God of Fishing - Chapter 1138

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Ximen Linglan’s strength clearly exceeded everyone’s imagination.

There was only one word to describe her combat style: mixed. Although mixed, it was strong!

That was because the abilities that Han Fei had shown over the years were too mixed, which also influenced Ximen Linglan’s combat style.

Han Fei said lightly, “Is there anyone else you want to fight? If you want to fight them, fight early! Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance to fight them in the future.”

Ximen Wuqing said via voice transmission, “Li Jiao, your physique is the strongest among the junior Explorers. No matter how capable Wang Han is, you should be able to defeat him. If you win, we’ll reward you when we go back.”

The face of the explorer named Li Jiao changed slightly. Theoretically, that was true, but this kid was really weird!

How could he jump out to fight a life-and-death battle without any ability? Although it seemed impossible for an advanced Explorer to kill an Explorer, how could such a character be judged by common sense?

Li Jiao shut his mouth. You can go if you want. I’m not going anyway.

Although Han Fei said tough words, if everyone here died today, the big clans in Yu City would definitely not let it go. He was still considering it.

The tiger immediately roared, “Human beings are really boring. Do you think I can’t hear you? That white-haired old guy, you’re trying to trick others into fighting Wang Han. Let me fight you… Roar!”

Lady White tugged the tiger’s ears and said, “Wait a moment. Wait for the king to come.”

At the next moment, the human powerhouses were all stunned. What did they mean? Was the beast king coming? Although they had never seen the beast king, they had heard that the beast king’s temper was not good at all.

Besides, the beast king was the strongest of the four venerables in the Grand Myriad Mountains. In the battle of Venerables, the beast king slaughtered venerables, two venerables.

At this moment, the human beings were all shocked, and Dongfang Qi shouted, “Run!”

In an instant, the boundless gravity pressed down, the old bull mooed, the big crocodile swung its tail, and Ape Three struck out.

The tiger roared and clapped its paws. “As I expected, they ran.”

Lady White chuckled. “Six Dao Fiend Seal.”

Six heavenly pillars descended and sealed a space. Dongfang Qi had just torn apart half of the void when it suddenly closed.

Lady White said proudly, “No one is allowed to leave before the king comes.”

Dongfang Qi glared at him. “Do Grand Myriad Mountains just let Wang Han do whatever he wants? Do you know how many strong masters have to die to overthrow the rule of the big clans?”

Lady White said lazily, “I told you to wait for the king to come. It’s none of my business how many human powerhouses die. Anyway, no one is allowed to leave now.”

The tiger said, “Roar! Yes, I haven’t fought yet. Whoever wants to leave, fight me first and let me flatten him before he leaves.”

The giant wild bear shouted, “How can he leave if you flatten him?”

The giant wild bear emerged from the void. “Am I late?”

The tiger said with a buzz, “Yes, they’ve already finished a fight. Little Wang Han is clamoring, but no one dares to fight him.”

The giant wild bear glanced at Han Fei. “Oh, isn’t he just an advanced law enforcer? No one dares to fight him?”

The big crocodile opened its mouth. “After all, he is the king’s disciple. How dare they fight him?”

The giant wild bear roared, “Then let’s fight them!”

Lady White looked back at the giant wild bear. “Stupid bear, shut up.”

Han Fei looked into the void. “Wait for half an hour. If the teacher doesn’t come, please help me kill these people.”

Han Fei’s words sounded casual. He had long known that the beast king had come, but the beast king didn’t come out because he was waiting for someone. As for who he was waiting for, it was obvious human Venerables.

Lady White frowned. “Little Wang Han, you can’t decide this matter.”

The Sky Survey Golden Hawk said, “Wang Han, you’re quite brutal after you awakened your spiritual senses!”

Han Fei cupped his hands and said with a smile, “Seniors, don’t worry. My masters will know why I’m doing this. They won’t object to it. None of them will. Otherwise, I’ll bear the responsibility alone.”

With a smile, Han Fei spoke unhurriedly and confidently. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that he wasn’t strong enough, he would have killed all these people by himself.

As for what would happen?

Heh, Yu City would be the city of justice in the future. No matter what, Yu City would be purged. This was the trend.

Besides, Han Fei was thinking, Did all the big clans die? Or did they all run away?

Otherwise, as long as they still had Venerables, it was impossible for them to die.

Han Fei’s mind was racing.

The beast king was waiting for the human Venerables. If they really fought, it would mean a real battle. Therefore, they probably had to talk. Since they had to talk, it meant that they couldn’t eliminate these big clans in a short period of time.

Then he could only get the greatest bargaining chips in the negotiation, so that the big clans would have to give him whatever he wanted.

Suddenly, Han Fei said, “Seniors, I don’t mind not killing them. Help me beat them up and capture them first.”

