Embers Ad Infinitum - Chapter 534

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Chapter 534: Sex Kills

This itch came so suddenly and intensely. Jiang Baimian had just understood Shang Jianyao’s meaning when her hands uncontrollably scratched her arms and forearm.

This was definitely abnormal for her. It had to be known that when she was first transferred to the Security Department—where she participated in covert field operations—she could resist mosquito bites until the target entered firing range.

Since the mosquito repellent developed by Pangu Biology could ward off mosquitoes, it also meant that it could be detected by certain creatures from afar. Security Department employees were forbidden from spraying repellent when carrying out specific missions.

Jiang Baimian now felt like a hundred or a thousand mosquitoes were wreaking havoc on her body. She couldn’t drive them away, nor could she fend against them. She could only scratch desperately regardless of the situation.

In a flash, she thought of someone: Christina—the former Vice President of Weed City’s Hunter’s Guild!

Weed City’s Castellan, Xu Liyan, had mentioned to Jingnian—the mechanical monk in charge of protecting him—that Christina had the ability to make a group of people itch.

Just as this thought surfaced in her mind, Jiang Baimian had already collapsed to the ground. This was because the itch was so serious that she needed to twist and turn, relying on friction to gain relief.

She was fast, but Shang Jianyao was even faster. He pounced to the ground and twisted around like a python shedding its skin. His hands weren’t idle either. Even though one hand was seriously injured, he still scratched with all his might.

Compared to them, Long Yuehong and Bai Chen—who were physically weaker—did the same thing ahead of them.

Long Yuehong’s mind was in a mess. All kinds of thoughts uncontrollably surfaced in his mind, filled with the thought of the itch. Not good… We are under attack… Is it Asus and that woman? How did they find us? We didn’t leave any clues… We lost the initiative.

We lost the initiative in a battle with Awakened, and we don’t have the corresponding plan… If we are prepared, we can resist Mind Corridor-level Awakened for a period of time. We might even have a chance to escape… Now… The anesthetic gas in Team Leader’s biological prosthetic limb has been used up. The electricity reserves should’ve been mostly exhausted… It’s so itchy. Man, can Shang Jianyao still use his Awakened abilities in such a state? Probably not… What should we do?

Long Yuehong tried to roll toward a corner and use the building structure there to stop the itch, but their door was soon slammed open.

Someone outside exclaimed, but silence quickly prevailed.

The innocent person who had chosen to take the stairs for some reason and confused Jiang Baimian’s judgment seemed to have encountered something nasty.

Right on the heels of that, two people walked into the room. The leader had black hair and blue eyes. He was tall, and his eyes were deep and charming as if they could discharge electricity. He was none other than Asus, son of the former consul and commander-in-chief—Beulis.

Compared to the last time they met, this noble’s black shirt and white pants were wrinkled. They were very messy, and he looked to be in a wretched state.

Behind him, Christina—the former vice president of Weed City’s Hunter’s Guild—had her soft blonde hair cascading over her shoulders. Her light-blue eyes darted around as she took in the situation in the room.

“It’s you guys?” She seemed to recognize the disguised Shang Jianyao and Jiang Baimian. She was perplexed and a little pleasantly surprised.

As she spoke, she closed the door with her left hand. Her right hand held a Red River pistol with a silencer.

Asus walked to Bai Chen—who was by the window—and smiled. “I was wondering who it was; the smell felt so familiar. Isn’t this 105? You sure did run away decisively back then. I thought you wouldn’t bear to part with the robot and would circle back to try and save it. In the end, you ran away without looking back. You didn’t even watch how the robot was blown to pieces.

“To be honest, I quite liked that robot. Without anyone commanding it, it actually infiltrated the city without needing a master. While I was bringing you to the manor, it rushed out to save you without any thoughts of its own safety. If it were a human, it would be deserving of the Loyal Medal issued by the Senate. However, you gave up on your companion and only wanted to survive.”

Bai Chen twisted her body and glared at Asus with bloodshot eyes. She wanted to curse or say something, but her fingers had already unconsciously reached into her mouth and scratched the itch on her tongue.

“Woo, woo, woo…” This was the only sound she could make as saliva kept flowing out of the corners of her mouth.

Upon seeing this, Asus laughed even more happily. This seemed to be one of the few pleasures he had on this dark day.

As he looked at the squirming Bai Chen, Asus chuckled. “Your appearance always brings back beautiful memories. You liked it back then too, so why were you in a rush to escape? Ah, right. I forgot to tell you—do you know how I found my way here?”

He raised his finger and pointed at his nose. “Every woman has their own smell. Although I don’t have the ability to enhance my sense of smell, I can distinguish and remember the smells of women I’ve interacted with many times thanks to my interest in sex. The moment I entered the elevator, I smelled a familiar scent in the air. Fortunately, it wasn’t too long ago, or I wouldn’t have been able to detect it.

