Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3801

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The circling temporal diagram emitted a peerless regal aura, providing a defense consisting of the past, present, and future.

Those who knew of this treasure were astounded.

“From what I’ve heard, Hu Ben came to the ancestral temple to ask for help after losing to Righteous Scion. This seems right, they actually gave him the temporal diagram. How surprising.” A court official quietly revealed.

Hu Ben found confidence with this treasure and the advice from Sword Hero.

“Buzz.” Phantom also summoned his own treasure.

People felt space trembling as a result. This treasure seemed to be coming from another deep dimension.

After the vibration, they saw him wielding a great spear with the aura of a grand emperor. Its radiance bathed and made him look holy, instantly curing the rest of his wounds.

Within the holy radiance were lightning crackles, capable of piercing through space and all foes. This turned Phantom into an emperor of lightning. Just one thrust would be enough to inflict a massacre on both heaven and hell.

The imperial aura was especially majestic and suppressive. It seemed to be from an emperor of an ancient age.

“What is this weapon?” The majority of the spectators had no idea, only that it was from an emperor due to its aura.

“Lightning Fiend.” An ancestor’s expression changed after seeing it: “Myriad-blood Sect only has a few, it’s so strong.”

“!!!” The crowd became startled after hearing this.

Myriad-blood Sect consisted primarily of blood fiends and ghost members. Rumor has it that during its early days, several ancestors came from an imperial lineage of the ghosts. This lineage was among the top two of this race but eventually succumbed to the great calamity.

Nonetheless, it still passed down some of its legacies and treasures. Myriad-blood Sect became the new owner.

This sect hasn’t produced a dao lord yet but absolutely didn’t lack resources. Some thought that it was even greater than Vajra in this regard.

Thus, some expected to see an imperial weapon after hearing about Phantom asking for a treasure to deal with Righteous Scion. However, seeing Lightning Fiend still caught them by surprise.

People didn’t know how to feel when this was going to be used against a member of the holy ground instead of Righteous Scion.

“Let’s do this, Li Qiye!” Hu Ben’s furious roar echoed across the area.

His newfound confidence wasn’t only because of his treasure nor the advice from Sword Hero. Most importantly, Sword Hero has shown his support.

Li Qiye could be powerful but there was no way he could match Sword Hero. Thus, Hu Ben believed that even in the case of defeat, Sword Hero would still save them.

“Stop shouting, just go.” Li Qiye glanced dismissively at him.

“Perish!” Hu Ben turned red and swung both hands forward, activating the diagram.

However, the three gates flew downward instead, pinning into the ground not far from Li Qiye. It formed a formation to block his path.

“What is he doing?” The spectators assumed that Hu Ben would be trying to seal Li Qiye. This seemed like a low-level mistake.

“Temporal Heavenly Seal!” Hu Ben roared and channeled his vitality into the three gates.

“Buzz…” The three gates immediately lit up; the star formations were activated.

Stars appeared beneath Li Qiye and shot up beams, illuminating the surroundings. The arrays severed the ground and the power beneath.

“I see, a containment.” One ancestor realized Hu Ben’s intention.

“The temporal diagram’s sealing power is peerless, it’s trying to block Li Qiye from connecting with the holy ground.” Another big shot elaborated.

Sword Hero told him that Li Qiye’s power originated from the holy ground, culminating in the Buddhist tree. It wasn’t his own power. Therefore, once Hu Ben cut off this source, Li Qiye would no longer be able to borrow external power.

“Boom!” Three massive planets eventually emerged from the formations carved on the gates. Now, they finally aimed for Li Qiye, not leaving any room for him to escape while intending on reducing him to a bloody mist.

As they drew closer and exerted their pressure on him, they became blindingly bright. The crowd couldn’t keep their eyes open.

“Die!” Phantom immediately joined the fray. Loud crackles could be heard as his Lightning Fiend released numerous terrifying bolts.

“Rumble!” The tsunami of lightning seemed disastrous for the area.

He then threw the spear towards Li Qiye along with its lightning affinity. The bolts gathered together to form a single beam with enough destructive potential to kill a god.

The young spectators gasped while the older ones took a deep breath for composure.

With one loud blast, the formations and the spear struck Li Qiye at the same time. Starry lights and the lightning beam detonated. No one could see the result clearly due to the blinding explosion.

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