Godly Student - Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Making Fun of a Love Rival (Part 2)

“Yes, yes, yes . It’s still Xiao Yu that understands more . I must not save a little only to lose a lot . Money can always be earned, but if a good woman were to escape your grasp, they will never come back,” When he heard Cheng Yu’s words, Su Muyun felt enlightened . Immediately, he felt the hesitation he had was disappearing . He became extremely open to the idea of spending money .

“Not bad . You are actually able to think like that . It’s just money . With Brother Yun’s status, it’s just like a drop of water to you . As a manager, you don’t even have such boldness?” When he saw Su Muyun had actually fallen into his scheme, Cheng Yu felt like laughing, but he couldn’t so he kept it in his heart .

“En . I shall leave everything in Xiao Yu’s hands then . I am really thankful,” Su Muyun suddenly felt his heroic spirit growing . As a manager, how could he not be able to afford buying a few expensive clothes?

“How does it look?” When Han Xue walked out of the fitting room, she wore the short sleeved shirt and turned around .

At this very moment, Han Xue looked like a fairy who descended from the heavens . She was extremely beautiful and caused all those bystanders who looked at her to be immersed in her beauty . In addition to her clothes being very revealing, the black bra she wore became faintly discernible .

Su Muyun’s eyes immediately turned into a horny animal’s eyes causing Han Xue to look at him with even more disgust . She turned around and walked back into the fitting room .

At this moment, Cheng Yu felt like giving himself a tight slap . D*mn it! This girl’s figure is so good! If she were to wear these kinds of clothes and go out, wouldn’t he be the one who lost out? In the future, he would only allow her to wear these kinds of clothes at home so that he was the only one who would be able to see it .

However, when he saw Su Muyun’s vile countenance, Cheng Yu felt that he should really slap him to death .

Han Xue came out of the fitting room and placed the shirt back on the rack . Not saying anything more, she was about to walk out of the shop . However, it was impossible for Cheng Yu to do what she wished as he pulled her back and gave her a meaningful glance . After that, he picked up the shirt again and even picked another three pieces of clothing . Each piece was worth at least $10000 .

Su Muyun, who was standing behind them, felt his heart was bleeding and his heart was always leaping out of his body! He broke out in cold sweat . This Student Cheng Yu actually spared no efforts in courting a girl!

If it was not for the age gap between Han Xue and Cheng Yu, he would really suspect that Cheng Yu was messing with him intentionally . However, every time he saw the serious look in Cheng Yu’s and also saw that those few clothes he picked was only around $10000, he immediately dispelled those thoughts on him and felt that Cheng Yu was being very thoughtful .

When they walked over to the cashier, the young lady smiled at them . It caused Su Muyun who was extremely tense to immediately adjust his mentality . He walked over to the cashier with a successful look causing the cashier to admire him .

“Hello mister . Total is $205800 . We shall give you a round figure . So the total will be only $200000!” Su Muyun’s face immediately twitched when he heard the cashier’s words . He almost fell down when she told him the amount!

“Cough Cough! Are you sure you didn’t calculate wrong? All these were around $10000 a piece . How did it end up as $200000?” Su Muyun asked after getting scared .

“Mister, it’s definitely correct . After totaling up these five pieces, it will be a total of $200000,” The cashier lady looked at the computer to confirmed it again .

“Five pieces? Wasn’t it only four pieces?”

“Brother Yun, it’s five pieces . There is still a piece here!” Cheng Yu smiled very amiably as he picked up a piece of long skirt . While speaking, he flipped the label that showed that this piece of clothing cost $98000 .

Just as Su Muyun was about to decline paying for that piece, he saw Han Xue was looking at him with disdain . He hardened his heart as he picked out a card with his trembling hands from his wallet .

Exiting from the LV shop, Su Muyun’s complexion was very gloomy . D*mn it! $200000 just to buy five piece of clothing! It was not even for himself! What was even more hateful was that he had not even held her hand once! This time, he started to hate Cheng Yu to the core . When he saw Han Xue and Cheng Yu were walking nonchalantly in front of him, he suddenly felt that they looked more like a couple . He even followed behind them like a third wheel . The difference was way too big!

When he saw they had stopped and waited for him, he suddenly felt a bit better . At least they still remembered his existence .

“Brother Yun, let’s go and eat . Sister Xue said that she is starving after shopping for such a long time,” When Su Muyun reached them, Cheng Yu immediately informed him .

When he heard those words, Su Muyun’s heart chilled .  “You can just tell me that you need me to pay for the meal . ” However, he would not say such words now . After spending so much money, he had to at least get his “payment” from Han Xue!

“Haha! Sure . I am also hungry as well . What would you like to eat, Xiao Xue?” Su Muyun concealed the gloominess in his heart as he asked with a smile .

“Sister Xue said that she would like to have French cuisine . But she heard that it is quite expensive, and she caused brother Yun to spend such a huge amount of money already today . She felt that it was inappropriate to ask for French cuisine,” Actually, when they were paying the clothes, Han Xue already understood what Cheng Yu was trying to do .

