Godly Student - Chapter Chapters

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Previously, the senior monk had told Cheng Yu before that the spiritual stones had all been collected by the big sects and would be very hard to find anywhere else . If it was like this, Cheng Yu would have to think of an idea to obtain the spiritual stones from the cultivation world’s sects . By then, he would have conflict with certain sects .
This time Cheng Yu travelled to the cultivation world, although it was just familiarizing himself, the dangers he may face would still be quite grave . Even Cheng Yu could not predict if he would be able to return alive .
While looking at the tranquil and gentle Lin Yuhan, even though it seemed like Cheng Yu was teasing her, in Cheng Yu’s heart, he was sighing in sorrow .
The sorrow not only came from Lin Yuhan as there were also other women that he liked . At this moment, in his mind, there were pictures of Lan Ya, Yang Ruoxue, Han Xue and Yao Na . If he was not able to return, he had no idea what would happen to them . Would they be sad because of him to the point of crying?
“Oi!” Lin Yuhan waved her hands in front of Cheng Yu’s eyes . ”What are you thinking about? Why did you suddenly become so absentminded? What are you worrying about?”
“Ah! Nothing . I just feel a bit sad . I have always liked you . What if one day I wouldn’t be able return? I am afraid that you would marry . If that happened, I would definitely drown in sorrow,” After becoming clear-minded again, Cheng Yu smiled to Lin Yuhan .
“What kind of nonsense are you talking about?! I haven’t even dated you . What marry? You are making it sound so weird!” Lin Yuhan said ill-manneredly . ”If you really like me, you should treasure me and not always spend your time drinking and indulging yourself in sensual pleasures . ”
“I have always treasured you . You can see that once I have time, I would come to school to accompany you . Isn’t this the best evidence of that?”
“Hmph! I don’t believe you . You hardly appear in school . What have you been doing? Don’t tell me that you didn’t go out to look for other women?”
“You are accusing me! I have always been busy handling some proper business . In order to let you live a rich life after marrying me, I have always been thinking of ways to earn money!”
“Hmph! Only a ghost would believe you!” Although Lin Yuhan did not believe what Cheng Yu said, she also knew that she would never be able to get any truth from him . She ignored him and continued to read her book .
After school, Cheng Yu did not go home . He went over to Yang Ruoxue’s house . Cheng Yu still had four Spiritual Origin Fruits that were prepared for his women .
Although Cheng Yu wished to gather them all and teach them cultivation, it was quite obvious that it wasn’t time yet . Furthermore, among the women, the one who understood him the best was Lan Ya . After that it would be Yang Ruoxue . On the previous date, it could be said that Yang Ruoxue finally had an understanding of Cheng Yu’s other identity and was no longer assuming that Cheng Yu was a mysterious and miraculous person .

