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The Richest Man In the World: Starting From Receiving 7 Billion Red EnvelopesChapter 438
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Ding! Congratulations, received 7 billion red envelopes!Ding! Congratulations, you have received 50 million yuan.Ding! Congratulations, you have won a Lamborghini Daniel.Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained 51% of the shares of a listed company.D

Defeat the Cold SatanChapter 2710
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Drunk and kissing a pretty boy four times in a bar? Was it a beautiful man or the heir to the number one wealthy family in the capital? A cruel and bloodthirsty personality Such arrogance and untamed, it was the name of Satan! And extremely disguste

Billionaire Matrilocal Son-in-lawChapter 1482 (END)
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*Don't look at me as the lowly son-in-law. You have no idea who I am. Five years ago, He was persecuted by his family and almost died in a foreign land.Luckily, he was saved by an old Taoist man. The old Daoist had taught him the art of learning for

The Stolen Five YearsChapter 553
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My ex-boyfriend and best friend stole the best five years of my youth but I've had a better decade.Liang Sheng was an accident at the end of my youth, but he was also the helplessness of my life. He approached me time and time again, but I kept pushi

Young Master, Love TenderChapter 270
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He had fallen in love with her abroad when they were young, but due to the benefits of their family, they separated before knowing each other's true identity. Once again meeting, she had become the big brother's matchmaker Zhou Xuan Qing, even if I d