Godly Student - Chapter 539

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Kid, you are very courageous,you dare to talk to me like this . However, even if you have an expert at the Spirit Severing Stage here, I can still kill you The Spirit Severing Stage man finally spoke, pointed his finger at Cheng Yu and a dazzling light shot towards him

Seeing the ray of light that is coming towards him, Cheng Yu is shocked . This is a Spirit Severing Stage experts attack . Although it seems to be dull, its power is quite extraordinary .

Cheng Yu clenched his hands unconsciously and his aura suddenly burst out as he sent out a punch towards the ray of light


However, Cheng Yu's attack is instantly smashed apart and the ray of light hit him, causing him to be knocked away for dozens of meters

This is the difference between the Spirit Severing Stage human expert and Ghost cultivators of the Dark Dark Nether Realm . If it only depending on brute force, a ghost cultivator would be a bit weaker because ghost cultivators excel in spiritual attacks, not physical .

The Soul Suppressing Pagoda also greatly restrains a ghost cultivator but for the Spirit Severing Stage human experts, its restraining ability is much weaker because their soul is not out in the open .

You must know that the body of a Spirit Severing Stage expert is very powerful . It is impossible for the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to suppress him like a ghost cultivator . Moreover, he is the human who is at the Spirit Severing Stage . This is why Cheng Yu is so weak against a human Spirit Severing Stage, the disparity between them is really too big .

Snort! No one can save you today The man sneered, his palm shot and a giant palm shot directly to Cheng Yu .

Such arrogance At this time, Shi Ji finally made a move . Her eyes looked at the giant palm and two green light shot from her eyes . Once the green light touched the giant palm, the palm was immediately destroyed

The man was shocked, this woman's aura is strong . He can feel that her strength is not weaker than his own . However, he is not a simple person .

The man threw out a punch towards Shi Ji . Although it seems to be just a common punch but anyone can see the power behind it

The Gold Core Stage has the power of the Golden Core and Nascent Soul Stage also has the power of the Nascent Soul . This is a unique power in every realm, which is why there is such a big gap between the power of each realm .

The Golden Core is like a person that is about to give birth to life and Nascent Soul is like the birth of the child and the Primordial Soul is the grown up version of that child .

At this time, the power of a Spirit Severing Stage is almost comparable to a god's . Compared to a Spirit Severing Stage expert who is like an adult, a child who isn't born yet or a child who has just been born, they are extremely fragile compared to the adult .

Even those who are in the late Nascent Soul Stage who are standing next to the men feel the horror of his strength . Although they are only one step away from the Spirit Severing Stage, they still only control the power of their Nascent Soul .

For Cheng Yu, this punch is indeed invincible but for Shi Ji, there is no threat . She sent out a palm strike and easily broke the Spirit Severing Stages punch

Quick! Grab the kid! Seeing that the Spirit Severing Stage experts are fighting with each other, an expert of the late Nascent Soul Stage looked at Cheng Yu excitedly as he shouted .


Before they came, they had already inquired about Cheng Yu's situation . They also confirmed with their people in the secular world that Cheng Yu is the Cheng Yu of Limitless Palace . After they sent this news back to the Mysterious Sky Sect, they had already received the order from the Sect Leader to bring this Cheng Yu back

Because he has a secret that everyone knows and is very magical . He is able to form Six Golden Cores, which is irresistible to everyone in the cultivation realm .

Although he is fearful of a Spirit Severing Stage expert, he is not afraid of Nascent Soul Stage experts, let alone Huo Yu is with him by his side

One person and one beast blocked the attack of five Nascent Soul Stage experts . Although Yi Quan was injured but as long as aren't killed in one strike, they did not care .

However, what made them angry is that Cheng Yu, this guy is very abnormal . they did not expect that even this big bird next to him can fight against Nascent Soul Stage experts at the late Gold Core Stage

Cheng Yu alone faced against two late Nascent Soul Stage expert and the pressure upon him is quite large . Although Cheng Yu made some improvement after the dual cultivation with Lan Ya, he still has some trouble fighting against a late Nascent Soul Stage expert, let alone two of them who also has a tacit coordination

Boom! Cheng Yu was hit by a joint attack by a two swords and flew back as he spat out blood . Although Cheng Yu looked dignified, their strength is too strong . He already felt that the strength of these two people was definitely better than the last Yi Feng and Yi Qing who were also very powerful .

Looking at Huo Yu at his side, the strength of a late Nascent Soul Stage expert and two mid Nascent Soul Stage experts is also very strong, but fortunately, Huo Yu's defence is strong enough .

Damn! Cheng Yu shouted angrily . He can no longer handle the attacks of two Nascent Soul Stage experts joint attacks any longer and can only use the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to suppress one of them so he can kill the other one .

