God Emperor - Chapter 2053

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Chapter 2053: Wheel of the Nether Sun

The Thunder God Reverend stood behind Zhang Ruochen with Golden Thunder Orbs in hands, casting a thunder spell.

In fact, with Zhang Ruochen’s current spiritual power and combined with the Golden Thunder Orbs, any thunder he cast at will would be extremely powerful, not something ordinary Saint Kings could withstand.

The thunder spell mostly comprised silver thunderbolts. But the golden ones were more powerful and could pose a threat to Nine-Step Saint Kings.

In the blink of an eye, over 300 Saint Kings of Darkdemon Realm were severely injured by the thunderbolts, and then captured by Du Mosheng, Pei Linhu and others.

The remaining Saint Kings of Darkdemon Realm, about 800 of them, gathered together and released a monstrous demonic Qi to form a powerful shield of the demonic Qi to shield them from the thunderbolts.

There was a magical connection among the thirty-six Demonstone Engravings. Those who practiced the demonic techniques on the Demonstone Engravings could practice a combat formation together, as their powers were compatible with each other.

What happened just now had caught the Saint Kings of Darkdemon Realm off guard. Now that they had recovered from the shock, they immediately formed a combat formation.

These Saint Kings might not be powerful individually, but when they got together and formed a demonic shield, they could withstand Zhang Ruochen’s powerful thunder spell.

But with continuous thunderbolt strikes, the demonic shield started to weaken. It became apparent that it would not last for long.

An Eight-Step Saint King cultivator from Darkdemon Realm cast out an inch-long black demonic umbrella when he saw the demonic shield was about to give way.

Triggered by demonic Qi, the black demonic umbrella popped open. It then expanded to cover an area of hundreds of miles in radius in an instant.

There were clearly a series of golden secret patterns on the surface of the umbrella. They looked like golden snakes crawling on the surface.

The demonic umbrella had astonishing defenses. It could not only resist thunderbolt strike but also devour its energy.

Zhang Ruochen could not break the defenses of the demonic umbrella no matter how many thunder orbs he formed.

“That’s wonderful stuff.”

His expression changed slightly when he saw his thunder spell was subjugated.

He had no choice but to change his strategy by releasing a vigorous spiritual power, mobilizing the Power of Heaven and Earth, and quickly forming a sea of silver thunderbolts to envelop the entire area covered in the demonic shield.

Even if he could not wipe out this group of Darkdemon Realm Saint Kings, he still wanted to trap them all and prevent them from having a chance to launch any counterattack.

On the other side, Han Xue and Mosheng had been exchanging blows for hundreds of rounds, their surroundings breaking apart as the intense battle raged on.

Han Xue held the Void Sword in her hand, pushing her sword skill to the fullest. She had been having the upper hand from the beginning, and even overpowering him.

Mosheng looked grave and could not keep himself calm, as his heart was raging with anger.

He had suffered a defeat at Zhang Ruochen’s hands before. And now a disciple of him was overpowering him. He just could not take this humiliation.

“That little girl would not have overpowered me if not for my injury.”

As indignant as Mosheng was, he still had to admit that this girl was good in combat and her swordsmanship was badass. She should not be far behind Second Tier below Supreme Sainthood if not one.

Both the master and the disciple’s cultivation base were of Precept Domain. But one surprised him more than the other. No one would probably believe that they could rival First Tier cultivators.

Although Zhang Ruochen and Han Xue both used Supreme Artifacts to achieve such a level of strength, no one would say anything about it. After all, the weapons were part of a cultivator’s strength.

The Void Sword glowed with cold light and directly pierced through the void. It traveled across dozens of miles and slashed across Mosheng’s cheek like lightning. It left a long cut wound on his face with saint blood oozing out in an instant.

At the same time, Han Xue was performing a Power of a Thousand Bones. Her seemingly soft body was making a loud, clattering sound. As if there were a hundred thousand gods of thunder hidden inside her, she performed a palm strike with brutal force.