“Following this smell, I realized that you guys went up to the eighth floor and had come to this room.” At this point, Asus looked at Bai Chen and smiled mockingly. “You’re really an unlucky woman. You brought me three companions this time. Ah, the quality is pretty good. Very good…”

Asus’s gaze swept across Jiang Baimian on the other side.

“Woo! Woo! Woo…” Bai Chen’s eyes widened. Water droplets seemed to form and slide down the corners of her eyes, and transparent liquid flowed out of her nose.

She roughly understood why Asus could find them. He had used the positive effects of his price of ‘sexual obsession.’

Christina frowned slightly when she heard Asus’s words. “You talk too much. In this environment, it’s better to deal with them quickly and move elsewhere to hide.”

Asus turned to look at Christina. “Once we have them under control and deal with the one outside, what’s the difference between hiding here and hiding elsewhere?”

As he spoke, he suddenly laughed. “As I expected. Not only do you not have any hostility toward me, but you also want to protect me. That’s true. The one who wants me dead is Gaius, not the Church of Paragon Desire. If there’s a conflict between the two of you in the future, I’ll be of use.

“Don’t be in a rush to retort; you know that I’m right. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you and Gaius are currently in your honeymoon period. When he stabilizes his power and has other supporters, it’s unknown if you can still maintain your current relationship. If I didn’t figure out these things, how would I dare to be here? Your superior should’ve warned you to help me as much as possible given a chance.”

Christina didn’t answer, a tacit agreement of Asus’s words.

Asus then stretched his neck. His gaze swept across Jiang Baimian and Bai Chen a few times before gradually turning fiery.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and smiled at Christina. “It seems like I won’t be able to leave the city for the time being. You don’t want me to hide at your house either. Why don’t we relax here?”

“Are you crazy? You still have your mind on that at a time like this?” Christina was a little astonished. She suspected that something had happened to Asus’s mental state because of today’s upheaval.

“I already said that once we deal with the person outside and have the four people here under control, we don’t have to worry about being exposed for a period of time. Who’d know what we’re doing after the door is closed? There’s nothing else to do anyway.” Asus retracted his gaze and smiled at Christina. “Don’t you want it?”

Christina’s gaze was on Shang Jianyao before turning to Jiang Baimian. She stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked her lips, momentarily unable to control herself.

After some thought, she said to Asus, “Deal with the person outside. I’ll continue controlling the four of them.”

“Alright.” Asus nodded and said rather cautiously, “We’ll take turns later. You control while I enjoy, and vice-versa.”

“Okay.” Christina quickly drafted a plan. “We can only control three at a time. We’ll use Sexual Eruption on the remaining one; that’s more interesting. Otherwise, there’s no way to go about it.”

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Asus looked at Bai Chen—whose face was covered in snot and tears. She had been struggling toward him in an attempt to resist. He said in anticipation, “The two women are mine, and the two men are yours.”

Christina immediately replied, “I want all of them.”

Her eyes seemed to be shining.

Asus—who was rather familiar with her—wasn’t surprised. He smiled and asked, “After we finish dealing with the person outside, who goes first? You or me?”

“You.” Christina was more careful.

Just as she said that, Asus saw Shang Jianyao—who was lying not far away and scratching his itch crazily—reveal an extremely warped smile.

For some reason, Asus felt a fire burn in his heart.

“Why are you smiling?” he asked in a deep voice.

Shang Jianyao could only respond with an exaggerated smile because it was too itchy for him to speak.

Asus took a few steps in his direction and approached Jiang Baimian and Long Yuehong. He couldn’t help but say to Christina, “Make it less itchy so that he can answer my question.”

With that said, Asus quickly added, “I’ll only give him the chance to speak one sentence. I’m afraid of being affected if he’s given more. There are such abilities.”

Christina didn’t care as she adjusted Shang Jianyao’s itch.

Shang Jianyao quickly squeezed out a sentence: “You first… because… it’ll be quick for you…”

Asus had never been insulted in this way—his face flushed red instantly. He then revealed a slightly hideous smile and glanced at Jiang Baimian, who wasn’t far away. “Then, I’ll use your companion to let you see for yourself.”

The itch on Shang Jianyao’s body returned, but he still stared at Asus’s pants and forced out two words. “How tiny…”

“You!” Asus glared at the fellow angrily. He felt that he was much more prone to anger than normal, but he felt that it was inevitable considering what had happened today.

“Is that so?” Christina was a little curious and sized up Shang Jianyao from top to bottom. She also reduced the other party’s itch a little.

“Let’s compare!” Shang Jianyao revealed an unyielding spirit.

At his provocation, Asus laughed in anger. “Fine, let’s compare!”

Christina was tempted. She walked toward Shang Jianyao and gulped. “I’ll help you take it off.”

She then bent her back.

As her attention was diverted and she was carrying out another action, her control over the others’ itch fluctuated slightly.

Jiang Baimian suddenly jumped up horizontally and grabbed Asus’s calf with her left hand.

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