Galactic Garbage Station - Chapter 693

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“Um…” Everyone was taken aback, Zou Xue and Xie Yaling’s expressions were a little weird while Wang Siya couldn’t help but laugh out loud and thought ‘what a big man, how could he ask to look at the girl’s legs like this. 

Wang Siya continued to laugh and said: “Aren’t you afraid of being called a Pervert?”

“Ahem, I didn’t mean it like that, I just wanted to see the scar on her leg, maybe I can do something about it.” Su Jing said and Wang Siya couldn’t help but feel her eyes lit up. 

But Cheng Shiyao, Zou Xue, Xie Yaling, and the others were taken aback and they have some suspicious in their hearts. 

Cheng Shiyao could not get rid of the scar completely even after she went to the most famous cosmetic clinic. 

How could Su Jing have a solution for something like that? Youthful Medicine has limited effects on scars, one can probably do away with the smallest scars, but not with the deeper ones.

“Shiyao, show it to A’Jing.” Wang Siya said.

“Okay.” Cheng Shiyao didn’t even twitch as she generously stood up. She didn’t know that she somewhat startled Su Jing when she stood up. 

Cheng Shiyao should be at least 1.75 Meters tall, wearing high heels, she is taller than the 1.8 Meter Su Jing, especially the legs under the long skirt. 

Her legs are long and straight, worthy of a leg model. Cheng Shiyao pulled up her long skirt, revealing her fair calf, and Su Jing saw a small scar on the calf of her right leg.

To be honest, ordinary people wouldn’t even care much about this scar, and people would think that it’s an indentation if they don’t look carefully at it. 

However, on this pair of white and flawless jade legs, this scar is very obvious. For the leg model, this small defect may be very fatal to their carriers.

“Fortunately, it’s not very deep.” Su Jing said.

“Mr. Su really has a solution?” Cheng Shiyao looked straight at Su Jing.

“I dare not guarantee anything but I am pretty sure.” Su Jing said while he took out a small bottle and poured out a little white powder and smeared it on the scar of Cheng Shiyao’s calf. 

He got up, and said, “Be careful not to put anything on it, and please check it again in a day after the medicine powder is gone.”

“Is that all?” Cheng Shiyao, Zou Xue, Xie Yaling, and the others all felt that Su Jing was joking. The scar could not be completely removed by the cosmetic hospital. What’s the use of applying a little powder on it?

“Shiyao, listen to A’Jing.” Wang Siya said.

“Yeah, thank you, Mr. Su.” Cheng Shiyao smiled generously. Although it’s hard to believe that this powder will really work but it’s also hard to refuse people’s kindness. Besides, it’s okay to try, and what if it works? 

Wang Siya took Su Jing to another office to discuss the matter of German Garlic for weight loss. 

Su Jing provided Zhuyu seeds, and Wang Siya was responsible for planting, production, and sales, and they would equally split the profit between them. 

The relationship between the two now is very casual similar to the relationship between two siblings, and they have cooperated many times so everything is simple for them.

Su Jing and Wang Siya agreed to make the cultivated Zhuyu into a powder so that Firstly, it is convenient for storage, Secondly, it is convenient for buyers to use, and thirdly, it would also be helpful to avoid outsiders’ easy understanding of the raw materials. 

They also gave the Weight loss product a simple name, Losing Weight Medicine, which is the same with the Youthful Medicine, Breast Enlargement Powder, and now the Losing Weight Medicine, so that it is easy to remember.

“Youthful Medicine, Breast Enlargement Powder, and now the Losing Weight Medicine, we really have created a batch of pure natural beauty products.” Wang Siya couldn’t help but smile as she thought of this. 

In the past, Siya Cosmetics Co. Ltd. had a weak brand effect because of the lack of unique products. After Youthful Medicine came out, the situation became vastly different from before. Many people remembered Siya’s name because of this. 

Now the first batch of Snake Scale Papaya has been planted and grown and began to bear fruit. She is now waiting for the first batch of Breast Enlargement Powder to come out, plus they would also release the Losing Weight Medicine soon. 

All three products are miles ahead of all similar products on the market and have absolutely no competitiveness. Sooner or later, the Siya Brand will become the world’s top brand.

“By the way, A’Jing, the powder you applied to Shiyao, can it really eliminate her scars?” Wang Siya asked.

“Actually, I can’t guarantee it so let’s see the effects later.” Su Jing said.

“If it really works, then this is another good product.” Wang Siya laughed.

“I don’t actually have a formula for this powder, so I don’t think it can be mass-produced. It is very unlikely to develop a formula based on the powder. I’m just trying to see how effective it is, let’s talk about it when it really works.” Su Jing said. 

The powder he used on Cheng Shiyao’s leg was actually a powder that comes from the «Zhu Xian» Qingyun Sect. A few days ago, Su Jing narrowed the scope and did some experiments, and learned about the effects of this powder. 

It is obviously a medicine for treating injuries. When applied to the wound, this powder will quickly heal any injury without leaving any scars. 

Therefore, when he heard that Cheng Shiyao had scars on her legs, he suddenly thought of this powder, wondering if this medicine can also heal the scars.

“Yeah, let’s wait until the effect appears.” Wang Siya nodded.