Mosheng was sent flying out backward, and blood spurted out of his mouth.

He placed great importance in training his physique and was wearing a Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light, yet Han Xue’s Thousand Bone Skycrusher Palm had still hit him hard, severely injuring him, and breaking quite several bones.

“It’s over!” Han Xue whispered with a killer look in her eyes. She then struck out her sword at Mosheng.

Suppressing or slaying Mosheng was the key to the battle against Darkdemon Realm.

As soon as Mosheng was dead, the other cultivators of Darkdemon Realm would no longer pose much a threat.

Han Xue appeared in front of Mosheng with the tip of her Void Sword pointed at Mosheng’s forehead.

Something happened just as the Void Sword was about to penetrate Mosheng’s forehead.

A burst of ghastly sacred light on Mosheng’s forehead stopped the Void Sword from going forward any further.

“This is…”

Han Xue’s expression changed as she had felt an extremely powerful energy in Mosheng’s body.

With no hesitation, she pulled the Void Sword back with all her strength as she pulled away from Mosheng.

Mosheng’s face was bleeding. The brutal smile was making him look even more hideous—so much so it gave people chills.

The ghastly sacred light on his forehead became more and more intense. It seemed that something was going to fly out of it.

The dimension started to shake and become unstable. It was on the verge of collapse.

Just then, an extremely dazzling ghastly sacred light flew out of Mosheng’s forehead. Visions started to emerge between heaven and earth—wind and clouds, and lightning and thunder overshadowed the world.

The ghastly sacred light flew into the sky and turned into a sun, which emitted a dim light that illuminated the world for thousands of miles.

This dim light lacked warmth. Instead, it felt cold. As if one had entered the nether world, it felt extremely creepy.

“What is that? How could it be so terrifying? My saint soul is trembling and feels like it will be sucked away.”

“I didn’t know that Mosheng had such a badass thing in him. Why did he not use it earlier?”

“Did you see it? Wherever that ghastly light shone, vitality is quickly draining. That is a wicked thing.”

“Guard your vitality. You will be in great trouble once it is sucked away.”

Those cultivators watching the battle started to panic.

Some cultivators with weaker cultivation bases could not withstand the strange force in the sky and died as their vitality sucked dry.

Some survived but had inexplicably lost a lot of their vitality.

Anyone could become scared under such a circumstance.

Mosheng was standing right under the strange sun right now. He seemed to have lost a lot of weight. Apparently, he had drained a lot of vitality.

“I can finally attune myself to the Wheel of the Nether Sun, Zhang Ruochen, thanks to you and your disciple.” Mosheng broke into laughter.

He had the Wheel of the Nether Sun for and kept it inside his Sea of Qi for a long time, but he still could not key to it.

It was not until the critical moment just now that the Wheel of the Nether Sun miraculously attuned to him and he could use it at last.

Mosheng performed his demonic technique, and a wave of demonic Qi rushed out of his body and into the Wheel of the Nether Sun.

It started to vibrate, then shot out a ghastly sacred light at Han Xue.

Han Xue’s heart skipped a beat. She immediately swung the Void Sword and struck with incredible speed.

A white sword light struck out. It was so sharp that it literally cut open the air, leaving behind a large stretch of dimensional fissure.

The ghastly sacred light shattered at once upon being hit by the sword light.

Despite this, Han Xue did not let down her guard, her eyes looking graver than before.

She could clearly sense the powerful divine power of the Wheel of the Nether Sun during the brief engagement. Inside this divine power was a strange force of death and rottenness. The consequences of coming into contact with it could be fatal.

At a distance away, Blackie was closely monitoring the Wheel of the Nether Sun hanging in the sky. His expression was serious. “I can’t believe that it is the Wheel of the Nether Sun, the weapon that Nether Lord Lingyang left behind. How did this thing fall into Mosheng’s hands and attune to Mosheng?”

