Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 943

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Above Dao Sect in Kunlun Ruins, almost the moment Ye Chen stepped into the air, every corner of Kunlun Ruins shook. It was a strange feeling, as if it was a warning.

Countless powerhouses arrived in the sky. They stared at the figure that stood in the sky in shock.

“It’s Mad Southern Ye!”

“What is he doing?!”

“Is this devil going to kill someone again?”

Discussions erupted within hundreds of meters of radius.


At that moment, there was a sudden explosion in the sky. In an instant, dark clouds covered the sky, and the sky darkened.

Endless thunderclouds surged towards Ye Chen at a speed visible to the naked eye. The unusual phenomenon seemed to be the shift of stars.

In the next moment, it gave off a devastating aura. It seemed to be the might of the heavens, the might of the world.

At that moment, the expressions of countless people changed drastically. They could not help but prostrate themselves on the ground, as if they were carrying a huge mountain on their backs.

“Heavenly might!”

A powerhouse immediately spat blood, “This is heavenly might!”

An old supreme giant tried to resist the heavenly might. He looked extremely shocked, “What is Mad Southern Ye trying to do? He actually triggered the wrath of heaven!”

“Heavenly might?”

On the ground, Winner, who was paying attention to this scene, sneered, “It’s just a heavenly map set up by the saints to deceive the people of the world. Do you really think that a mere heavenly map is the Heaven Dao?”

Back then, the nine saints thought of themselves as saints and tried to set the rules of the human world on behalf of the Heaven Patrol. Therefore, they created a heavenly map that covered the sky above Kunlun Ruins and used it to impersonate the Heaven Dao.

Meanwhile, the thunderclouds in the sky peaked. Endless lightning turned into lightning dragons that roared at Ye Chen from above.

It was a warning!

The heavenly map coexisted with the Kunlun Ruins’ barrier. After thousands of years, it had already grown a trace of spirituality. Therefore, when Ye Chen wanted to unlock the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal, it sensed it.

At that moment, Zi Qingcang sensed that. With a flash, he appeared above Dao Sect.

Zi Qingcang looked at the thunderclouds in the sky and cried out, “High-grade dao artifact spirit?”

Before Ye Chen entered the Kunlun Ruins, he, the No. 1 in Kunlun Ruins, had a Quasi-saint Stage cultivation base. He did not even notice that there was an artifact in Kunlun Ruins’ air.

The dao artifact was used by a saint. Even his Purple Gourd Dao Sword was only a half-step dao artifact. A mere half-step dao artifact could injure Ye Chen.

This was a high-grade dao artifact!

Who could stop it?

“So it’s the spirit of a heavenly map!”

Ye Chen noticed that too. He then lifted his head to look at the sky as disdain flashed through his eyes, “I’m not afraid even if it’s the real Heaven Dao, let alone a mere dao artifact spirit like you.”

His disdainful gaze seemed to have angered the thunderclouds in the clouds, causing them to rumble.


Roars of dragon-shaped lightning fell from the sky and poured toward Ye Chen. The roar shook the entire Kunlun Ruins.

Thousands of lightning dragons descended with heavenly might.

The earth-shaking might caused the surrounding onlookers’ expressions to change drastically. They were all terrified!

Ye Chen was fearless in the face of such a scene. He shouted coldly, “Where’s Emperor Brush?!”


With a drawn-out sound, a golden streak of light appeared out of nowhere. It seemed to have crossed through time.

And then, a golden brush appeared in the air.

Ye Chen stretched his hand while holding Emperor Brush. He took a step into the sky, “There are three wonders in the sky, the sun, the moon, and the stars. I’m the Heavenly Emperor. I control the sun and the moon. I reverse yin and yang, overturn the universe…”


At the same time, the thousands of lightning dragons in the air condensed into a huge hand and pressed at Ye Chen when they were about to approach him.

Ye Chen’s expression did not change. He wrote quickly in the air while holding Emperor Brush, “The heaven and earth are one. The dao is natural!”


The large hand condensed from lightning suddenly dispersed when it was about to reach him. Then, it collapsed.

The scene caused everyone on the ground to reveal expressions of disbelief, and they almost could not believe that all of this had actually been so easily dealt with by him?

Even Winner was no exception. His gaze was fixed on Emperor Brush in Ye Chen’s hand. For some reason, he felt threatened by it.


The thunderclouds in the sky started to boil, as if they had been completely angered. Then, lightning flashed, and countless bolts of lightning tore through the sky.

Every bolt of lightning was 300 meters long in the sky. Like a lightning dragon roaring in the sea of lightning, they struck Ye Chen hard.

Ye Chen’s expression remained the same as he quickly wrote 24 words in the air, “The great dao is passed down. On the surface of mountains and rivers, civilization is prosperous and peace will last for generations to come!”

His voice sounded like an ancient god muttering to himself, causing thousands of drums to sound in the sky.

When the 24 words were said, the winds and clouds changed, the yin and yang reversed.

Space was torn apart. Thousands of lightning dragons were instantly destroyed and turned into nothingness. The thunderclouds in the sky were also forcefully dispersed.

The world returned to normal.

However, the ground was dead silent!

It was as if what had happened earlier was just an illusion.

However, Ye Chen suddenly lifted his head and shot straight into the sky. Coldness was revealed in his eyes, “How dare you play dead in front of me? Get out, now!”

The sky was silent.

“You refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit!”

Ye Chen scoffed coldly. Without saying anything, he shot forward like an arrow. He stretched his hand and punched the Kunlun Ruins’ barrier, “Get out here!”


An earth-shaking sound exploded in the sky.

Subsequently, an angry voice quietly sounded by Ye Chen’s ear, “Sir, don’t go too far!”

As the void shook, a crack slowly opened on the Kunlun Ruin’s barrier. The crack seemed to be the eye of a giant, looking down at Ye Chen from above.

“F*ck, a mere artifact spirit dares to be so arrogant? I can’t take it anymore!”

Before Ye Chen could speak, the Night Demon Armor on his body cursed, “Wushuang, old wicked brush, what about you guys?”

Emperor Brush spoke in human language, “I can’t take it anymore!”

“Me neither!”

The shadow of the Heavenly Emperor Sword that Ye Wushuang had transformed into spoke slowly.

“Old fart, let’s attack together and beat him up!”

As Ye Chen’s body glowed, Night Demon revealed his spirit body and charged into the crack directly.

At the next moment, Emperor Brush’s weapon spirit and Wushuang followed closely behind. Soon after, sounds of fighting came from the crack.

Accompanied by Night Demon’s blood-curdling scream, “F*ck, this guy is even more shameless than the old wicked brush. He actually kicked my bottom!”

“Old wicked brush, Wushuang, you guys hold his hands and feet. I will teach him a lesson!”

“Hey, look at my Vortex Poisonous Dragon Drill!”

“No one can save you even if you scream your lungs out!”


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