God of Fishing - Chapter 1040

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Han Fei’s first thought was that his soul had left his body, and the world he was seeing now wasn’t real.

He had experienced all kinds of strange phenomena. He had even experienced the river of time and saw the existence of Yin’er’s soul, so he was very accepting of it.

Before falling asleep, the moment Han Fei felt that his soul was about to leave his body, he guessed that this might be a soul world.

However, from the looks of it, that didn’t seem right. His body still seemed to be there.

He thought for a moment. The Demon Purification Pot was here, as was Forge the Universe. With a thought, the Blood Drinking Knife appeared in his hand.

He tried, but his perception was ineffective. From the looks of it, this space was like the Sky Meditation Garden, sealing off his perception.

However, Han Fei discovered that he was now a peak-level Hidden Fisher.

Instantly, Han Fei even heaved a sigh of relief. Peak-level hidden fisher was the strongest realm he had ever reached. He was really lucky! Who could be a match for him in this realm?

Now, what he desperately needed to know was what the rules of this space were? As he couldn’t take his memories out, he had to figure everything out after entering.

At this moment, the people who were eating picked up a drawing. “Han Fei.”

Han Fei immediately nodded and smiled. “Whoa! Do you know me? What’s that picture? Let me see.”

Han Fei saw that there were only seven or eight people here, and they were all at the Hidden Fisher level. What was there to be afraid of? When had he, Han Fei, ever been afraid of Hidden Fishers?

Their eyes flashed. “Han Fei, this is the world of the soul. You can’t kill us.”

Han Fei drew his saber and instantly disappeared from the spot. Are you kidding me? A soul’s world? It hurts when I pinch myself, so what are you bullshiting about a soul world?

When the other party saw Han Fei attack, they didn’t hesitate to attack as well. Immediately, they unleashed their secret techniques and increased their strength.

However, Han Fei was a body refiner. Although his strength was greatly suppressed, he now had more than two waves of strength. How could he panic when facing these Hidden Fishers?

He didn’t even use a mystic technique. With a sweep of his saber, he severed a person.

However, at the next moment, something shocking happened. Although this person’s figure seemed to spew out a bloody mist, his body turned incorporeal after he was severed and finally vanished.

“Eh! It’s really a soul world? It’s not a body?”

Suddenly, Han Fei keenly discovered that at the moment the person was killed, a gray fog floated and didn’t dissipate. Han Fei grabbed it.

He scanned it with his perception and found that it was a storage space similar to the Sea Swallowing Seashell. There were three fruits inside.

Golden light raged as saber beams bloomed. In a moment, seven people had been killed by Han Fei.

There was another one whose talent wasn’t weak. After he activated his secret technique, his strength would probably be at the level of four waves. Han Fei fought him in close combat and the advantages of the Desolate God Body and the 64-Dimensional Fish Dragon Dance were shown.

Fist marks fell crazily, sending the person flying. As for the straw hut that resembled a relay station, it had long shattered.

Just as the person was about to escape, he discovered that his body couldn’t move. Not only was his body unable to move, but even his soul was restricted.

At that moment, he was horrified. How could this be? How could his soul be controlled?

Han Fei put away the Blood Drinking Knife and sneered as he read the man’s soul.

Do you think that I can’t do anything because this is the soul world? This is just like the Immortal Seal. As long as your soul is caught, you won’t be able to escape!

His mind was filled with images of sabers, swords, and chaotic battles.

“Eh! There’s a secret realm here? Why are they snatching the living beings and spiritual fruits here?”

From this person’s mind, Han Fei saw a spiritual fruit garden, the battlefield, and a secret realm where a lot of people were fighting. He also found that they were fighting for a kind of spiritual fruit. Why?

Han Fei couldn’t help but look at the overturned fruit platters. He took out one of the fruits and a message appeared in his eyes:

Low-Level Soul Fruit

A strange fruit that grows in the Void Soul World. Eating it can strengthen one’s spiritual power.

Low-level Soul Fruits can boost one’s soul, but the effects are average.

Han Fei was immediately alarmed. A fruit that can directly increase one’s soul power? No wonder this person’s soul had so many scenes of eating…

Han Fei slashed out and killed him.

He needed to see if he could absorb the soul power.

If he could, it meant that after being controlled by the Void Lines, this person couldn’t be brought out of this space by the rules. If what those people had said was right, the people he had just defeated shouldn’t have died.

If he wanted to kill someone in this soul world, there must be some other means.

When Han Fei felt that an ownerless soul had been retracted, he was delighted. Although it couldn’t break through his bottleneck, he was still very happy: it was effective.

At this moment, Han Fei was overjoyed. Since the Void Lines were effective, it meant that he was one of the most dangerous figures in this soul world.

The eight of them had a total of 21 low-level Soul Fruits. Yes, all of them were low-level Soul Fruits. They were clearly not worth much, so Han Fei didn’t pay much attention to them.

However, this space was interesting. He wondered where it came from?

Han Fei glanced around. It seemed to be a little similar to the layout of the ordinary floating island. There were mountains in the distance, flowers, and trees nearby, but there were no other creatures.

The clouds in the sky were also slowly drifting. Han Fei could even feel some cool breathing.