After them, it would be Han Xue . Although the time Cheng Yu spent with Han Xue was very little, during the time he saved her, Cheng Yu had already exposed bits of his identity .
In front of Yao Na, even though Cheng Yu had displayed his miraculous abilities numerous times, Yao Na still could not understand Cheng Yu’s identity . But when it came to the person who most likely did not understand Cheng Yu at all, it would be Lin Yuhan . However, the one who was able to hurt Cheng Yu the most was also Lin Yuhan . Perhaps, it was because the time he had spent with Lin Yuhan was the longest among the women, causing him to understand her very well . Furthermore, her standard of living was also the worst compared to the other women .
In fact, the relationship Cheng Yu had with these women was dubious, so much so that some of them had even forcefully acknowledged it, but none of their relations had any substance to it .
It was not Cheng Yu who did not want it, but because he was thinking about something else . Although he did not taste any of them yet, he would not let any of them be snatched away from his hand as . If that happened, Cheng Yu would definitely not let the opposite party get away with it because for a long time, he had already considered these women as his wives .
The reason Cheng Yu did not bring their relationship a step further was because he was being considerate . Cheng Yu definitely wanted them to accompany him forever . He would need to strategize with a plan .
He wanted to bring them on the path to immortality . So, when they were cultivating, if they were to maintain their virginity, it would be extremely beneficial to their cultivation . From what Cheng Yu could see, these five women did not have much in natural endowments when it came to cultivation . Therefore Cheng Yu could only put in his best effort to help them increase their strength using the fastest and best method .
It was the same as how Cheng Yu had helped Lan Ya wash her bone marrow . At that time, Cheng Yu had almost been tempted by her seduction on Lan Ya’s bed . Fortunately, Cheng Yu had a firm will and resisted the temptation well . Otherwise, it would definitely affect her cultivation, causing a lot of bottlenecks to occur .
When he arrived at Yang Ruoxue’s house, Nanny Zhang welcomed Cheng Yu into the house politely .
“Why are you here at this time?” With regards to Cheng Yu visiting her at such a late time, Yang Ruoxue was very puzzled .
“Naturally it will be because I miss you . So, I couldn’t help but come over . Why? Could it be that you are unhappy with my visit?” Cheng Yu laughed as he sat beside Yang Ruoxue .
“Only a ghost would believe your words . Every single time you come over, it would be to handle some issue . If there weren’t any, I am afraid that you will never come,” Yang Ruoxue glimpsed at Cheng Yu and continued to watch her TV show .
“How is that possible? Even if it was to handle some issue, it would also be related to you, right? For me to be working so hard now, it’s all because I want a better future for us!”
“Che! You only know how to say things that are pleasant to hear . Speak! Why are you here today?” Yang Ruoxue had long gotten used to Cheng Yu’s flowery speech .
“Of course to share good news with you . I wish to turn you into a true fairy!” Cheng Yu hugged Yang Ruoxue and blew into her ear .
Yang Ruoxue was startled by Cheng Yu’s sudden action . When she saw Nanny Zhang was still busy in the kitchen, she pushed Cheng Yu away shyly, ”Don’t! It’s not nice if Nanny Zhang sees us!”
“So what if she sees? Sooner or later, you will be my wife . It’s just a hug . How about we go to your room then?”
“No! I have not agreed to marry you . Don’t even think of doing those things yet!”
“Those things? I am talking about proper business . Turning you into a true fairy!”
“What do you mean?” Yang Ruoxue asked confusedly .
“Do you wish to be like me, able to fly in the sky, like what you experienced the other day?” Cheng Yu laughed .
“Seriously?!” Yang Ruoxue asked excitedly . If it were in the past, if she heard such a thing, she would definitely treat the person who told her with contempt . However, after she had experienced his abilities for herself, she really wished to possess those abilities .
“Alright . Follow me into the room . I have brought something good for you,” When Cheng Yu saw how enthusiastic and excited Yang Ruoxue was, he pulled her and went up to her room .
“Nanny Zhang, Ruoxue and I will be going into her room to discuss some matters . It might take a long time . Don’t bother us!” When Cheng Yu saw Nanny Zhang coming out from the kitchen, he smiled .
“Sure . You can discuss it with Miss slowly . I will not disturb you,” When Nanny Zhang heard Cheng Yu’s words, she paused . But when she saw Yang Ruoxue was blushing with traces of excitement, she smiled .
When she saw them closing the door, Nanny Zhang smiled widely . She witnessed Yang Ruoxue growing up and knew how high her requirements were when it came to her other half . In this villa, other than people from the Yang Family, she had never once brought any male home before .
However, ever since she became acquainted with Cheng Yu, he had basically become a frequent guest to this villa, and Yang Ruoxue had never once stopped him from coming over . This was evidence to show that in Yang Ruoxue’s heart, she had a favorable impression of Cheng Yu . Now that Nanny Zhang saw them walking up together, she was also very happy . After all, she was very satisfied with Cheng Yu’s character .
“You! Why did you say such words to Nanny Zhang? She will definitely misunderstand us!” The moment they stepped in the room, Yang Ruoxue said discontentedly .
“What’s wrong with that? Sooner or later we will also be doing that . What’s there to be embarrassed of?” The moment Cheng Yu went into Yang Ruoxue’s room, he went to lie on her bed and refuted her .
“Get up! Didn’t you say that you prepared something good for me?!” Although she knew that Cheng Yu had purposely phrased his words in that way, while comparing it to those mystical things he did, Yang Ruoxue was more excited than discontented .
Cheng Yu gestured, and instantly a green fruit appeared in Cheng Yu’s hand, ”This is called Spiritual Origin Fruit . Once you eat it, it will help you wash your bone marrow and change your body’s constitution . Furthermore, there’s a huge amount of Qi in it . After you eat it, it will allow you to possess tremendous strength . ”
“Are you deceiving me? Is this fruit really so mystical? This doesn’t look like an immortal fruit,” Yang Ruoxue took the fruit from Cheng Yu’s hand . It looked like a pear to her . However, when she sniffed it, it released an effect that helped her refresh her mind . It was the same as when Cheng Yu gave a pill to her .
“Hehe . This is an immortal fruit . You mustn’t look down on this fruit . Even though it looks small, this fruit has been growing for more than 900 years before I plucked it . ”

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