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The Richest Man In the World: Starting From Receiving 7 Billion Red EnvelopesChapter 438
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Ding! Congratulations, received 7 billion red envelopes!Ding! Congratulations, you have received 50 million yuan.Ding! Congratulations, you have won a Lamborghini Daniel.Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained 51% of the shares of a listed company.D

Myriad Worlds Food Delivery SystemChapter 1994
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When Ye Chen was eight years old, the veteran fortune teller said: When you were eighteen years old, you added a yellow robe to your companions!I believe in you, damn old man! The yellow work clothes of the delivery staff are also yellow robe added?I

Unparalleled Crazy Young SystemChapter 3154
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The family abandons Shao Yehao and mixes in the city, but an accident awakens the Mad Shao system.Want me to endorse? Come learn a skill, make the teacher doubt life. Than pretend to be? Sorry, you have already lost.Beauty? Come to a fluoroscopy, sys

Happy TycoonChapter 1068
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In the 1980s, a beautiful old Qing Dynasty yellow round chair, you could have bought for twenty yuan, and now two million can help you touch it!In the 1980s, a house in the courtyard in Houhai was worth about 2,000 yuan, and now a house is worth 20 m

I'm a Super CopChapter 1644
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After Gu Chen, a police trainee, accidentally acquires the detective system, his career on the police force changes drastically.This is the story of a small man who, step by step, finally becomes a super cop.

The Greatest Showman (Big Play Bone)Chapter 2503 (END)
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This novel is also known asBig Play BoneIs he a genius in the spotlight or a lunatic behind the scenes?

Rebirth of the Strongest TycoonChapter 1090
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In 1978, Li Chaoren was not the richest Chinese.In 1978, there were still eight Hollywood giants.In 1978, the apple had not been bitten by God.This is the best time, technology is waiting to be boomed, and gold is everywhere.This is the worst era, wh

Daily American DramaChapter 1122
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Traveling through the world of American dramas, in order to avoid premature death, embark on the path of an ordinary doctor.Along the way.Existing The Big Bang Theory Group of Seven, Friends of the Six Group, and the Five Group of Xun Ma Ji as friend

Immortal Becomes a Stay-at-home Dad After ReturnChapter 567
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*A thousand years ago, He was accidentally swallowed by a spatial crack and entered the cultivation world. A thousand years later, he came back to earth as a Immortal , but only seven years had passed on Earth!Furthermore, his wife even gave birth t

Treasure identifying Golden EyesChapter 2773
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His father was seriously ill. The huge medical expenses put pressure on the apprentice Yang Bo of the antique shop.Because of the kindness of glazed stones, he has a pair of golden treasures, and he sees how he can detect treasures and subvert the fa

Treasure Hunt all over the WorldChapter 3100
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Ye Tian, who was in desperate situation, found that the world in his eyes had changed, becoming radiant and dazzling!Antiques, famous paintings, gold, diamonds, and jewellery are all available at your fingertips!The pirate treasures of Cocos Island,

Game Copy SupplierChapter 243 (END)
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[This is a story about using the IP of the previous life film and television drama to make a copy of the game in a parallel world, sling the entire industry]Gu Zheng traveled to the crooked parallel world of the science and technology tree, and the i

I, a Hundred Billion Boss, Signed in the City for Eight Years!Chapter 581
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Ye Xuan crossed into a newly born baby, and when he was being held by his nine sisters, he immediately turned on the [God-level sign-in system][Hugged by the elder sister who is the vice president of the financial group, sign in and get RMB100000000]

My Perfect LifeChapter 4859
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The mysterious expert dragon dives into the flower capital and signs a marriage contract with the iceberg beauty president, but is helplessly disliked. Poor Shen Lang, he had to go out for food. Unexpectedly one beautiful woman after another, Shen La