Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 942

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Chapter 942: Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal!

Fifty kilometers away from Purple Cap Mountain, within the army of thousands of corpses, the black dragon-robed man sitting on the carriage quietly listened to his subordinates’ suggestion. His demonic face had no expression.

On the ground lay a Drought Demon, who was none other than Qin Jian. However, there was a Corpse Suppressing Talisman between his brows that suppressed him, rendering him immobile.

“My lord, this person really doesn’t respect you!”

One of the Drought Demons roared furiously, and he said with a ghastly gaze, “This humble one suggests that we might as well eliminate him to avoid him becoming a threat to us in the future!”

“My lord, Wu Anjun is right!”

Another Drought Demon knelt on one knee, “This person dares to look down on my lord, he deserves to die!”

“My lord, please kill this person!”

The remaining two Drought Demons roared with killing intent.


The black-robed man on the carriage finally reacted. He stood up and looked at the Corpse Suppressing Talisman between Qin Jian’s brows, “Corpse Suppressing Talisman? This person is surprising me more and more!”

Then, with a wave of his hand, the terrifyingly powerful Corpse Suppressing Talisman between Qin Jian’s brows was erased easily.

Within the Dao Sect’s secret palace, confusion flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes as he observed the dragon veins that were suppressed at close range.

“This is strange. Why can’t the nine dragon veins escape when there are no formations on them?”

He had originally planned to release the suppressed nine dragon veins completely.

Unexpectedly, even after removing the formation on the dragon veins, they were still unable to move.

Ye Chen squinted and said while secretly frowning, “Could it be that the thing that trapped them now isn’t a formation?”

“You guessed right!”

At this moment, a specter-like voice suddenly sounded from within the palace.

A man dressed in a black dragon robe with nine dragons embroidered on his chest slowly appeared.

Ye Chen was not surprised at all. He said calmly, “Should I call you the first emperor or the Corpse King?”

“That’s not important!”

The man in the black dragon robe had deep eyes and sharp brows. He was calm even when facing Ye Chen, who was the most popular in the Kunlun Ruins, “The first emperor is dead. Moreover, the Great Qin is dead. You can call me Winner!”


Ye Chen secretly shook his head when he heard that.

Even though the person before him claimed that the first emperor had died and the Great Qin had perished, he still claimed to have won. It could be seen that he still had not gotten over it.

However, what the other party said was not wrong. In the past, when the first emperor attempted to transform the Three Pure Ones, he only transformed into an evil body. At that moment, the evil body was no longer the first emperor. At most, it was the first emperor’s ambition.

Ye Chen said coldly, “Then why are you looking for me?”

“Of course I’m here to help you!”

Winner raised his eyes to look at the dragon veins before him. His black robes fluttered in the wind, and he said with exceptional charm, “Aren’t you curious why they can’t move even though you’ve already unsealed the formation on the nine dragon veins?”

“Help me?”

Ye Chen smirked coldly, “Why would you be so kind? I think you’re helping yourself, aren’t you? We’re all wise people. Stop beating around the bush!”

“You’re right!”

Winner’s expression remained the same as he swept his gaze over. His gaze seemed as if it could pierce through the world, “I believe that quasi-saint from Purple Cap Mountain has already told you about me, right?”

Ye Chen nodded lightly.

“Back then, the nine schools worked together to suppress me in this small world. They then extracted nine dragon veins from the mortal world and tried to use the dragon energy to suppress the corpse qi in my body!”

When Winner was talking about this, he seemed to be talking about an extremely ordinary old story, “The dragon veins have a spirit. In order to prevent them from escaping, the nine school’s saints set up the Gold-wood Spirit Seal Formation and Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal in this world!”

“Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal?”

Ye Chen squinted upon hearing that. He had already broken the Gold-wood Spirit Seal Formation. As for the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal, he did not find out about it.

“It’s normal that you can’t tell!”

Winner stared at Ye Chen, “In reality, even that quasi-saint from Purple Cap Mountain and I couldn’t tell. However, I found it in an ancient book recently.

“All those years ago, the saints worked together to set up a Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal on the barrier of this small world. This seal not only locked the dragon veins, but also locked the spiritual energy of this small world so that it would not leak to the mortal world!”

“Kunlun Ruins’ barrier?”

Ye Chen’s eyes focused. No wonder he did not discover the so-called Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal. It turned out to be thousands of kilometers in the sky.

However, he quickly turned to look at the other party and asked, “Since you know about it, why do you still come to me?”

“Two thousand years ago, I was suppressed. Although I only had one-tenth of my strength left, the sky is nothing to me.”

Winner naturally admitted, “That Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal has the saint imprint, and is extremely sensitive to the corpse qi on my body. Once I approach it, the saint imprint will explode and destroy the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal, causing this space to collapse!”

Ye Chen smiled lightly, “You want to leave the Kunlun Ruins, but the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy Seal runs through the barrier of Kunlun Ruins. Is that why you’re looking for me? Are you that confident that I’ll agree to your request?”

“You will!”

Winner met his gaze calmly, “It’s because the two of us have many similarities. Since we were born to be emperors, how can we be called emperors if we stayed here?”

“I can promise you!”

Ye Chen looked at him deeply, “If you go to the mortal world, you’re not allowed to stir troubles. Otherwise, not only will I refuse you, I’ll fight you in the Kunlun Ruins!”

Previously, no matter how much trouble Winner caused in the Kunlun Ruins, he would only watch from the sidelines. However, he would not do that in the secular world. That was his home, and that was his root!

“Sure!” Winner said slowly.


Ye Chen then nodded. He was not afraid that the other party would go back on his word. He was right. They had something in common. Since they were born emperors, they would naturally keep their promises.

After that, two figures transformed into afterimages and shot into the sky outside Dao Sect. This sudden scene caused the people of the sect to be extremely surprised.

“Isn’t that the Corpse King?”

“Mad Southern Ye is colluding with the Corpse King?!”

“Heavens, if these two join forces, the Kunlun Ruins will have no hope of counterattacking!”

Just as the Dao Sect disciples were discussing fervently, Ye Chen, who was in the air, took a step up into the sky. Two spheres of golden flames exploded in his eyes as if they were two lanterns that illuminated the entire sky.

The entire Kunlun Ruins shook when he took that step. It was as if Ye Chen had stepped on its heart.

On Purple Cap Mountain, Zi Qingcang’s face changed and his body trembled, “What is he doing? Is he trying to break through the Kunlun Ruins’ barrier?!”

At the same time, the moment Ye Chen went into the air, all the supreme giants of the Kunlun Ruins sensed the scene on a whim.

At the next moment, the supreme giants shot into the sky one after another. They looked at Ye Chen in bewilderment.

Every step Ye Chen took was extremely stable as if he was stepping on invisible stairs.

“In ancient times, there were saints who swore to establish their hearts for heaven and earth, to establish their lives for the people, to inherit the ultimate techniques of the past saints, to bring peace to all ages!”

An extremely calm voice came from his mouth, “Today, I, Ye Chen, am incompetent. I’m willing to break this cage that’s above the billions of living beings in the mortal world!

“Give the mortal world its clarity and light back!”

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