Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1605

Chapter 1605: The Teenager Confessed (6)

Sefiro pointed at Feng Wu. “I don’t care who your patron is. I only know that if you knock someone down, you should apologize! You! Come over here and apologize to Lady Tung now!”

Facing the sun, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes. She didn’t say anything, but the mocking in her eyes couldn’t be any more apparent.

Sefiro ranted for a while, but Feng Wu remained silent. She even smirked at her, which only irritated Sefiro further.

Sefiro snorted. “What’s that look in your eyes? Do you think we’re swindlers?”

Feng Wu gave Sefiro a half-smile, as if she had seen through Sefiro’s pretense.

Sefiro was furious.

Feng Wu was indeed very calm and clever. She didn’t fall into the trap so easily!

Sefiro shot Lady Tung a warning glance.

Lady Tung was Chieftain Senal’s new favorite. Her skin was as white as snow. She seemed almost too fragile for her clothes, as if a wind could blow her away. Chieftain Senal couldn’t be any more fond of her these days.

Seeing Sefiro’s glance, Lady Tung nodded slightly. Suddenly, she gripped her belly and whimpered, “Ouch, my stomach… It hurts so much…”

A lot of people had already gathered around. When they saw Feng Wu standing there with her hands behind her back and Lady Tung looking so helpless, they already picked sides.

When Lady Tung started crying prettily with her pale face, almost everyone pitied her.

They found Feng Wu so heartless!

“Princess Feng Wu… that wasn’t nice at all!”

“She knocked the lady down, she did. I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Shouldn’t she apologize for what she did? Instead, she looks like she isn’t scared of anything. That’s outrageous!”

“That’s right. Princess Feng Wu is too proud, but I guess that’s understandable. If any of you can cook food that can make people break through in their cultivation, and if you can gain His Majesty’s and the chieftain’s favor, you’d be proud, too.”

“Of course I admire the fact that the food she cooks is filled with spiritual essence, but she’s so arrogant now!”

“Well, she has His Majesty and the chieftain behind her, along with His Royal Highness… She can do whatever she wants in this campsite. I heard that even Princess Jun Wuxia has to avoid her.”

“Forget the princess; even Empress Dugu has to let her be.”

“Gosh… Even Empress Dugu can’t do anything about her? Princess Feng Wu has risen so high. No wonder she’s so proud.”

Hearing the gossip, Mrs Zuo was elated. She and Mrs Dugu had been telling people to spread rumors about Feng Wu these days. It seemed that it was taking effect.

But Mrs Zuo hadn’t expected Feng Wu to play into her hands.

Feng Wu was still too young. She didn’t know how terrifying public opinion could be…

Since it was such a great chance —

Mrs Zuo quickly went back to the gathering.

Seeing that Mrs Zuo had come back so soon, Empress Dugu asked, “Why is it getting noisier outside? Did I hear Princess Feng Wu’s name?”

Mrs Zuo smiled bitterly. “That’s right. It really is Princess Feng Wu. She’s having a row with Princess Sefiro again.”

Empress Dugu frowned. “Again? Why?”

Immediately, all eyes were on Mrs Zuo.

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