Han Xue was no longer angry with him, but instead felt extremely happy . Although what he did was a bit too ruthless to Su Muyun, at least she knew that Cheng Yu still cared for her, and she even suspected that this was because of his jealousy . As for being so ruthless to Su Muyun, it would be the price he had to pay for pestering her for all this time .

Whenever Cheng Yu opened his mouth, Han Xue would always give Su Muyun a smile . It caused Su Muyun’s whole body to start stirring up . He said magnanimously, ”It’s just a bit of money . As long as Xiao Xue likes it, it will be fine . It’s only French cuisine . I know a French restaurant up ahead . Let’s go there and eat . ”

While Su Muyun was leading them in front, Cheng Yu and Han Xue looked at each other and laughed in their heart . Today, they were definitely going to slaughter this big nouveau riche . The trio found a table near the window while a waiter walked towards them with the menu .

Just as Su Muyun was about to pick up the menu, Cheng Yu picked it up and placed it in front of Han Xue . He told her, ”As for ordering dishes, naturally it has to be given to the ladies to do . ”

At first, Su Muyun was afraid that Cheng Yu would slaughter him once again . However, when he saw Cheng Yu was actually giving the menu to Han Xue, he sighed in relief . He smiled and waited for Han Xue to order the dishes .

“I think it’s better if you do it . I am not good at ordering dishes,” Han Xue looked at the menu and passed it back to Cheng Yu .

Su Muyun who was sitting opposite them was startled . This little rascal better not slaughter him so ruthlessly again . But when he heard Cheng Yu order a few French cuisine signature dishes and the price was still very reasonable, Su Muyun did not say a thing .

“En . That should be enough . Brother Yun, do you still want to order anything else? After all, you are the host, we can’t possibly only order what we like,” Cheng Yu kept the menu as he looked at Su Muyun with a smile .

“Haha . It’s ok . What you have ordered is enough for me . ”

“Wait a moment!” When he saw the waiter was about to leave, Cheng Yu stopped him . ”I heard that in the French cuisine, we must definitely try the French caviar . I heard this dish is able to recover one’s youthful vigor and help improve and nourish a woman’s skin . Since it’s rare for us to come here, Brother Yun, do you want to get a plate for Sister Xue?”

“Caviar? D*mn it! Do you take me as an idiot that has no idea that this dish is very expensive?” Although Su Muyun’s heart was twitching, he still smiled and looked at Han Xue, ”Xiao Xue, Xiao Yu is right . Do you want to order a plate?”

“I don’t think this is appropriate . I heard that this dish is very expensive,” Han Xue said with a hint of embarrassment .

“Sister Xue, are you looking down on Brother Yun? Brother Yun is a manager in a big company . How can he not afford a plate of caviar? Right, Brother Yun?”

“Yes, of course . Xiao Xue, If you wish to try it, you can just order it . I am still able to afford it,” Originally, when he heard Han Xue say she didn’t want it, Su Muyun was delighted . But when Cheng Yu started speaking, Su Muyun suddenly had an urge to go forward and give Cheng Yu two tight slaps .

“Alright then,” Han Xue took the menu back from the waiter and looked at the different kinds of caviar . After that, she pointed at an ordinary caviar and said, ”This one . ”

“Sister Xue, it seems like you have no knowledge on caviar . This kind of ordinary caviar will not give you the desired effect that you are looking for! You might as well go back home and buy two fishes and eat their eggs . Since we came to an authentic French restaurant, you must order this kind of caviar,” Cheng Yu pointed at the Almas caviar .

Han Xue’s eyes widened when she saw the price . 100 grams for $2000? After that, she looked at Su Muyun who stretched out his head and looked at the caviar Cheng Yu was pointing to .

“En . This is indeed a bit too expensive . Brother Yun, can we order this caviar?” Cheng Yu lifted up the menu intentionally as he passed it over to Su Muyun .

When he saw so many zeroes with a price in USD, Su Muyun felt like flaring up . However, he knew that he mustn’t because if he were to anger Han Xue in any way, wouldn’t the $200000 he spent become worthless?

Su Muyun sucked in his breath before giving an extremely ugly smile, ”Alright . As long as Xiao Xue likes it . So what if it’s a bit more expensive . ”

“Brother Yun is so frank! Those with high social status are all so open-minded! Give us 500 grams then!” Cheng Yu flattered Su Muyun, causing his bleeding heart to feel a bit better . However, the last sentence caused Su Muyun to fall to the ground .  “500 grams? What the f*ck? It’s USD10000! Although USD had depreciated, it would still cost me $60000!”

“Mister and Miss, since you have already ordered the caviar, how about getting champagne as well? Having the caviar and champagne together is the best match . This way, you will be able to get the optimum taste from the caviar,” The waiter took the menu and suggested suddenly .

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