“If this is a soul world, isn’t everything too realistic? It’s like a real scene. How rare.”

At this moment, when people came in, Han Fei confirmed that most of the guesses outside were probably wrong. There was indeed a realm suppression here, but he couldn’t kill people at any time.

In other words, without the corresponding means to wipe out the souls of others, almost everyone here was immortal.

It was no wonder the Ideal Palace was said to be the most mysterious holy land. Previously, he was still worried that a large number of people would come to surround and kill them, but now, he felt much more at ease.

Of course, it couldn’t be ruled out that someone had long figured out the means to destroy the souls of others. However, relatively speaking, the safety here was much higher.

As for why the explorers had perished here, he needed to learn more about the Ideal Palace to know.

Han Fei tried to listen with his ears, but he heard some human voices about a hundred kilometers away.

“The clairaudient can also be used in this soul world?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but be stunned. Suddenly, he thought of something and took out the Blood Drinking Knife. He couldn’t help but frown. If he was a soul, what was the Blood Drinking Knife? A knife’s soul?

When he used the Blood Drinking Knife, he felt the same as usual.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes and had a guess. With a thought, a black axe appeared in his hand.

At this moment, Han Fei was speechless. It wasn’t that the Blood Drinking Knife was here, but that he thought and imagined the Blood Drinking Knife was here, so it was here.

Han Fei compared the Blood Drinking Knife in his hand and couldn’t figure out the quality of the knife. In other words, everything that could be imagined here was real?

With a thought, a Sea Swallowing Seashell appeared. However, it was wrapped in a gray fog.

“I see! Interesting. So storage space can be imagined out of thin air!”

With a thought, Han Fei tried to imagine the scene of ten thousand soldiers attacking at the same time, but this time, only a saber appeared.

Yes, with the Blood Drinking Knife and axe in Han Fei’s hand, a saber appeared and then disappeared.

“Interesting. I can only think of three weapons. Logically speaking, they should be battle suits and weapons.”

As for why there were three, it was probably easy to understand. If it was a Hunter, two daggers and a combat suit would be enough.

However, what if it was an armorist? Armorists had many weapons to begin with.

Han Fei immediately retracted his weapons and tried to summon the weapons he had. Instantly, his battle suit, Blood Drinking Knife, Golden Seal, Dragon Burial Rod, and so on appeared.

“Wow! I can summon all the weapons I have. What a magical rule.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but look at the house next door, which had been flattened in the battle. He couldn’t help but try to imagine it.

The next moment, his old house appeared in front of him.

“Impressive! The Ideal Palace can create and imagine everything. So that’s what it means?”

Han Fei immediately tried to think of Xia Xiaochan. However, nothing appeared this time. Han Fei couldn’t help but laugh. That’s right. If even humans could be created, this Holy Land would be a little crazy.

He tried again to see if he could summon the Punishing Saber from the Sea Quelling Painting.

However, this time, his wish failed.

Oh? Could it be that the Sea Quelling Painting is an artifact?

Han Fei thought for a moment and the Sea Quelling Painting appeared. However, no matter how Han Fei summoned, he couldn’t call Punishing Saber and the others out.

“Forget it. I can’t count on them.”

Retracting his curiosity, Han Fei ran straight to the dense crowd. Even if he started a massacre, even if there were fish that escaped the net, these people would at most know that there was danger in the Ideal Palace.

But as for what danger? Heh! Many people died in the Ideal Palace. It was just that more had died now. And even if everyone knew that it was done by the Thug Academy, so what?

After all, weren’t those big clans here to hunt him?

However, there was probably nothing they could do.

As people would appear at a random place in the Ideal Palace when they entered it, this gave him the advantage to defeat them one by one.

Han Fei came to a high ground and saw a crowd gathering in the distance. It was like a circular business circle with five houses erected.

About a hundred people were moving in this small gathering place.

Han Fei wondered if the Thousand Faces technique was still useful. He wanted to obtain information about the Ideal Palace from these people, but if he went with his true body, he would probably immediately start a war.

With a thought, Han Fei suddenly changed into a passerby. He couldn’t remember where he had seen this person before.

“Heh! So convenient? I can even change my identity now. These people want to kill me? Isn’t that a fool’s dream?”

Han Fei immediately tidied himself up, and with a thought, two daggers appeared in his hands. Only then did he walk towards the gathering place openly.

He could still hear people discussing.

Someone was vexed. “How can we find people from the Thug Academy? I remember everything after I came in. This is the Ideal Palace! Finding people here is as difficult as ascending to heaven.”

Some irrelevant people sighed. “Has the Thug Academy offended all the big clans in the Thousand Star City or what? This is already the fifth wave of people looking for them.”

Someone said, “Don’t be nosy. That’s a matter between the big clans and the Thug Academy. It’s not something we can discuss.”

There was even someone hawking. “Soul fruits, does anyone want them? I still have 18 low-quality soul fruits and one mid-quality soul fruit. If no one wants them, I’m gonna pack up and leave.”

In another shop, someone shouted, “Information is on sale. Something big has happened to the seven Soul Realms again. No one wants to hear it?”

Han Fei’s heart stirred. There’s someone selling information here? Seven Soul Realms? What’s that?

Furthermore, the voice sounded familiar.

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