Whiz! When the two late Nascent Soul Experts were about to attack once again, a golden light shot out of Cheng Yu's body and hovered above the head of the late Nascent Soul Stage expert who has a slightly stronger strength .

Oh, is this the magic treasure that can restrain a Nascent Soul Stage expert? It seems that you really can do it . This magic weapon is really powerful, even able to pull my Nascent Soul Stage, no wonder you are so fearless . However, you want to subdue me with this alone? it seems like you are underestimating our Mysterious Sky Sect, Soul Symbol The late Nascent Soul Stage expert named Yi Zhong saw that the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is hovering over him and he immediately felt the suction force of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, causing him to be greatly surprised . It seems that this rumor is not false .

However, since they knew that they had to deal with Cheng Yu, they did not come unprepared . He took out a yellow paper and said an incantation, causing the yellow paper to burn into ashes

A transparent blue colored barrier soon began to appear on the late Nascent Soul Stage experts body . As a result, his facial expression became light as the Soul Suppressing Pagoda can no longer suppress him and he joined forces with the Yi Haiagain

'F*ck, this group is really prepared . They know that I have a magic treasure that can restrict other so they specifically have a special method to counter it . Humph! however, I would like to see if you all have such a way' Seeing that Yi Zhong easily removed the restraint from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, Cheng Yu's face turned cold as he though and made the Soul Suppressing Pagoda hover over the other late Nascent Soul Stage expert called Yi Hai instead

Haha! What's wrong? Since your magic treasure doesn't work against my brother, you want to suppress me? It seems that you have to be disappointed again, Soul Symbol After seeing the Soul Suppressing Pagoda hover over him, he immediately felt the suction force of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda but just like Yi Zhong . He pulled out the same yellow paper, shouted an incantation and the yellow paper immediately burned up . A blue light barrier sound formed around him, blocking the restraint from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda .

Humph, so what? Do you think this piece of paper can continue to protect you? Although Cheng Yu was angry, he has no way at the moment . He can only avoid their joint attacks as he dodged left and right


Regarding such a talisman, although he can't make it but he also has a certain understanding of it . This talisman has the magical power equivalent to the magic treasure but this power is not permanent .

The role that talisman can play is also time-limited . As for how long this time limit is, it depends on the cultivation of the one who made it

For cultivators below the Spirit Severing Stage, most of them can only make talisman's that last for a few minutes . Even for experts at the Great Ascension Stage, the longest a talisman that they can make only lasts for about half an hour so Cheng Yu can only delay for time and when the time comes, these guys can't escape .

Haha, although this talisman is not permanent but since both of us used it, your magic treasure won't have any effect on us . You are sure to die today Yi Hai laughed loudly .

Humph! Such bold words . Since you want me dead, you should also be prepared to be killed by me . Even if you are a late Nascent Soul Stage expert, I can still kill you Cheng Yu said with a domineering attitude .

He condensed True Qi on his left hand,slashed at Yi Zhong with his right hand holding his sword and soon punched towards Yi Hai with his left hand

Boom! A giant lions head suddenly appeared in front of the two people and immediately rushed toward the rushing Yi Hai . Yi Hai's face was shocked and caught off guard . He did not expect that Cheng Yu would suddenly make such a move, causing him to be knocked back from the explosion

Damn! You dare to sneak attack . You are dead today When Yihai stood up again, his whole body seemed to be burned . With his jet black face and eyes filled with flames, he roared

Haha! Sneak attack? You two late Nascent Soul Stage experts are fighting against me, a mid Gold Core Stage and you dare to say that I sneak attacked? I thought I have already met someone extremely shameless but now, I finally found out that even Kunlun's shameless ways aren't even worth fart compared to you Cheng Yu laughed loudly and looked at Yi Hai as if he is an idiot

Bastard, you will pay for the words . Fierce Soul Technique Yi Hai's aura burst out and slashed his sword at Cheng Yu

At this time, Cheng Yu's surroundings is filled with flames . The most terrifying thing is that this flame not only burns his defense, it also hurts his physical body and it can even burn his soul, making him extremely uncomfortable

Good! Northern Heaven's Sword! When Yi Xhong saw Yi Hai used his skill, catching Cheng Yu in the middle . He felt extremely happy and also used his skill . His longsword flew into the sky and it soon turned into a giant sword, falling down towards Cheng Yu

Not good In the middle of the flames, Cheng Yu received no actual injury because the soul attack of this flame was intercepted by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda but he will not be able to get out of this sea of ​​fire for a while and was shocked when he saw the giant sword coming down towards him


The Soul Suppressing Pagoda can protect the soul for him but this flame does not only attack his soul . Even if Cheng Yu has strong defensive power, when hit by the giant sword combined with the flames, he spat out blood

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