Epic of Summoner: Supreme Summoner System in the Apocalypse - Chapter 136

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The Blazing Divine Fire Phoenix that Gustav summoned by spending a lot of his Mana rushed towards the Celestial King, embracing him with its divine fire!



The gigantic creature exploded as it embraced him with its blazing wings, the entire Celestial King was embraced by the divine fire, as Gustav glanced with expectation at the result of this battle!

The flames consumed the Celestial King until they dissipated… however, Gustav hasn't won any EXP yet!

Was he still alive?

Gustav glanced at the Celestial King, whose entire body was charred and burned, his flesh was grilling horribly as his entire face was bald, his long and glorious white beard and hair were gone, as his eyes were melting, his skin was burning and red, and flames were still stuck over his body, the giant hole that Gungnir left on him was still there, even bigger and leaking a lot of blood.

The monstrously strong entity, the Celestial King, was gasping for air, his entire life fading away…


"Hahhh… Hahhh…"

Gustav squinted his eyes, as he was about to go and kill him, but something happened that surprised him!



The Celestial King suddenly began to regenerate his wounds, the brilliance of his soul resonated through his horribly burnt body, bringing it back to life!

The burnt flesh falling over the ground as he slowly started to regenerate!

"Hahaha! It is not over! It is not- Eh?!"

However, would Gustav let this bastard regenerate in front of him?!

The answer is simple…


The Celestial King watched with horror as a blazing divine spear reached him, piercing his head while he was still incapacitated while regenerating!



The Celestial King roared in agony as he was somehow still alive!

"This monster is way too strong!" thought Gustav.

"Gahahahah! I am going to take you with me, no matter what!" roared the Celestial King, rushing towards Gustav with a  wicked smile, even with a damn spear piercing his brain, as his power flashed out of his entire body, he was about to shower Gustav with all of this power!

"I guess there's no option, I will have to use my trump card." Thought Gustav, as he used THAT Skill!

Planet's Guardian Skill special Abilities, Suppression!


Suddenly, the power of the laws of this world themselves rushed over the Celestial King, suppressing him while in midair!

The enormous pressure made him stop his reckless charge, as the insane smile on his face disappeared in an instant!

"W-What?! Unnggh…! Aaaagh…!"

His entire power felt as if it was being suppressed by enormous invisible hands he could not get away from! He felt lethargic, and all of his wounds started to come out again, he began to vomit blood and more!

This was the amazing power of a Planet's Guardian, by using the Laws of this world through its authority and connection with the planet's core, these laws can be used as a formless pressure that temporarily reduces the power of someone.

Gustav had believed he wouldn't use it after he saw the Celestial King all burned down, but now that the bastard was regenerating and rushing towards him, this was his only option, even more, because Gustav himself was feeling tired, his Mana had been overused so much that he felt a terrible pain on his soul, and his Mana was not being able to catch up with the need of constant usage. Not even draining the energy from the Celestial King was enough, this monster was too much of a monster!

However, Gustav had this trump card behind his sleeve, and he utilized it at the very last moment!


The Celestial King cried in agony as he tried to reach Gustav, but Gustav waved his hand and infused the last wave of mana into Gungnir!

"Gungnir, crush him…!" he roared, as the divine spear began to spin around inside of the Celestial King's head, crushing his entire brain as the Celestial King gave away a last cry of agony!



The Celestial King's entire head exploded into pieces as his entire body was pierced by the spear until being left like Swiss cheese, falling over the ground!


Gustav, however, was not done.

Using everything he had left, he rushed towards the pained and tired soul of the Celestial King, who was trying to run away somewhere else, seemingly still conscious in this form.

However, Gustav, as a Necromancer, had a strong authority over souls, and forced him to obey him and run towards his open mouth!

"Ungh…! I died yet you still want to kill my soul?! STOP…! Aggh…! GUUUAAAAGGH…!"


Gustav mercilessly devoured the Celestial King's divine soul, munching it and swallowing it!


A sudden rush of new power entered his entire body, as the divine essence that the Celestial King had saved up, which he was using to give him all of this power was fused with Gustav's soul through his Soul Eating Skill!

"This power…!"

Gustav smiled as he felt suddenly revitalized, the soul of such a strong celestial was truly a delightful delicacy!

His fatigue was suddenly gone, and his mana was back up, and even more, he gained tons of EXP!


[Your Level has increased from Level 100 to Level 101!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 101 to Level 102!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 102 to Level 103!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 103 to Level 104!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 104 to Level 105!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 119 to Level 120!]

[Level Cap Reached, Change Jobs to increase your Level Cap!]

Twenty levels in a single sitting! This was the ridiculous amount of EXP that the powerful and glorious Celestial King gave away!

Gustav calculated that he not only got EXP from killing him but also by destroying the soul, he also got EXP.

He sighed in relief for a bit, as he glanced down below, the corpse of the Celestial King was overwhelming with new items popping out of thin air one after another!




Gustav barely evaded a giant laser beam that came from above the sky, the mothership of the Slarkobs was still left!

"It's not over yet, it seems…"


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