Elite Mages' Academy - Chapter 687

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Chapter 687: Myth Makes Another Appearance!

Unlike last time, Myth seemed to need an exceptionally long time to prepare. Last time, Xiao Lin had condensed all the power within himself, but it was different this time. Other than the power within Xiao Lin’s body, he was also condensing the power around him, which was also the power that had been released by the God Sealing Array.

In name, the power that had been unleashed was obviously Xiao Lin’s as well, or at least his SS-rank talent’s. It was the power of law as Asabanor called it, but Xiao Lin had only been able to use less than a thousandth of that power.

If it was at any other moment, Xiao Lin would have given up on using Myth the moment he felt himself losing control because the energy was too strong. It was like a huge wave that was crashing down on him. Even someone who could ride the waves like him would be drowned instantly. It was a power that could swallow everything.

Power was sacrifice.

However, at that moment, Xiao Lin no longer cared. His expression turned into one of determination as he threw away all reservation, not hesitating to pour in all the energy into Myth.

Gu Xiaoyue and the others could also feel that power that they had felt never before. In that state of equilibrium, the power felt like it had come out of nowhere. Even if they did not know why, they could guess that the source of the power was Xiao Lin.

They seemed to have realized something, and when they looked at Xiao Lin, other than the shock and awe in their eyes, there was also undisguised concern.

Xiao Lin looked back as well, but he only looked at Gu Xiaoyue. After that, he used all his might to gently mouth a few words. However, the tremendous power had blocked his voice, yet Gu Xiaoyue, who was also looking at him, suddenly sobbed. As intelligent as she was, she naturally understood those words.

‘I love you. Goodbye.’


The next second, before Gu Xiaoyue could even react, tremendous waves of energy started to fill up the whole space. Xiao Lin finally regained his movement in the air, and his eyes had a faint golden glow to it. In the middle of his forehead, a blue light appeared.

Xiao Lin first looked at the undead army around the cemetery before casually waving his hand. Then, as if he was casually using his sleeve to wipe a table, an intense white energy swept through the whole army. In less than a second, all of the undead, be it the mid- or high-leveled ones, were all turned to dust.

What a strong flame!” Chen Dao widened his eyes. As someone who used flame magic as well, no one else would understand as much as him how powerful Xiao Lin’s attack was.

“The basis of fire magic is temperature. I’ve read in the library before that the highest leveled flame spells, due to the compression of energy, will all materialize in white. It’s the temperature of the stars,” Chen Dao mumbled in shock.

“However, we seem to be fine. Could the flames be able to differentiate friend from foe?” An Luo remarked as well. The flames seemed to have swiped right past them, but An Luo did not feel burned at all, let alone injured.

“Because, the current him is no longer someone at our level,” Gu Xiaoyue said as she swallowed. Her blurry eyes were fixed on Xiao Lin in the air. It was filled with wistfulness, sadness, and determination.

With the extermination of the undead army, they were temporarily safe. Chen Dao asked, “What do we do now? Do we help Xiao Lin?” The woman’s tears also caused him to feel uneasy.

Gu Xiaoyue wiped her tears, forcing herself to calm down before she said, “There’s no need. He doesn’t need our help right now, but we have something else to do. We have to help Cheng Ming. We have to destroy his formation, so we can’t let his hard work and sacrifice be in vain. Absolutely not!”

The word ‘sacrifice’ left An Luo and Chen Dao stunned, but Gu Xiaoyue said nothing else. Just like she said, Xiao Lin had his own goal, and they had been tasked with something that they needed to do.

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Xiao Lin did not hesitate at all after wiping away the undead, and immediately rushed at Asabanor in the air. Even without Gu Xiaoyue’s support magic, under Myth, his control over his power allowed him to easily fly and float.

“I see. sSo it’s a shield that is formed by distorting space.” Xiao Lin glanced at Asabanor and immediately understood his opponent’s tricks. Xiao Lin mocked, “No wonder Chen Dao’s attacks were useless earlier. You’re still a coward in the end. Do you only dare to hide behind a shield?”

However, Xiao Lin was still shocked, despite his words. Shields normally merely used energy fields to protect the caster, so shields would usually break by themselves as long as the energy field was slowly depleted or the user’s strength was drained.

However, a shield that bent space was something at a completely different level. It used space to completely protect oneself, and was even stronger than Absolute Defense. It felt impossible to overcome other than with an immense surge of power. It was no wonder Asabanor seemed to be unworried. That spell was close to a forbidden spell because there was too much risk when it came to bending space. It was one thing to be swallowed yourself, but it might even involve people or objects nearby. However, Xiao Lin was someone who had been to the restricted section of the library, and had seen the relevant information before.

Xiao Lin had not been able to see the truth earlier, but after activating Myth and absorbing an unbelievable amount of energy, his power was nowhere near his usual state. The shield did not manage to escape his eyes, even though, at the moment, he did not know what level he was at. Silver? Gold? Or maybe even higher?

Asabanor’s pale face had a look of shock, and his sharp raspy voice quickly said in anger, “So what?! So what if you’ve seen through it?! This is a shield that I have researched for hundreds of years. If you know how powerful this is, then you’d better give up…”


Before the high priest could finish speaking, a white ball of energy shot out. He did not even have the time to dodge, and in a flash, the right side of his body was gone.

“Give up? Yes? You should tell yourself to give up!” Xiao Lin’s expression was cold. In his open palm, another ball of energy started to materialize as he mocked, “Don’t you know what kind of energy I’m using right now?”

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