Godly Student - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Such a Miracle Happened!


“Well, since your grandfather’s matter is now settled, shouldn’t we talk about our matter?” Once again, Cheng Yu took out two pill vials, “These two vials are our products . However, these high-quality pills would last one person their lifetime, so we cannot sell them like this . I will dilute them so that they would have to take our pills constantly, which will bring us an endless stream of money, haha!” Cheng Yu smiled .


“Haha, so originally you were so crafty . So, what’s the specific effects of the pills in your hand? Can they really make you younger?” Yang Ruoxue was curious and excited .


“This red vial is called the Eternal Youth Pill . This pill allows you to look 10 years younger . Any younger than that and I think that the world may be in great confusion with all the alluring 20-year-old women walking around . The blue vial is called the Rejuvenation Pill . With this medicine, a person can slow down their aging process for 30 years . If you take it over 30 years old, you still wouldn’t look well over 20 . At most 30 . But the main effect of this pill is that once you take it, your skin will become smooth and glossy . I’ll give you a bit of each vial, when you go back home, give this to the elderly . But remember, only women can use it . If a man took it, haha, maybe the heavens will change him to a woman!” Cheng Yu smiled and said as he gave Yang Ruoxue half of each vial .


”Ah, you must not use the Eternal Youth Pill . Otherwise, you’ll turn into a teenage girl . You can use it to protect your 30’s . ”


“Is turning into a teenage girl bad?” Yang Ruoxue asked with a smile .


“Of course not, but now you are the most beautiful in your life . If you use the Rejuvenation Pill now, it’ll make you look a bit younger . That would balance out well as you would look more tender . ”


Hearing Cheng Yu praise her as beautiful, she was very happy .


“Well, that’s all for today . Remember to first let your elders try out our products . Then, I’ll write down the prescription dosage for you to begin making batches . Prepare a portion for me as well, I will ask you to issue instructions to the rest of the house . ”


“Ask? Ask what?” Yang Ruoxue was puzzled .


“I want to live by myself, but my family didn’t agree . So I said that we were cooperating, and in an amount of time, I had to bring back proof of our cooperation . ”


“Why do you want to go live by yourself?”


“I can’t live with you?” Cheng Yu quickly spoke as he then rushed out the door .


“You scoundrel!” Hearing what Cheng Yu said, Yang Ruoxue was furious as she took a pillow off the sofa and threw it towards the door .


Cheng Yu arrived home at ten in the evening, yet his family still hadn’t sleep yet, as they were all sitting on the sofa .


“You guys haven’t slept yet? What are you doing up so late?” Seeing his family up, Cheng Yu asked .


“Cousin, where did you go today? I came to your classroom to find you, but your friends said that a beautiful woman came to pick you up, is that true? ” Seeing her cousin come back, Zhao Yifang happily asked .


“Haha, didn’t I tell you yesterday that I was going to meet with Yang Ruoxue to talk about our cooperation?” Cheng Yu was able to refine enough pills today and was in a very good mood . But it was a pity that he wasn’t able to refine his Foundation Building Pills . He had to talk to Yang Ruoxue about this and see if she could find some Nine Sun Grass and Vajra Diamond Grass . Though, he doesn’t know if they exist in this world or not .


“So did you bring the contract back?” Yang Sifeng asked .


“No, but I brought my product back . Tada!!” Cheng Yu took out the two vials .


Zhao Yifang rushed up and grabbed a vial . Opening it and pouring out a pill, a sweet fragrance filled the air, “Such a good fragrance! The pill is so pretty! This pill, cousin, what does it do?”


“This pill is an elixir, it can make you eternally young . ”


“You, child, you’re still young, don’t be in a rush to make money . Alchemy is just superstitions . This thing has not been drug tested, it could harm people . ” His uncle Zhao Minglong reminded him .


“Don’t worry uncle, this thing has no side effects and is not harmful to the human body whatsoever . I wouldn’t lie to my family . ”


“Ok . As long as it’s safe . Otherwise, ah… trouble, trouble . ”


“Cousin, tell me, what does the other one do?”


“This red vial is called the Eternal Youth Pill . This pill allows you to look 10 years younger . Any younger than that and I think that the world may be in great confusion with all the alluring 20-year-old women walking around . The blue vial is called the Rejuvenation Pill . With this medicine, a person can slow down their aging process for 30 years . If a 50-year-old woman took it, she wouldn’t look well over 28 . At most 30 . ” Cheng Yu’s introduction made them all dumbfounded, these small little balls had such a magical effect?


“Cousin, is this true? Then, can I eat it?” The girl said excitedly .


“Silly girl, don’t speak nonsense . Just how many lifetimes do you want to be a teenager? When you reach your most beautiful state, it won’t be too late then . ” Cheng Yu scrapped her little nose .


“But, I also want to become more beautiful!” Zhao Yifang wrinkled her nose in dissatisfaction .


“Rest assured, your cousin won’t disfigure you . Two days later, I’ll make a special skin product for you okay? It will make your skin more rosy and shiny, making every man want to take a bite out of it, okay?” Cheng Yu said .


