Everlasting - Chapter 1376

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“I wonder, though. What kind of troubles are you facing, Princess? Can you tell me the details?” Chen Feng asked. 

“What else? It’s the power struggle within the Immortal Court. Let’s not talk about that. You may have heard about it, but our Immortal Court recently opened up a chaos space,” Princess Purplejade then changed the topic.

“I’ve only just heard about it, but I do not know the details,” Chen Feng replied. 

“I hope that you can enter that space with me,” Princess Purplejade said seriously. 

“Oh, is there anything special about that chaos space? Although chaos spaces are mysterious existences, they are not exactly that rare,” Chen Feng said curiously.

“You are right, but this chaos space managed to attract the attention of Paramount Gold Immortals. Even guys like them have entered. What do you think? Is it not very tempting?” Princess Purplejade suddenly lowered her voice. 

“Paramount Gold Immortals? In other words, there are some good items in it.” Chen Feng nodded. His curiosity was completely piqued.

“According to the information I managed to pry out, it seems there are corpses of Paramount Gold Immortals inside the place. It might be that of formidable unique creatures of chaos,” Princess Purplejade continued. 

“Alright. That alone is worth taking the risk,” Chen Feng was quick to say. 

“Are you not going to think about it more? This will be very dangerous. The ones entering the space are mostly the guys from our Immortal Court and allies. You are our Immortal Court’s enemy. If they find you…”

“When you put it that way, you are also a member of the Immortal Court. Additionally, you are also someone with the status of princess.” Chen Feng laughed loudly.  

“That’s different,” Princess Purplejade was quick to say. 

“You’re the one who’s inviting me. And now, you’re telling me it’s too dangerous? Do you want me to go or not?”

“From a friend’s perspective, I do not want you to take this risk. But from my own interest’s perspective, I hope I can get your help. For me, this chaos space is an opportunity,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“You are very frank. Given how good the place is, even if it’s dangerous, it will be worth the risk. Where there’s danger, there’s reward,” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

“This is indeed the way you like to do things.”

“So, when will we be heading out?”

“Any time.”

Three days later, Chen Feng set off with Princess Purplejade. Princess Purplejade’s entourage was very grand. There was a total of 3,000 followers, including Gold Immortals, half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals. In Chen Feng’s opinion, this must be the strongest force amongst Princess Purplejade’s private army. In addition, there were also formidable war chariots and roaring wyrms. This display of might was several times stronger than the one she put on during their first meeting. 

Chen Feng was dressed as an inconspicuous guard. He would be entering the Immortal Court’s territory, after all. He needed to exercise caution. 

Although this entourage was very big, it was not slow. It did not take it long to leave the Easternmost Region to enter the Central Region that was directly under the rule of the Immortal Court. 

“Tsk, tsk. I’ve been here in the Immortal Plane for a long time now, but I haven’t actually come explore the Central Region before,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“I wonder how many of the guys from the Immortal Court I can meet this time.”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Chen Feng secretly communicated with Princess Purplejade. He was within a team of bodyguards and even the suit of armour he wore was identical with the ones that the other bodyguards were wearing. When he first transformed into this appearance, Princess Purplejade had burst into laughter. 

“I am very honoured to have the famed Young Master Longevity Celestial as my bodyguard,” Princess Purplejade said with a smile.

Along the way, Chen Feng was able to witness Princess Purplejade’s display of dominance once more. She practically rampaged her way forward. Regardless of where she went or what force she encountered, all of them had to make way for her. Some who were too slow to move away would be sent flying with a whip attack from the bodyguards in the van. 

“Tsk, tsk. Are you always like this?” Chen Feng asked with a chuckle. 

“Yes. Do you think I am very arrogant?” 

“A little.” Chen Feng did not deny it. 

“Because if I do not put on a display of arrogance, others will think that I am easy to bully. They will then put on a display of arrogance before me,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“What kind of logic is that?” Chen Feng shook his head. He disagreed somewhat with the thought. 

“This is my dao of cultivation. Do you think that all I have was given to me by my family because I was born a noble? In truth, the help from my family is intangible. All this power, I had obtained through my own hard work.”

“Enough. Let’s not talk about such a serious topic. We may have to face some troubles next,” Chen Feng said. 

“Troubles, huh? I would like to see who would dare trouble me.” Princess Purplejade’s voice then turned icy. Swiftly, killing energy billowed out from her. A group of cultivators had appeared before their path. Despite having noticed Princess Purplejade’s group, the cultivators did not evade. Instead, they deliberately maintained their positions. Occasionally, they would even issue out some ridiculing voices. 

“You fellows up ahead, hurry up and make way!” The cultivator driving the frontmost war chariot was already charging towards the group of cultivators. 

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Chen Feng, though, shook his head. Although there are not many cultivators inside this group, their cultivation bases were extraordinary. The vanguard forces of Princess Purplejade will surely end up on the losing side. 

Chen Feng’s guess was correct. In the face of the charging war chariot, only one cultivator stepped out from the group. He pushed forward with one hand and an invisible wave of power surged forth, causing the war chariot to tumble. As a result, the cultivators riding the war chariot were knocked unconscious. 

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! 

Facing the formidable might of the opposing cultivators, the forces under Princess Purplejade revealed no fear. Instead, they continued to drive the war chariots forward. 

Princess Purplejade maintained an impassive expression on her face while Chen Feng frowned. 

“It’s pointless. The other fellows are Gold Immortals. Are you just going to let your subordinates charge forward like this?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from saying. 

“You are also my subordinate. If you take action, you will definitely be able to defeat them,” Princess Purplejade said with a smile. 

“If I take action, I will be exposing myself in advance. Naturally, that doesn’t mean I cannot. I will just have to kill them all. Are you sure you want to kill them all?” Chen Feng chuckled. 

“Kill them all?” Light flashed across Princess Purplejade’s eyes. Surprise, shock and a hint of doubt. 

“What is it? Do you not believe me? Or are you unwilling to take on the consequences?” Chen Feng had noticed the change in Princess Purplejade’s divine sense. 

“Both.” Princess Purplejade nodded. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

By then, all the soldiers under Princess Purplejade had been sent flying backwards. Already, there were casualties amongst them. 

“Ha ha ha! Isn’t this Princess Purplejade? What a coincidence! Come on out and greet us!” one of them shouted arrogantly. 

“Princess Purplejade, I hear that you have also advanced to the Gold Immortal stage. If it’s true, come on out and show us. Don’t just send these pieces of trash.”

“Humph! What is it? Are you afraid of coming out? I still have a score to settle with you from last time.”

There was a mask of calmness on Princess Purplejade’s face as she listened to the words of provocation from the other party, but rage and killing intent burned deep within her eyes. 

“Looks like there is a grudge between the two of you.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“There is indeed a grudge. Are you confident you can kill them all?” Princess Purplejade suddenly asked, gnashing her teeth. 

“Of course. What, have you made up your mind? I’m in a good mood right now, so I can help you attack. This opportunity doesn’t come by often. You’ll have to grasp it well,” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

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