Ximen Wuqing and the others were all dumbfounded. F*ck, didn’t you say you would wait for half an hour just now? You changed so fast! It hasn’t even been more than two minutes.

Lady White was puzzled. “Little Wang Han, you have to know the importance of your decision.”

Han Fei nodded. “Let’s fight and capture them first. I know what I’m doing. Sorry for the trouble, my dear elders.”

Han Fei changed his way of address without batting an eyelid. He called them elders instead of seniors to please them so as to earn their support.

The Sky Survey Golden Hawk was about to say something when Ape Three took the lead to attack. He roared, “Fight first!”

The tiger had long been unable to hold back. Its body swelled, its mouth spewed out light waves, and its huge palm slapped.

The giant wild bear followed him. They were all ferocious beasts. If it weren’t for fighting, why did they bother to run so far?

As the three led the charge, the big crocodile, the old bull, the Rhyhorn, Lady White, and the Sky Survey Golden Hawk all took action.

They had no choice. Since the moment they attacked, there was no turning back!

Instantly, the expressions of Ximen Wuqing and the others changed. F*ck, are these people from the Grand Myriad Mountains brainless? How can a group of peak-level Explorers all listen to an advanced law enforcer?

Ximen Linglan tugged at Han Fei’s arm. “Isn’t this too much?”

Han Fei gave her a comforting smile. “It’s okay. We’ve already fought. Let’s take them first.”

Jia Wuxing and the others felt that the blood in their bodies was about to burst out. That’s f*cking awesome. Marshal Han is too fierce.

The three junior Explorers on the human side shouted, “Wang Han, I want to duel with you.”

Han Fei picked his ears and said, “F*ck you! I gave you a chance just now, but no one came. Now you want to fight me? Humph, you have to ask, am I happy?”

The three of them were stunned. They were only junior Explorers! How could they resist those peak-level Explorers?

Han Fei looked at them leisurely. It wasn’t that he was afraid, but that he was stalling for time. He wanted to catch all of them before the human Venerables arrived.

In an instant, the periphery of the Storm Strait exploded. The earth rumbled, and furious waves shook the sky. In the void fragments, the sky was full of behemoths slapping.

As soon as Ximen Wuqing collided with the tiger dozens of times, he was slapped away by a bear’s paw.

The Tiger King roared, “Fool, he’s mine.”

The Violent Bear King hummed. “Oh, I wasn’t paying attention, sorry.”

Dongfang Qi and the old bull were fighting, and soon, he was petrified by the big crocodile’s stare and his feet were broken.

Sun Qian was the most miserable. Being attacked by two big eagles, he was no match for them in speed and physique. His weapons couldn’t resist the sharp claws of the hawk, and soon he was covered in blood.

The Rhyhorn was rampaging.

One of Zhao Pi’s legs was gone, and his body was blown to the bottom of the sea like a missile.

Han Fei didn’t take any action. In terms of quality, the Grand Myriad Mountains had won, and in terms of number, the Grand Myriad Mountains had won even more. It was almost two against one. How could he not win?

However, after only one or two minutes, these human powerhouses had been beaten black and blue all over. There was also a big hole in Ximen Wuqing’s belly.

Han Fei, on the other hand, had already taken Ximen Linglan back to the Avenger. At this time, hundreds of arrays rose. After all, he had to protect his people first.

After another minute, a voice suddenly echoed in the void, “Okay, that’s it! Ximen Linglan, I know you want revenge. But Lie’er and Ximen Zhan are both dead. Do you want the Ximen family to disappear?”

Ximen Linglan’s expression changed drastically. “It’s Ximen Tian, a Venerable.”

Han Fei’s face changed slightly, and he said without any consideration, “Seniors, keep fighting. End the battle as quickly as possible. Bring everyone back. Teacher, help me stop the Venerable. I’m going to take these people today.”

Ximen Tian’s voice echoed again.

But Han Fei grinned. “I don’t care if you are a Venerable or not. I’m going to take these people today.”

“Huh? Do you really know that I’m here?”

The beast king’s voice rumbled like thunder. He was a little surprised but didn’t take it to heart.

The beast king roared, “Hey, did you hear what my disciple said? These people can’t leave!”

Someone stepped out of the void. “Beast king, it’s not good for the Grand Myriad Mountains to let a junior to mess around like this, right?”

The Beast King’s big rod fell to the sea, almost a hundred meters high.

The Beast King was standing on a stick and laughed. “What’s wrong with that? The four Venerables of the Grand Myriad Mountains have never taken a disciple. It’s not easy for us to take one in. What’s wrong with him messing around? Is it your business?”

The tiger roared, “So, the king has been here. Roar, come here.”

The tiger bit the legs of Ximen Wuqing in one bite, and its big claws directly pressed on Ximen Wuqing’s head, almost deforming his head. It also let out a muffled roar, looking ferocious.

Ximen Tian arrived first, followed by another Venerable.