“Good, cousin knows how to speak . ” Zhao Yifang was happy to hear her cousin say that .


“If mom and aunt believes in my pills, tomorrow morning, you won’t look over a 20-year-old girl . Afterward, you won’t even need to apply beauty products everyday anymore . ” Cheng Yu smiled at the two and said .


The two looked at each and then looked at the pure sparkling and translucent pill . Listening to Cheng Yu’s explanation, they wanted to believe it but were still a bit hesitant .


“Yu’er, this pill, if we take it, nothing bad will happen, right?” His aunt, Cheng Meiyan, confirmed again .


“Rest assured aunt, I won’t harm either you or mother . I can guarantee that after today, uncle won’t go looking for a mistress anymore . ” Cheng Yu said grinning .


“Cough, cough . Yu’er, what’s all this about uncle going to look for a mistress . ” Zhao Minglong has on an unnatural face as he spoke . But upon seeing his wife glare at him, he quickly said, “Don’t listen to Yu’er’s nonsense, I really don’t have a mistress . ”


“Haha, aunt, it’s just a joke, don’t take it seriously . But if you take this pill, uncle will truly love you to life and death, haha . ” Cheng Yu loudly laughed .


“Dead boy, what nonsense are you spouting?” Yang Sifeng stared at her son and said .


“Well, back to the topic . Anyways, this red pill, the Eternal Youth Pill . And this blue pill, the Rejuvenation Pill . For both, you must never eat more than one!”


“Yu’er, if it’s like this, wouldn’t everyone just need one? How would you make profits?” His uncle asked a crucial question .


“Oh, today, this is only for our family . The pills, after being taken, will give direct results . But the products being sold, will be diluted . So they would have to continually consume it . Uncle, how can you say not making money to this?” Cheng Yu said with a smile .


“You kid, you’re really sinister, haha . ” Hearing what his nephew said, he gave him a thumbs up .


”With aunt’s skin products, it takes a long time to show on the skin and you have to keep applying it . This pill is convenient and simple . Not just that, but there are no toxic side effects, you can rest assured about that . Anyways, I’m going to sleep now . If you use it, then wait till tomorrow to see a miracle . If you don’t, then wait to witnesses others’ miracles!” Cheng Yu laughed and headed upstairs .


“Ah!” At 6’o clock in the morning, Cheng Yu heard a cry . He laughed it off twice and went back to sleep .


At 8 AM, he headed down for breakfast . His mom and aunt were in a very good mood . They didn’t expect that Cheng Yu’s pills were so effective, they looked 10 years younger .


Upon seeing his mom, he smiled and said, “These two sisters, are you not satisfied?”


“Stinky brat, what is it?”


“Ya!” At this time, Zhao Yifang came down and shouted in a loud voice as she saw their faces, “Mom, aunt, you truly became younger! You have such smooth skin! Ah, cousin, your elixir really works! You must hurry and make my skin-care products . ” Zhao Yifang excitedly said .


Cheng Yu was eating his fried dough sticks and milk as he nodded . It was the weekend and there were things to be done . He needed to go talk to Yang Ruoxue to see if she could find him some Nine Sun Grass and Vajra Diamond Grass . He needed to refine the Foundation Building Pill . The most important thing though was that he needed a storage ring, there were a lot of important things he needed and they couldn’t be left at home .


After breakfast, Cheng Yu headed out . As a result, his younger cousin wanted to go to . He tried to tell her no, but in the end, there was no other way, as the little girl burst in cheer .


Inside Yang Ruoxue’s villa .


“Wow! Sister, you’re so beautiful!” As they entered the house, Zhao Yifang ran to Yang Ruoxue and yelled .


“Hehe, little sister, you’re also very beautiful . ” Seeing the lovely little girl, Yang Ruoxue smiled .


“This is my younger cousin Zhao Yifang, call her sister-in-law . ” Cheng Yu grinned .


“Don’t listen to your cousin speak nonsense . My name is Yang Ruoxue, you can call me Sister Yang . ” Yang Ruoxue stared at Cheng Yu and said .


“Ah, you’re Sister Yang . My mommy said that you’re really awesome and that you’re the goddess of business in Yun Haishi City . ” Zhao Yifang happily said .


“Hehe, oh, who’s your mommy? How does she know me?”


“My aunt is Cheng Meiyan, she is the chairwoman of Sheng Haidi Real Estate . ” Cheng Yu said .


“It appears that Older Sister Cheng, your mother, is the real goddess of business?”


“Hey, now that I think of it . How can you call my aunt Older Sister, but take advantage of me?” Hearing her call his aunt older sister, Cheng Yu didn’t like that . As that meant that there would always be a generation gap .


“I originally had to call her Older Sister! Moreover, I’m much younger than your aunt, should I call her aunt too? In the future, you should also call me aunt . ” Yang Ruoxue, seeing that there was a chance to attack Cheng Yu, proudly spoke .

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