Everlasting - Chapter 1377

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Princess Purplejade felt very hesitant. Looking at the smile on Chen Feng’s face, she grew even more conflicted. This group of cultivators had always been antagonistic towards her. More, there were some conflicts between her and some of them. Unfortunately for her, the other party’s statuses were very high and she was incapable of dealing with them. 

Recently, due to a number of reasons, the pressure and restrictions on her – despite having advanced to the Gold Immortal stage – had grown increasingly great. Her status fell and many would step forward to go against her or stir up troubles for her. This group of cultivators had openly come looking for her to stir up troubles, which truly enraged her. 

That said, Princess Purplejade knew that it would be very difficult to kill them off with her strength alone. When she heard Chen Feng’s suggestion, she felt tempted somewhat. At the same time, she also felt concerned. She did want to kill them off, but she was worried that Chen Feng did not have the ability to do so. 

Seeing Princess Purplejade hesitating, Chen Feng sighed. In the end, he decided to help her anyways. With a thought, the Starlight Overlord Beast and the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens who had transformed into bodyguards like Chen Feng charged forward at the same time. 

These two unique creatures had reached the Divine Prince level a long time ago. By joining hands, they could fight even a Divine Monarch. Their sudden attack, coupled with their extreme speed as they charged into the group of cultivators allowed them to instantly kill off several of them. 

“What? Divine Princes!”

“Purplejade, you bitch! You dare kill?!”

“Princess Purplejade, you’re killing off members of the same party for no reason. Are you trying to rebel here?”

As Chen Feng had already taken action, Princess Purplejade knew that there was no going back. She waved her hand and the several Gold Immortals who were hiding in the dark rushed forward to surround and join the battle. Given the situation, the best thing to do was to kill off the other party as fast as she could. 

“Attack together!”

Princess Purplejade gave the order again and her 3,000 bodyguards unleashed formidable attacks. Half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals joined forces. Despite their lower cultivation levels, they had numbers on their side. With enough of them, they could threaten even Gold Immortals. Moreover, not everyone on the other side was a Gold Immortal. 

It would appear that the other party did not expect that Princess Purplejade would try to kill them. While they did secretly bring with them some Gold Immortal bodyguards, how could they stop the sudden attacks of Divine Princes? Swiftly, every single of one them was slaughtered. The Starlight Overlord Beast and the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens then re-appeared behind Chen Feng, their auras completely retracted. It was as though nothing had happened to them earlier. 

“Forward!” Princess Purplejade gave Chen Feng a glance before giving the order to move forward. At the same time, she was also secretly shocked at Chen Feng’s ruthlessness. 

This minor incident did not seem all that serious, but it would bring Princess Purplejade some troubles later. And while she did worry about the issue, even she did not think that it would come so soon. 

Next up, the number of cultivators they encountered grew increasingly high. One of them also uttered provocative words at Princess Purplejade. Only, unlike the previous group, they did not take action. Looking at what happened, Chen Feng could tell that Princess Purplejade’s position in the Immortal Court was likely not as beautiful as she was portraying. 

“Purplejade, is there a lot of conflicts in the Immortal Court?” Chen Feng asked curiously. 

“The competition there is very fierce. However, our Immortal Court is more unified than your Myriad Celestial Planes,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“Ha ha! And yet, you are moving together with me, an enemy of the Immortal Court. Are you not afraid that this will cause troubles for you?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“It has already caused me troubles.” 

Hearing those words, Chen Feng’s mind raced as he thought of something, but he did not continue to inquire. 

“Up ahead is the Ten Thousand Immortals Mountain Range. The passageway leading to the chaos space is located inside it,” Princess Purplejade pointed ahead and said. 

“Ten Thousand Immortals Mountain Range. That is a very famous place. It is said that there are 10,000 Gold Immortals within the place. I wonder, is it true?” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. Personally, he thought of the rumour frivolously, not believing in it. The entire Boundless Corps – the 1,000 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures under him included – only had 2,000 Gold Immortals. If any random force from the Immortal Plane could possess 10,000 Gold Immortals, wouldn’t that make the Immortal Plane a monstrous existence? They would be able to sweep through the Myriad Celestial Planes. 

