Godly Student - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Am I Now Considered a Virgin?


“Ah, really, f**ing manhole . Hey, my head hurts!” Dan Fu sat up with both hands rubbing his head due to a splitting headache .


“Yu’er, you finally woke up . You scared mother to death! If you had an unexpected misfortune, what would mother do?” To wake up in a situation where you don’t know what’s going on, with a woman clinging and crying on you .


“Yu’er? Mother? It’s good to be familiar yet unfamiliar with such words, ah? Before I cultivated, I was known as Cheng Yu… don’t tell me… I am her child? But my mother has already died years ago . Am I dead? To meet with that bastard hole and die! Is this the ghost world and I am now seeing my mother?” Feeling the joy and care of the woman holding him, after cultivating for thousands of years, he is finally able to feel the warmth of his mother’s embrace again . Suddenly, he had the urge to cry .


He didn’t know how many years it had been since he’d last shed tears . Ever since several thousands of years ago, his master and mother left him as they left for heaven . To cultivate for years, time flies, and to be successful in a thousand years… Once more, he had returned home . Child and mother, dependent on each other, as their home had already been crushed . There was only a small mound—the only remains of the house—a small stone tablet reading, “My son to stay, Mother is content to go . ” That day, Cheng Yu sat before the monument and cried all day . Since then, Cheng Yu had not shed tears .

Now, once again, he was able to feel his mother’s love . Cheng Yu’s eyes gradually became moist . “Mother… mother…” Cheng Yu softly whispered .


Cheng Yu left the woman’s embrace as he saw tears streaming down the woman’s face . A 40-year-old middle-aged woman . Perhaps, she took good care of herself as she looked like someone in their 30’s . After a while, a doubt began to form… if this was not his mother, who was she? Why did she call him Yu’er?


Cheng Yu then looked at the other people in the room . A graceful looking middle-aged woman stood next to a sturdy and dignified middle-aged man . As well as a beautiful and lovely 15-year-old little girl .


Looking at these people’s full-caring eyes, Cheng Yu was puzzled . He once again looked around the entire room, taking note of what they were wearing . This… this… this, in the end, what is going on? Where is this place?


“Yu’er, what’s going on? Do you not recognize your mother? Ah, you mustn’t scare mother . ” Seeing that there was a puzzled expression on his face, the middle-aged woman’s happiness over her son’s awakening soon disappeared . Once more, tears rolled down her face as she anxiously asked .


Cheng Yu looked at the teary eyes of the caring woman before him and once again looked at the faces of the other three, which were filled with concern . He knew that the circumstances weren’t that clear, but he didn’t want the situation to turn strange . So, he laughed and said, “Oh, I’m fine . I just woke up and am a little tired, so I want to rest . ”


“Oh! Yes, yes, you should rest . Yu’er, Mommy will go heat up some soup for you to fill your stomach . ” The beautiful woman helped Cheng Yu lie down and then led the others out .


Seeing everyone leave the room, Cheng Yu picked up the hand mirror by the bedside . I… I’ve lived for thousands of years and my knowledge is unparalleled, but I have no idea of what’s going on at the moment . The man in the mirror was quite eye-catching and, contrary to what one would think, was quite handsome . But the problem was those people he didn’t know, ah!


Cheng Yu threw the mirror then laid on his bed confused, what did this mean?


Suddenly, Cheng Yu had another splitting headache . Waves of information flooded his brain . As the pain slowly left, he was able to roughly catch on with what was going on .


The original host of this body was also Cheng Yu . He was the third generation of a rich family, a second generation child of officials and a second generation nouveau riche . A true modern aristocratic child . Grandfather Cheng Ruilong had three sons and one daughter . He was the vice-premier of the State Council of the Central Political Bureau . Although he was now already retired, he had disciples all over the central and local regions . Therefore, his influence was still great in the country even though he was retired .


His father, Cheng Zhi Guo, was the oldest son . He was the current secretary of Politics and Law, and his mother, Yang Si Feng, was the chairwoman of the Dragon Business Group . Her group was involved with every large shopping mall, hotel, and real estate .


His second uncle, Cheng Zhi Qiang, and third uncle, Cheng Zhi Ming, were respectively the heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Ministry of Education . His aunt, Cheng Shu-mei, married major Zhao Minglong . He himself also had a real estate company and was the chairman of the board .


Cheng Yu was the sole grandson of the Cheng Family . His two uncles and aunt only had one daughter, so Cheng Yu was the apple of the family’s eye . As he was born in such a family, Cheng Yu was treated as very important and was like the wind and rain, therefore he was able to do as he wanted .


It was also because the Cheng family spoiled him that he developed a proud and elegant character . There was no known amount of how many females he had harmed or how many people he had provoked .


In his second year of high school, he had ravaged the department chief’s daughter and got her pregnant . But they were just small people, what could they do to him? In order to quell the anger of others and to have him get rid of those bad habits, the family put him down . They sent him to his paternal aunt’s hometown, to the countryside of Yun Haishi City . He had last been there when he was three-years-old .