Cheng Shiyao has already left the Siya company. She listened to Su Jing’s and put a band-aid on the scar on her leg, and was careful not to let the water touch her in this spot, so she didn’t take a bath that night.

Early in the morning, Cheng Shiyao leisurely woke up and stretched, her pajamas outlining her sexy curves. 

She came to the bathroom, ready to wash up, and saw the band-aid on her calf in the mirror, she subconsciously squatted down and tore off the band-aid before she looked at the area underneath.

But instead of seeing a scar, she saw a few thin scabs and some broken skins, which looked like a mess. 

Cheng Shiyao was taken aback for a moment before she stretched out her hand, and the thin scabs and broken skins were directly wiped off from her leg, revealing the smooth and matte skin underneath. The scar on her leg has long since disappeared.

“Oh my God!” Cheng Shiyao’s eyes widened in disbelief. 

She stretched out her hand and wiped the area where the scar used to be for a while, and she even took out a magnifying glass to see it, but there was still no scar at that location and it was as if she had never been injured at this position.

“Amazing!” Cheng Shiyao jumped up with joy and she took out her mobile phone immediately and made a call to Wang Siya.

“Shiyao, why are you calling me so early in the morning, what’s happened?” Wang Siya asked.

“Sister Siya, the medicinal powder that Mr. Su applied to me is simply too amazing.” Cheng Shiyao excitedly said.

“What, it worked so quickly? Was it effective?” Wang Siya asked with some surprise in her tone.

“It’s more than effective, the scars are completely gone.” Cheng Shiyao said.

“Completely gone? How can this be possible, it’s only been a day.” Wang Siya couldn’t believe it.

“I’ll send you a photo to see.” Cheng Shiyao took a photo of the original scar location and sent it to Wang Siya’s phone.

“This…you didn’t photoshop it, right?” Wang Siya was stunned when she saw the photo. 

Yesterday, she asked Cheng Shiyao to listen to Su Jing and apply powder on the scar. She had thought that Su Jing’s powder is definitely not simple and it may be effective. 

However, she also believed that even if the powder is effective, it will take some time for it to work. Even the Beauty Clinic couldn’t completly remove this scar and it disappears in a day due to a powder and there are no traces. How can this be possible?

“I haven’t photoshopped anything, it’s really completely gone. This good brother of yours, who really is he?” Cheng Shiyao laughed in joy.

“Hehe, he just has a lot of treasures on him.” Wang Siya smiled.

The news soon spread among Cheng Shiyao’s friends, and they expressed surprise and congratulations. 

Cheng Shiyao even quickly snatched back a few advertisers and walk-ins, and after her legs were free of scars, they were the image of perfection, aka they are now a money-making machine.

Wang Siya called Su Jing and told Su Jing about Cheng Shiyo’s situation. After Su Jing listened to it, he was also very happy. The Medicinal powder from «Zhu Xian» Qingyun Sect is really amazing. It must be some kind of Spirit Medicine.

Wang Siya asked Su Jing for some medicinal powder as she wanted to use it for experimentation and promotion and she also asked for the German Garlic for promotion purposes. 

Su Jing gave some of the Medicinal powder to Wang Siya and he put the rest away. 

Although neither he nor Shi Qing has any scars and they do not need to use this Medicinal Powder to remove any scars but they might get injured in the future. 

This kind of holy medicine which is useful in treating injuries and scars can also be used to save a life. Moreover, in the future, there is a possibility of his family and friends getting some visible injuries and scars so Su Jing wanted to prepare.

Wang Siya, on the other hand, began to spend a lot of money on publicity, and it didn’t take long for it to become a sensation in the entertainment industry again.

A very fat and funny-looking Celebrity who had already quit the entertainment industry was surprisingly pushed into the headlines again. 

Because after decades of being fat, he had lost weight and simply seemed to be a different person, looking surprisingly handsome and old.

An equally obese not hot funny actress also lost a lot of weight and she appeared wearing a deep V Neck dress which looked extremely sexy on her.

One of the obese anorexia patients who had not got out of bed for several years, who was reported some time ago and then made a great deal of noise for being weighted over 700 Jin also lost a lot of weight. 

Not only did he got out of bed again but he also started to exercise.

A well-known idol and powerful male Celebrity had been in a car accident some time ago and was almost disfigured. 

He had undergone many plastic surgeries that barely saved his face, but he still had a lot of scars on his face. 

Although he represented an image of being reborn from the ashes and he relied on his acting to make himself popular. 

The audience approved of his actions, but after all, he couldn’t get beach his original appearance. Recently, the scars on his face have miraculously disappeared, and his appearance has returned to its peak.

A famous breast actress has said goodbye to Deep V Neck after suffering a scar on her chest following a fall from a horse on a set. 

Recently, she wore Deep V Neck again, and the scar on her chest has completely disappeared, and the perfect chest reappeared in front of everyone.

The reason why they have changed so much was that they all use the same brand of products, Siya Losing Weight Medicine and Siya Scar Removal Medicine. 

The signature of the developers of these two products turned out to be a well-known name in the entertainment industry- Su Jing.

Su Jing’s fans, as well as many onlookers, were all dumbfounded. 

(To be continued ~^~)

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