“It’s true.” Princess Purplejade’s answer left Chen Feng’s eyes wide open. 

“To be more accurate, the number of Gold Immortals exceeds 10,000. However, that is not the number of existing Gold Immortals here. Rather, it indicates that this mountain range has produced over 10,000 Gold Immortals before,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“So, that’s how it is. You scared me just now.” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief, only for his face to quickly turn serious again. Even if that was the case, it was still an amazing feat. Thinking further about it, Chen Feng then felt terrified. The name Ten Thousand Immortals Mountain Range had been around for a long time. In other words, there were already 10,000 Gold Immortals by then. After that, surely even more Gold Immortals would be produced here. 

Having reached the Gold Immortal stage, a cultivator was practically an undying existence. Even if some of them were to die, their number would surely be low. If so, the number of Gold Immortals hailing from the Ten Thousand Immortals Mountain Range was surely higher than 10,000. 

“The Myriad Celestial Planes have foundation, but the Immortal Plane also has foundation,” Chen Feng said, his heart stirring. 

“You have thoughts about this?” Princess Purplejade suddenly asked. 

“Naturally. I am shocked by the might of your Immortal Plane,” Chen Feng said, chuckling. 

“Could Young Master Longevity Celestial of the Celestial Longevity Plane even feel shock?”  Princess Purplejade said with a smile. 

“Your Immortal Plane is becoming stronger and stronger. It has already become a serious threat to our Celestial Planes. Rather, our two sides have already started fighting each other. It will not be long before an all-out war breaks out. When your Immortal Court attacks our Celestial Longevity Plane, the two of us will have to meet in battle.”

“If I meet you, I’m running away,” Princess Purplejade was quick to say. 

Chen Feng chuckled at that. 

“If the Immortal Plane goes to war with your Celestial Planes, who will win in the end?” Princess Purplejade suddenly asked. 

“Regardless of who will win, I will protect my loved ones, friends and subordinates. Those who dare provoke me, whoever they are, however strong they may be, however great their forces may be, in the end, all will have to face my judgement,” Chen Feng said icily. 

“The way you talk is getting more domineering now.”

“This is a result of strength. I believe that I will continue onwards on the path of cultivation and that I will go very far,” Chen Feng said.

“Alright. Let’s not talk about this. Next up, I fear that we will encounter some troubles. If I don’t say anything, you would do well to not take action. This place has many experts,” Princess Purplejade said. Their group had already entered the mountain range. 

After they entered the Ten Thousand Immortals Mountain Range, the number of cultivators promptly shot up. However, the cultivators instead became more well-behaved. Chen Feng could sense several auras containing ill will sweeping about non-stop. Unlike earlier, though, they neither said words of ridicule nor took action. 

“There are 16 Divine Monarchs keeping watch here. It is only natural that these fellows would not dare act wantonly,” said Princess Purplejade, who noticed the dubious look on Chen Feng’s face.

“So, that’s why. Sixteen Divine Monarchs are keeping watch here. Looks like the Immortal Court thinks very highly of this chaos space. If someone breaks in, that person would be committing suicide, no?” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

“That’s just the number of Divine Monarchs. There are also some Divine Princes patrolling around. There are around 200 of them,” Princess Purplejade continued.

“Very well. Looks like I truly cannot take action anymore next. If I am discovered, I will not be able to enter,” Chen Feng said.

“Oh, isn’t this Princess Purplejade?” Suddenly, a provocative voice rang out. 

“Trouble. So fast? Didn’t you say there are Divine Monarchs keeping watch here?” Chen Feng grew puzzled. 

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“That’s because this fellow has a very strong backer. Two of the Divine Monarchs keeping watch here are from his family,” Princess Purplejade said calmly. 

A young man in a black suit of armour strode forward. With one step, he moved passed the defence line created by the war chariots, appearing before Princess Purplejade the very next moment. 

A Gold Immortal and the combat armour of the Ministry of Heavenly War. His soul and bodily strength are vigorous while his vital flame is very strong. His Ageless laws are also very thick. This fellow has the strength and aura of a War Immortal. Chen Feng was quick to appraise the other party. 

