Epic of Summoner: Supreme Summoner System in the Apocalypse - Chapter 137

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As the Celestial King was killed and his corpse fell over the ground, the entire battlefield fell silent. All the spaceship's presents were already "sunk" into the ground, and the Celestials soldiers were all killed, many of the soldiers on Gustav's side were wounded and incredibly tired after overusing the Elemental Spiritual Beasts, but everyone seemed alive…

Some summons had died in battle and become ethereal though, although they did this willingly, using themselves as shields to save the lives of others who could not "respawn" as they could. However, even them were quickly brought back as Gustav regained his power by eating the Celestial King's soul.

However, just as Gustav was trying to calm down, a giant laser ray grazed him, as he barely managed to evade!



The powerful laser beam reached the ground as it left a gigantic crater, it was even bigger than the one the other Spaceships were able to leave through their laser beams. Gustav glanced towards the skies as there was a gigantic, black-colored spaceship, the last one remaining, and the toughest and strongest one! It was the mothership, containing the last army of Slarkobs and the Slarkob leader!

"Now that you're weakened after the fight, we'll annihilate you!" roared the Slarkob Leader, as the spaceship began to rush towards Gustav at an incredible speed that its giant body size shouldn't have, packing up a giant laser beam and firing it towards him!

The mothership broke through the wind at an amazing speed, as Kireina and the rest of the summons flew towards Gustav's side to assist him, but Gustav stopped them.

"I'll handle this…" said Gustav, as his entire body released an enormous divine power from within, creating ripples in space itself! It was even more potent than the Celestial King himself!


Gustav, with the powerful Gungnir at his side, flew towards the Mothership, going head-on!

The aliens inside of it were shocked, why was he doing such a foolish act?!

However, the Slarkob Leader laughed maliciously, this was the time to kill him!

He loaded the large cannons and released a massive laser beam towards Gustav, its crimson-red brilliance rushing towards him as Gustav raised his weapon and infused it with his Aura, as fiery golden flames emerged constantly, while the spear started to rotate!


The rotating weapon rushed through the air as it completely ignored the power of the laser beam, overwhelming it and helping Gustav get through it!


The Slarkob Leader was left in disbelief! How was this possible? This beam could even destroy an entire planet if he wanted to! Yet this single earthling and his stupid spear were easily rushing through it like nothing?!


Gustav suddenly reached the cannons as he flew inside, using his overwhelming energy, he fused with his Chimaera and formed an enormous armor of materialized golden beast ki over his body, resembling a golden knight!

His armored body rushed through the cannon's interior, crushing everything inside and getting into the interior of the spaceship through it!



The Slarkob Leader was left in utter disbelief and horror as a majestic golden paladin emerged inside of his Spaceship, raising a spear.


All the Slarkobs pointed their weapons at him as Gustav was showered in laser rays which didn't do a single scratch to his Aura Armor, the materialization of all of his Auras and Beast Ki combined together through his Beast Spirit!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

All the laser rays continued to shower Gustav, but he seemed unaltered by all of them!

His eyes gleamed with crimson-red light below his golden helmet, as he took the psionic energy attacks from the aliens as well, which were nothing.

Gungnir danced around him as it massacred every single Slarkob it saw, without damaging much of the spaceship this time!

A massacre of horrifying degrees unfolded before the Slarkob Leader, as Gustav glanced at him with scorn.

"Y-You damn monster! You damn… Filthy earthling!" cried the Slarkob Leader.

"I have come here personally, even though I could have completely destroyed your spaceship if I wanted… And that's because I will not kill you, but enslave you and the survivors in between the corpses," said Gustav, cleaning Gungnir from the green and oozy blood stuck to it by shaking the weapon.

The Slarkob Leader fell over the floor while trembling, his squid-faced appearance was utterly alien, yet it still held some resemblance to emotions when it was completely terrified.

"What?! You dare enslave me and my race?! We are conquerors of planets, we own the universe! We- UEGH!"

Gustav grabbed the Slarkob Leader's throat as he began to infuse his soul over him, like a never-ending pressure, all of his will disappeared and like a monster being tamed, the Slarkob Leader ended falling to Gustav's command!

"Uaggh… W-What is this… detestable feeling!?" cried the Slarkob Leader.

"Like a pet, you're tamed," said Gustav, throwing him into the ground, the Slarkob Leader tried to argue, but somehow could not… He was really enslaved!

Gustav did the same with every surviving Slarkob, he needed some of them alive, so he left almost 20 alive of the almost 100 that there were…


[You gained Stockpiled EXP]

[Change Jobs to earn the Stockpiled EXP]

Naturally, killing all these squids gave him a nice amount of EXP too.

Gustav then ordered the Slarkobs, which could no resist any of his commands, to slowly descend the spaceship into the ground, after that, Gustav gathered with the rest of his party.

"Master, I am glad you're fine…" said Kireina.

"It was a tough fight…" said Katrina.

"Indeed, it was… Now, most things are done. The city is just right off the corner… Let's go," said Gustav.


Gustav saved up most of his army inside his Inner World once more, without including the Slarkob Mothership and the ones inside, although he cleaned the interior off the corpses left.

And like this, he flew into the skies and reached the large city before him.

The cataclysmic incident left this big city in ruins, most of the skyscrapers were destroyed, and there were no people anywhere…

However, Gustav quickly felt some signs of life in the underground.


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