Elite Mages' Academy - Chapter 688

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Chapter 688: Asabanor’s Threat

Asabanor fell silent for a moment before clenching his teeth. He spat out a few words, “The power of law!”

Xiao Lin added for him mockingly, “That’s right, and even if it’s not a complete version, it’s already approaching it. It’s the power of creation, and all of this was given by you. I’m so grateful to you!”

Asabanor was speechless. It was right, Xiao Lin’s words might have been grating, but it was the truth. This time, he had messed it up. The reverse God Sealing Array, coupled with the blood moon that only appeared once every few hundred years… Using that opportunity, he had successfully moved the power of law, which was also known as the strongest power. He had thought that he would be able to open a wormhole to Earth with that.

Asabanor thought about what would happen if Xiao Lin ended up wielding all of that power instead. After all, even though he was just a vessel, Xiao Lin was still the owner of that power. If he really managed to wield it, then even the high priest at his peak would be annihilated instantly.

That speculation was just a passing thought, and quickly dispersed after he thought about it for less than ten seconds.

Asabanor might not be an SS-rank talent holder, but his research on laws did not lose out to anyone. Furthermore, he had interacted with Ivanovich before, who was the first person to wield the law among the academies, so Asabanor knew very well that, other than Gods, it was practically impossible to completely master that power.

However, despite his numerous plans, Asabanor still missed some key information. He did not know about Myth, and the old schemer quickly regained his composure. His stubbornness and fervor did not allow him to easily give up on reviving his kingdom.

Asabanor’s destroyed body was rapidly recovering. To be precise, he did not actually have a physical body, and was merely a ghost. Of course, it was a ghost that was even more powerful than a regular or even high-ranked undead creature. So, as long as his spirit was not destroyed, he would not die from an injury like that.

Xiao Lin raised his eyebrow, not surprised at all. He looked around, and the energies that had been balanced temporarily due to the blood moon and the reverse God Sealing Array were raging again. It was a raging storm that stemmed from law, and even Xiao Lin did not know how much power there was.

However, he was surprised to notice that the vortex of energy did not cover too far of a distance. It stopped around a thousand meters away, and seemed to encounter a limit. Xiao Lin could immediately tell that it was due to some space-time spell that probably only appeared in forbidden books that could separate a certain space and time from the real world. This meant that the cemetery they were in might still be in the New World, but it was also a separate world.

Of course, Xiao Lin could also tell that the arrangement was probably not Asabanor’s initial intention. The fanatic had probably hoped to use the storm of energy to destroy Dawn Academy’s colonial territories as well, but the new dean would definitely not have allowed it. It might have been part of the negotiations of that deal, and even the books that contained the components for this forbidden spell were probably provided by the new dean.

He coldly snorted, “I have to say, the space-time spells you’ve researched are quite impressive. If you had been given to a guy I know as a sample, he would probably happily dissect you for study.”

Asabanor’s body had already completely recovered. He did not understand Xiao Lin’s words about a certain department head dissecting him, but he could still guess that it was not anything nice. However, he had become much more careful, and he pulled his distance away from Xiao Lin. Even though he did not know if that distance was safe, he at least felt like he would have a little more time to react.

Even though he would not die, no matter how injured he was in his spirit state, spirits were still a form of energy, and even the highest levels of energy could run out. And now, he was sure that Xiao Lin had the ability to completely exhaust his energy.

“I admit, the power you have is the power of law, even if it’s not complete and still too immature, a far cry from the true power of creation, it’s still law. I would only be able to oppose it with a power of law of the same level. I understand that much.” Asabanor’s sharp voice was heard again.

Xiao Lin merely smiled coldly, knowing that Asabanor still had more to say.

Sure enough, Asabanor’s voice was raised again, laughing. “But so what?! You’re still a mortal in the end, and you have the filthy blood of the invaders. There’s no way for you to completely use this power. I might not know how you raised your ability to this degree, but do you think I couldn’t tell? You’re already at your limits! I’m very curious… How long will your body be able to last? Even if I don’t do anything, you’ll definitely die!”

Xiao Lin fell silent.

He knew that he could not hide the fact from that cunning high priest. Even though he had tried his best to show how pleased he was, he never expected to be seen though so easily.

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Myth’s burden on the body was immense, far greater than anyone could imagine.

After using Myth last time, the power it provided was only enough for one slash. Just with that devastating slash, it almost killed the incomplete Poseidon, and had completely exhausted Myth.

This time, because of the large amounts of law integrated within thanks to this separated world, it had lowered the energy he consumed, which was why Xiao Lin could maintain Myth for longer. It was already a great increase from last time. Even his casual wave that destroyed all the undead troops did not use up too much power.

However, just like Asabanor said, it was only a matter of time. Myth was not a power that Xiao Lin could control at his level. With the power of law coursing through his veins, it was not something a normal human could control. Xiao Lin was putting his life on the line, and racing against time!

Looking at Xiao Lin’s silence, Asabanor seemed to have found a weak point, and was even more pleased. “Then, let me guess. The power you have right now can actually kill me. Even if it’s just for a short time, I admit that the power is enough! Yet, you haven’t, and I’m still standing here. That strike was just to scare me, right? What are you afraid of? What is scaring you? Yes? Let me answer it for you! You’re afraid of this blood moon! It’s a passage that I opened, so only I can close it!

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