Blackie could not be more surprised. This should not have been possible.

Nether Lord Lingyang was an immortal of the Nether clan in Infernal Court. He once had an impressive reputation, but he was killed in the Middle Ages.

The weapon he used was the Wheel of the Nether Sun, with which he had harvested the life of many living beings.

After Nether Lord Lingyang’s death, the Wheel of the Nether Sun vanished. It was not until 100,000 years later that it reappeared in Mosheng’s hands.

All sacred artifacts possess extraordinary power. Some of them were so powerful that they rivaled, if not beat, Supreme Artifacts.

After all, some ancient artifacts were Supreme Artifacts, such as the Godslayer Cross-Shield that Xia Wenxin possessed.

Mosheng’s strength was already impressive in the first place. Now that he had awakened the Wheel of the Nether Sun, he had literally become even more powerful than ever.

The Wheel of the Nether Sun shared part of the vitality with Mosheng after feasting itself on it. The vitality made Mosheng’s body become stronger. His energy was increasing, and he quickly recovered to his peak.

“Hand over all the Demonstone Engravings, Zhang Ruochen, and I will give you a clean death.”

Mosheng stepped forward and stared at Zhang Ruochen with a nonchalant expression.

He had activated the Wheel of the Nether Sun, sealing off the area with his divine power. Not even a Scion of Time and Space like Zhang Ruochen could escape by dimensional techniques.

Zhang Ruochen looked grave but not scared. “Even if you have mastered an ancient sacred artifact, it does not mean that you will be invincible, Mosheng. At least, my disciple and I have no fear in fighting you.” His voice was frosty.

Zhang Ruochen had recovered half of his saint Qi, during the short time when Han Xue engaged Mosheng. Not that he didn’t have the strength to fight.

In fact, he could fight while recovering his saint Qi.

As long as he refrained from performing a Yanshen’s Leg and relying on that divine sun in his Divine Light Sea of Qi, he would have a constant flow of saint Qi in his body.

“You go help Lingxi.” He secretly ordered Moyin.

Mo Yin immediately moved towards Mu Lingxi without any hesitation.

She would not be of much help if she stayed here in this situation. So she might as well leave and play a bigger role in other battlefields.

Mosheng couldn’t care less if Moyin left. He was focusing his entire attention on Zhang Ruochen and Han Xue.

Zhang Ruochen was a must-kill target. He wanted to redeem himself.

And he would let Han Xue go, too, as she was the key to finding Empress of Thousand Bones

“Prepare to die, Zhang Ruochen!”

Mosheng yelled. The killer look in his eyes could not be more apparent.

How could he not be furious when he had suffered a humiliating defeat at Zhang Ruochen’s hands, and lost two Demonstone Engravings?

The Wheel of the Nether Sun vibrated as it shot down as if a falling star from the sky and crashed toward Zhang Ruochen at an incredible speed.

Zhang Ruochen was on full alert. He quickly took out the Zangshan Demonic Mirror, triggering a powerful Supreme Power to shatter the dimension.

Han Xue also made her move at the same time, wielding the Void Sword and struck with a Supreme Power in the sword Qi.


The Wheel of the Nether Sun was overpowering, crushing the forces of the Zangshan Demonic Mirror and of the Void Sword at once.

There was an enormous divine power sweeping towards Zhang Ruochen and Han Xue.

The two tried their best to ward it off, but were still forced back.

Zhang Ruochen was not injured thanks to the Armor of the Fire God’s protection.

On the other hand, the impact that Han Xue received was relatively small, as the thousand bones in her body had produced a strange rhythm and neutralized the blow.

After all, she had the most mysterious and powerful physique of any human. She had an incredible ability.

Mosheng did not stop his attack. He kept propelling the Wheel of the Nether Sun to generate even more powerful divine power to launch even fiercer attacks.

He had been depressed before this. And now he wanted to release it all.