The two of them looked at the explorers from the big clans caught and didn’t know what to do.

Both of them were injured at the moment. They had come out of seclusion this time just to save their juniors.

Besides, even if they were not injured, the two of them combined would not be able to defeat the beast king. This guy was said to have slaughtered two venerables in a row and be comparable to a half-king. Who dared to fight him?

Ximen Tian looked at Ximen Linglan again. He had no choice but to turn to Ximen Linglan.

Ximen Tian said, “Little Linglan, the Ximen family can compensate you. However, if you do this, how can you deal with the intrusion of the Sea Clan in the future?”

At this moment, Ximen Linglan’s mind was a mess. When this really happened, it seemed to have exceeded her expectations. She didn’t mean to cause such an uproar at the beginning.

Han Fei sneered. “Little Linglan? Who are you? She’s listening to me now. Now, It’s I who want to fight this battle. Get your facts straight first.”

The beast king didn’t speak as if saying, solve the trouble you caused, but I’m behind you.

Ximen Tian said leisurely, “You’re Wang Han, right? I’ve already got a basic understanding of the situation. You can name your terms. If so many powerhouses in Yu City die, the human race will be in danger. If you just want to take revenge, kill them then.”

Han Fei sneered. “Don’t try to threaten me with righteousness. Even if they all die, the human race won’t be in danger. Even if you die, the human race will still be fine. Let me tell you, I don’t buy it.”

The strong masters of the Grand Myriad Mountains and Jia Wuxing and company were all looking at Han Fei.

Even the tiger and the others were a little speechless. The Venerables are already here, and you’re still so arrogant?

Jia Wuxing and the others were already swallowing nervously. Although Marshal Han was strong, he was actually challenging a Venerable… How bold was he?

At this moment, they didn’t even dare to send a voice transmission, all silent.

After all, there were all big shots here. They couldn hear anything they said. Just the vague pressure alone was enough to make them suffer.

Another Venerable asked, “Then what do you want?”

Han Fei’s lips curled. “You should know what I want. Our original goal is to overthrow the big clans and let everyone in Yu City have freedom and share resources fairly.”

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Ximen Tian snorted. “Brat, even if you have the Grand Myriad Mountains as your backer, do you think you can completely suppress Yu City? It’s true that the beast king is strong, but if you really want to start a war, you’ll definitely be injured.”

The beast king suddenly said with a buzz, “You can fight them. You’re all seriously injured and haven’t recovered yet. If you really want to fight them, I can summon the divine son. As for the price? Heh, I have my own considerations.”

Hearing this, Han Fei just wanted to give him a thumbs up and say, “How domineering.”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Heard that? You’ll still lose if we fight. However… Since I am also a human, I will consider the consequences.”

Han Fei looked at the Beast King and said, “Teacher,I’ll call all the people from the big clans who can make the decision. Can you handle them?”

The Beast King’s mouth twitched. How many more people do you want to call over?

However, as a dignified half-king, I can certainly handle any situation!

The beast king nodded slightly and waved. “Divine Son, you should have heard it, right? Call all the people over.”

The response was quick and concise, and his voice was quite gentle.

Han Fei grinned and said, “Okay, Ximen Tian, call for reinforcements! You can’t represent Yu City. Call all the big clans, leaders, and family heads over!”

The beast king said, “They’re all coming here. Let’s wait a little longer.”

Han Fei curled his lips. He knew that those big clans wouldn’t easily admit defeat. Besides, the Venerables who came earlier were also worried that they were weak. If they really fought, they might die.

Therefore, they didn’t stop other Venerables from coming at all.

Come on, the more people came, the safer they would be. Therefore, they would just trick as many people into coming as they could!

Explorers arrived one after another. There were already as many as a hundred of them, and Jia Wuxing and the others were almost kneeling.

In fact, Jia Wuxing and the others were fine. They were used to fighting in the outer sea, but Yi Yue, who had just come, was full of panic.

As an intermediate law enforcer, she had never seen such a scene before. When she came to the Avenger, she didn’t expect it to be so powerful.

The strong masters that she couldn’t even see in the past were popping up one after another, which made her numb.

Then there came a Venerable, 12 peak-level Explorers, and more than 30 advanced Explorers on humans’ side. As for junior Explorers, they were ignored.

As soon as the other party appeared and saw the lineup of the Grand Myriad Mountains, they were a little frightened. How did this f*cking Avenger cause such a big scene? Could it be that soon after the war with the Sea Clan, humans were going to fight the Grand Myriad Mountains again?

However, they soon learned the whole story. Their faces changed as they looked at Han Fei.

Han Fei grinned. “Why? Have you all arrived? Is there anyone who hasn’t arrived yet?”

Ximen Tian said, “Everyone is here. Wang Han, what conditions do you have? You can tell me now.”

