Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife - Chapter 942

Chapter 942: The Song Family was Being Too Brazen

In the drizzle, Tang Yan was wearing a windbreaker as he crouched beside the body lying on the ground and carefully observed it.

This person, surnamed Lou, had indeed died before the car accident.

“Captain Tang, Professor Tang is in the hospital. No one from the forensics team can come over now.” Old Cheng held the camera and said to Tang Yan, “Do you want little sister Mu to come over and take a look?”

Tang Yan stood up and glared at him. “Do you know that she’s almost eight months pregnant now?”

“What should we do then? We could ask Li, but his demented mother would then be alone. How can he leave without a nurse to take care of her?” Old Cheng sighed. “Why is our branch office so poor?”

“Cut the crap. I’ll go see the chief to report the situation and get more people. You continue to investigate the scene.” Tang Yan took his phone out and dialed a familiar number.

Tang Yan stood in the rain although someone had brought him an umbrella. He needed to remain calm at all times. If not, his heart would be at home.

Feng Shanshan was about to give birth. He had promised Feng Shanshan that he would definitely be by her side when she gave birth.

In addition, there was no one else at home. If anything happened to Feng Shanshan, he would never forgive himself for the rest of his life.

Therefore, he called Mu Qiqi first.

In the middle of the night, the people who answered the phone were naturally men. Hence, Sheng Xiao’s voice was heard. “What’s the matter?”

“There’s no one at home. Can you bring Shanshan to the Banyan Courtyard to rest?”

“I’ll get Fifth Aunt to pick her up,” Sheng Xiao answered very straightforwardly. After that, Sheng Xiao was about to hang up the phone, but Tang Yan stopped him.

“Do you know a middle-aged man named Lou? He’s a famous person in the education industry.”

“I do. Why?” Sheng Xiao lowered his voice and asked.

“He’s dead. He’s been murdered. We don’t know the cause of death yet. If you know anything, do tell me.”

How smart was Tang Yan?

What did Yashang Group do? In the past three months, those in the education industry had been at odds with each other. The whole of Jianchuan had witnessed it. The old education brands had recently made some adjustments to their foundations, which had caused a huge impact on Yashang Group. Three months later, the middle-aged man named Lou died here. It was inevitable that people would try to connect the dots.

After all, this didn’t seem like something the Song family wouldn’t do.

“All I know is what you’ve just told me.” Sheng Xiao answered very calmly because he had been keeping his voice down.

“I understand. Thank you, CEO Sheng.”

After that, the two of them hung up. Then, Sheng Xiao took his phone and went out. Not only did he inform Fifth Aunt, he also called Shen Jianchuan.

“Dad, I’ve got the latest news. Old Lou is gone…”

When Shen Jianchuan heard the news, he sat up from the bed. “When did this happen?”

“Not long ago.”

“I’ll go to Lou’s house to understand the situation. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

Sheng Xiao put down his phone and went to the living room. Twenty minutes later, Fifth Aunt supported the big-bellied Feng Shanshan into the living room.

“Fifth Aunt, tidy up the guest room. I’ll have to trouble you to stay here tonight,” Sheng Xiao instructed as he stood by the armrest on the second floor.

“Okay, Mr. Sheng. Don’t worry.”

Feng Shanshan knew that Tang Yan was the one who had picked her up, so she did not hesitate at all. She could not force herself now. The due date was in a few days, and Tang Yan was not at home right now. If anything happened to her, no one would be able to call for help.

“Miss Feng, this way please.” Fifth Aunt happily led her into the guest room. “Young Madam is upstairs, sleeping soundly. You should rest early too. If you have any abdominal pain, call me immediately. I’ll sleep next to you.”

“Fifth Aunt, you can sleep on the bed with me.” Feng Shanshan felt a little apologetic. After all, Fifth Aunt was already so old.

“It’s fine. I’m still healthy.” After saying that, she carried the quilt to the bed.

Feng Shanshan looked at Fifth Aunt lying down and closed her eyes. However, she could not calm herself down to rest. She kept feeling that something had happened.

She did not know how Tang Yan was doing at the scene of the murder.


The bureau chief sent a forensic doctor to Tang Yan. Although it was already an hour later and the rain was even heavier, in order to maintain the crime scene, they built a canopy on the spot. The entire road was temporarily blocked.

The female forensic doctor squatted in front of the body and observed for a while. Finally, she told Tang Yan, “Indeed, he didn’t die in a car accident. I have some clues at the moment, but I can’t make a conclusion yet. I need to carry out an autopsy. So, after taking photos, send the body back to the laboratory.”

“Thank you.” Tang Yan didn’t even know her name. He could only give a simple thank you and continue to investigate the traffic accident.

“In order to find out how this person died, we must find out his relationship with the driver. But, the driver died on the spot. Old Cheng, please give me a copy of the driver’s information as soon as possible. Xiao Long, go and check the traffic cameras at the intersection to determine the cause of the accident, whether it was an accident or man-made.

“Do these basic tasks for me.”

That night, he knew that he basically didn’t need to rest.

This was because Lou had become very famous recently. If he died suddenly, rumors would definitely spread.

If it was really done by his opponent, then the Song family was being too brazen.

From the moment the accident happened to the morning of the next day, the process of the accident, including the identity of the driver, had all been clarified.

“Captain Tang, this driver is called Li Dong, a delivery driver. He is usually responsible for delivering frozen seafood and other ingredients to the mall. According to the surveillance footage, he suddenly accelerated toward the driver and collided with him, and Lou was thrown out of the car.

“According to the surveillance footage, he looked calm and didn’t panic at all. He probably didn’t know that a body had been placed in his car.

“Who would swagger around in a van with a corpse in it and plan to deliver goods to other people?”

Old Cheng told Tang Yan the information he had gathered.

“The other driver of the car stepped on the accelerator by mistake when he was turning. Based on comprehensive analysis, it was an accident.

“The driver had nothing to do with Lou.”

After listening, Tang Yan crossed his arms and said to Old Cheng, “Go to the traffic control department and get the footage of the van. Find out when the body was placed there.”


“In that case, the traffic accident can be handed over to the traffic police and the case can be closed.” Officer Long was quite happy. At least, it had nothing to do with the murder case, so there was less pointless work to be done.

“I’ll go get the autopsy report.” Tang Yan looked at his watch and was about to go to the autopsy room when he was stopped by Officer Long.

“Sister Shanshan should be giving birth soon, right? Captain Tang, shouldn’t you go back and take a look?”

“She’s being taken care of now. She’s very safe.” He also wanted to solve the case before his son was born.

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