The reason Cheng Yu fell into such an accident was because of his younger female cousin, Zhao Yunfang . That is, the deputy major of Yun Haishi’s son wanted to take liberties with Zhao Yunfang, the beautiful young girl . Cheng Yu wanted to help Zhao Yunfang get out of the predicament… not considering that he was bad and perverted towards others . But he was truly good towards his younger female cousin and junior sister . His way of thinking was that he could bully others, but others could not bully his people .


The results were that he rushed in a few times and was beaten to a pig by Xu Dongyuan . Cheng Yu, since childhood to present day, was always held as a precious item in the palm of everyone’s hands . Everyone in the capital was aware of Cheng Yu’s background and didn’t dare to mess with him . But his family, to keep him from running rampant around, didn’t allow the family to reveal his identity outside home . Now, as they were not aware of his status, others were not accountable for beating him up miserably . Never had Cheng Yu suffered such hardship and pain . Picking a brick off the ground, Xu Dongyuan knocked Cheng Yu like a stick .


When Cheng Yu’s mother heard that he was wounded, she rushed over to her husband’s younger sister’s home to look after her son, as it was just seen .


This youngster’s life was pretty good, but it was short-lived . Although Cheng Yu didn’t know why his soul would be attached to this body, he didn’t need to blend in since it has already become a fact . Either way, after living in the world of immortals for thousands of years, he might as well enjoy the future for the short-lived ghost .


After having lived for a thousand years as a virgin, he didn’t even know how many women this 18-year-old had ravaged . The most confusing thing was, was he still a virgin? Hey! Even though he was an all-powerful immortal, he still couldn’t figure this out .


But, this kid’s body was really lacking, ah . Blood and qi deficiency, vitality deficit… your mother! So young but already like this . Even if he was not beaten to death, he would probably have died in a woman’s belly . To ravage so many women, he really did deserve to die young .


It seems that he had to practice cultivating to nurse his body back to health . This body was unable to stand upright by itself . Besides, this body was now his .

Lying down, recalling his memories, Cheng Yu felt that this world would be very fun . And this guy’s family condition was much better than this immortal’s free and unfettered life… ah .


Looks like he was still a 3rd-year highschool student and he had a beautiful and flower-like deskmate . Though he was ignored since half a year ago, there would be the college entrance exams . This ought to be the olden imperial exams, and interesting enough, they were going to have a separate exam for the top geniuses . Before he was an immortal, he did travel the world . To become a champion was truly his style!


The next day, Cheng Yu didn’t listen to his cheap mother to stay home and rest . Instead, he followed his younger female cousin to go to school . Nonsense, this world is so beautiful and there were too many beautiful women waiting to be saved by him . How could he stay home!? How could he let down those in dire straits? They were waiting for him to rescue the beauty . How worthy of me to have come to this world! How perfect was it to have this expert take hold of this short-lived boy’s body!


Sitting next to his cousin in her car, he was able to finally feel the greatness of this mortal world . Although their life spans were short, their bodies weak, and they didn’t have formidable strength, their wisdom was admirable . Such a lump of iron could carry people so fast and was so comfortable .


Looking for an opportunity to buy one of his own, he remembered something from the short-lived youth’s memory . There were several cars at home in the capital . There was none in the sea of clouds that could not be bought . However, he had to live in the country home and was also limited in terms of money . Although this cheap mother loved her son, she didn’t dare to disobey the orders of his grandfather under his power and influence .


“Cousin, for the other day, thank you . You were beaten to a pulp . At noon, may I ask that you have a meal with me?” Zhao Yunfang said as she drove the car with Cheng Yu sitting in the passenger seat . Originally, Zhao Yunfang didn’t like her cousin, because everyone was aware of what type of person he was . Scum was scum . Everywhere you looked, they would ravage women . The degenerates of the world in the people’s eyes . However, Zhao Yunfang had a different impression of him after this incident . Although it wasn’t completely optimistic, he at least protected her when she was weak . It showed that his heart was good and that he wasn’t bad to the bone .


“Don’t mention it . What is taking a little beating for my cousin? But, I must stress to you that I was not in my best condition that day and was in the wrong position . Thus, I let them launch a sneak attack on me . If I meet that despicable fellow again today, I will beat him up so badly that his mother won’t recognize him . ” Cheng Yu seriously replied that his form was bad that day .


“Haha! Cousin, you blew it . You? You think I don’t know?” Zhao Yunfang was peaceful but not optimistic about what Cheng Yu just said .


“How? Do you think I don’t know my own cousin?”


“Of course . After you meet that bastard, leave and don’t act recklessly . That evil tyrant only knows how to play dirty, believing that he is amazing . If not because his dad was the deputy mayor, he would have had others beat you to death . ”


“It seems that you aren’t looking too optimistic cousin, ah! Let it be, only look at my grandiose image and try to understand everything about me . In fact, I have been trying to hide myself . I’m actually very bright, everything has been a show, a fake!” Cheng Yu shook his head saying .


“Haha! How could I not see that my cousin was originally bright!? Your amazingness, let’s set it aside for your future wife to see, ok?”

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