Han Fei paced and tilted his head with a smile. “That’s easy. Listen carefully. Firstly, I want half of the resources of the big clans.”

Even the beast king was speechless. This kid is really greedy!

The tiger looked at Han Fei in shock. He had thought that he was already arrogant enough! He didn’t expect that there was someone more arrogant than him!

Jia Wuxing and the others almost fell on the deck. They thought to themselves, If the big clans really give it to us, how f*cking many resources will we have?

Han Fei clicked his tongue. “So, you can’t agree to the first condition?”

Ximen Tian’s eyes were cold. “If we dare to give it to you, can you afford the resources?”

Han Fei sneered. “Even if I can’t, Yu City can. These resources are used to subvert the current rule of Yu City and help humans grow quickly. Listen to my second condition. It’s not too late for you to talk.”

Under the furious stares of countless people, Han Fei said leisurely, “From today on, Yu City will set up a position of city lord to control and mobilize this resource. In short, no matter how you use the resources, it will be better than you storing them in your own treasuries.”

Han Fei suddenly shouted, “Shut up, all of you. You, you… and you…”

Han Fei pointed at one of them and said, “Even the Venerables didn’t speak. Who do you think you are?”

That person was a peak-level Explorer after all. How could he hold back being scolded by Han Fei? Since it was a negotiation, he wasn’t afraid of the beast king.

He snorted coldly. “I am the head of the Zhou family in Yu City, Zhou Fukong. Yu City is so big, and you want to be the city lord so easily. What do you think this is? A game?”

Han Fei suddenly looked at Zhou Zifu who was pressed to the ground under the bear’s paw. “This one’s surname is also Zhou. What a coincidence.”

Han Fei’s Snowmourne suddenly appeared, and his figure suddenly disappeared. He exerted all his strength and slashed Zhou Zifu’s neck with the Draw Technique.

Faced with Zhou Zifu who had no combat power left, Han Fei naturally cut a big cut in his neck.

“Wang Han, what are you doing?”

Han Fei suddenly raised his head and grinned ferociously. The Infinity Water appeared in his hand and sank into Zhou Zifu’s flesh.

Han Fei extended his hand and stomped on the array.

Zhou Zifu was already disabled. He cried in shock, “Help me!” and then exploded.

To be precise, he didn’t explode.

Han Fei underestimated the physique of an advanced Explorer. Most of his body had been destroyed and riddled with holes, but he could still retain his human form.

However, it was impossible for him to survive.

Han Fei waved his hand and the Infinity Water gathered.

Zhou Fukong roared, “Wang Han, are you negotiating?”

Under Zhou Xuantong’s furious gaze, Han Fei said leisurely, “Be careful when you talk to me next time, especially when the captives are in my hands. I’m a person who prefers persuasion to coercion. Now, can you listen to me?”

The three human venerables looked at Han Fei and narrowed their eyes. This kid is really ruthless.

Ximen Linglan looked at Han Fei. “The fool who has recovered his spiritual senses is really domineering.”

Jia Wuxing and the others swallowed and were dumbfounded.

The giant wild bear scratched its butt. What’s going on? Why did he cut this guy so easily?

A Venerable said, “Wang Han, you went too far.”

Han Fei stared at him provocatively. “Which family do you represent?”

The Venerable’s pupils constricted. You want to kill my family’s people?

However, he felt that Han Fei was a lunatic, so he snorted and didn’t speak.

At this moment, Han Fei shrugged and said, “There are only three human venerables here, which shows that the current human race is not strong. What can mere three venerables do? Fight the sea demons? No way! You’ll lose for sure. The battle of Venerables has just passed, and the human race still has 500 years to go. We don’t lack the three of you. You shall take it as an honor that we want half of your resources. If it weren’t for the huge implications, I really want to kill all of you and start all over again. It might be impossible for a few Venerables to appear in 500 years, but it’s inevitable for a group of explorers to appear.”

Han Fei raised his hands high. “Whether it’s the Grand Myriad Mountains or the human race, how can there be an egg when the nest is destroyed? There are many strong masters in the Grand Myriad Mountains, but the human race never relies on the strong to decide a war. The human race relies on their tenacious characteristics. In order to survive, the world works as one. However, in Yu City, the big clans are plundering resources, and the people don’t even have many chances to drink soup. Do you want to save the human race or destroy the human race?”

The beast king clapped his hands and roared, “Did you see that? My disciple is right.”

Now that the beast king spoke, the other beasts all shouted.

Tiger King: “Look, Wang Han is so insightful. He’s almost as smart as me.”

Lady White: “That’s true. Yu City is a mess now.”

The Sky Survey Golden Hawk: “…”

Han Fei cleared his throat and his face suddenly sank. “Therefore, I want to make use of the coming five hundred years to establish a new Yu City. Within five hundred years, whoever wants to stop me will be killed!”

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