists at each other at the same time .

Su Qianxun took the opportunity to rush forward . She stood between the two men before they could reach each other .

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