A grayish white flame was burning on the Wheel of the Nether Sun. This flame was extremely strange. Once coming into contact with it, it would kill people silently by attacking the saint soul.

The Wheel of the Nether Sun released an enormous amount of grayish white flame every time it attacked. Zhang Ruochen and Han Xue had no choice but to be extra careful.

The battle situation had reversed. Relying on the Wheel of the Nether Sun, Mosheng could fight two opponents at the same time and still had the upper hand. Mosheng, after all, had a much higher cultivation base than the two of them.

Without weapon superiority and with their Precept Domain-only cultivation base, they could not possibly defeat Mosheng. They would not stand a chance unless Zhang Ruochen had recovered his cultivation base and could perform the Power of Dimension and Time.

“Unfortunately, it is Han Xue. If it were…” Zhang Ruochen let out a soft sigh.

If it were a Sword Path master who could perform a Ying and Yang Sword Formation with him, then he might defeat Mosheng again.

“Fall back into the Sect of the Blood God, Zhang Ruochen. With the three Ninth Stratum Arrays, those from Darkdemon Realm could not easily get in.” Blackie told Zhang Ruochen through telepathy when he saw things were going south.

Zhang Ruochen’s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly told his men through telepathy, “Fall back into the Sect of the Blood God!”

He, of course, knew the situation well. Mosheng had become unstoppable with the Wheel of the Nether Sun in hands. Not even Neverwilt-realm Supreme Saints could do anything about it.

Zhang Ruochen and Han Xue could certainly withstand the attack of the Wheel of the Nether Sun. But the consequence would be unimaginable if the attack spilled over to others.

Even ordinary Nine-Step Saint Kings could die if hit by this horrifying power of the Wheel of the Nether Sun.

After receiving the instruction via telepathy, Mu Lingxi, Bao Lie, and others immediately shook off their opponents and lunged back toward the Sect of the Blood God at the quickest speed with no hesitation.

“Huh? Thinking of fleeing?” Mosheng sneered when he noticed what Mu Lingxi and others were doing.

The monstrous demonic Qi was injected into the Wheel of the Nether Sun, spurring it to spin at high speed. A massive divine power and a strange grayish white flame from the Wheel of the Nether Sun started to sweep over the entire battlefield.

Zhang Ruochen looked grave as he communicated and awakened the Zangshan Demonic Mirror’s implement spirit.

Han Xue had become one with the sword in the first instance. The Void Sword violently vibrated with numerous Supreme Inscriptions on the surface. They triggered beams of Supreme Power, each of which was extremely sharp, cutting the surrounding dimension into pieces.

Towering demonic mountains appeared and formed a barrier to block the spreading divine power and grayish white flames.

Han Xue swung her sword and struck out her most powerful sword move ever.

The snow-white sword light illuminated the sky, as if a white comet, dragging its long tail, striking at the Wheel of the Nether Sun.

The demonic mountains shattered one by one, as they could not withstand the massive divine power of the Wheel of the Nether Sun.

But at least, he had successfully held back that divine power for a moment, and bought Mu Lingxi, and others some time.

Han Xue’s sword light struck the Wheel of the Nether Sun and sent it flying out backward for several hundred yards and temporarily stopped it from releasing more divine power.


Mosheng shouted as he cast out a Mystical Yin-yang Light to strike Zhang Ruochen and Han Xue.

Zhang Ruochen grasped the hilt of the Void Sword and gathered the 100,000 Precepts of Dimension he had cultivated before striking in the direction of the Sect of the Blood God.

The dimension split open and a dimensional fissure of a few yards formed.


Zhang Ruochen grabbed Han Hue’s hand, directed the Void Sword, and vanished into the dimensional fissure.

Zhang Ruochen and Han Xue lunged into the Sect of the Blood God as soon as they emerged from the dimensional fissure on the side of the protective arrays.


The Mystical Yin-yang Light was one second late and hit on the guardian arrays.

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