“He is Nan Wang. He possesses the title of War Immortal. Not long after entering the Gold Immortal stage, he killed over 10 Gold Immortals. He is a brutal and bloodthirsty character. More, he has a very strong background. He is a very difficult fellow to handle.” Chen Feng then received a secret vocal transmission from Princess Purplejade. 

Nan Wang. Dong Wang. Chen Feng grew somewhat surprised. He was reminded of the young cultivator named Dong Wang that he encountered back in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. 

Is there a relationship between the two? Chen Feng wondered. 

“Nan Wang, is there anything?” Princess Purplejade’s face turned cold. 

“It’s nothing. It’s just that we received news that Princess Purplejade has run into some troubles. Due to that, my big brother sent me out to protect you,” Nan Wang said with a smile, but there was a hint of wickedness within his smile.  

“I thank you for your good intentions, Nan Wang. However, I do not need anyone’s protection,” Princess Purplejade replied. 

“Ha ha ha! It’s my big brother’s order. I dare not go against his order. Besides, there are some dangers in the chaos space. I should accompany you all,” Nan Wang continued.  

“No need. Let’s go!” Princess Purplejade said, waving her hand. Her group then turned and they swiftly rushed forward.

Nan Wang simply chuckled before leisurely following.


When they reached the passageway leading to the chaos space, they were stopped. The weakest amongst all the cultivators guarding this place was at the Divine Prince level. Firstly, it showed how strong the Immortal Court was. Secondly, it also showed that the Immortal Court thought highly of this chaos space. 

“Greetings, fellow seniors.” Faced with the obstruction from the Divine Princes, even Princess Purplejade dared not act wantonly. All she could do was to respectfully greet them. 

“So, it’s Purplejade. You may enter, but these subordinates of yours cannot,” one of the Divine Princes suddenly said. 

“What?” Princess Purplejade’s face promptly sank. At the same time, a hint of killing intent emerged from her eyes. 

“The others are allowed to bring their subordinates into the chaos space. Why can’t I?” Princess Purplejade pointed at a nearby spot and asked. There, a total of eighteen 100-zhang-tall energy pillars formed a circle. The power within the circle moved about chaotically and space was stacked atop each other. A deep and faint-looking spatial passageway could be seen there. Cultivators were continuously entering the spatial passageway. These included Gold Immortals, half-step Gold Immortals, Heavenly Immortals and even True Immortals. Chen Feng could see a Gold Immortal leading over 10,000 subordinates into the spatial passageway. 

For others to be able to bring their subordinates in and not Princess Purplejade, this showed that there was an issue here. 

Someone was targeting her. 

“They are other people while you are you. What other issues do you have? If no, hurry up and enter or hurry up and give way. Do not block the others,” the Divine Prince said. 

“Insolence, you dare display such unruliness towards our miss?!” Space fluctuated and two Divine Princes appeared before Princess Purplejade. 

Chen Feng chuckled at that. He had long since discovered that there were several Divine Princes secretly protecting Princess Purplejade. Even when they were killing off the cultivators back then, these fellows had not appeared. But now, they had chosen to reveal themselves. 

“Just two Divine Princes and you dare put on airs here? The way I see it, you fellows must not want to enter.” The Divine Prince waved his hand and around 10 Divine Princes swiftly moved over. 

Princess Purplejade was so infuriated that she nearly lost it. In the end, though, she gritted her teeth and calmed down. It was as clear as day that they were deliberately trying to make things hard for her. These guards were the core strength of the Immortal Court. For now, she was still incapable of offending them. 

“Hurry up and leave. Do not block the others,” the Divine Prince said and waved his hand casually to send a current of energy at Princess Purplejade.

Nan Wang. ‘南王’, pinyin: ‘nán wáng’. The name could be translated as ‘South King’ or ‘South Prince’.

Dong Wang. ‘东王’, pinyin: ‘dōng wáng’. The name could be translated as ‘East King’ or ‘East Prince’. He first appeared in Chapter 1217 when Chen Feng infiltrated the East Extreme Immortal Palace and was introduced as Dong Wang in Chapter 1219.

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