Duke, Please Stop Because it Hurts - Chapter 115

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Her eyes, which were still unfocused, wandered around a few times before finally locked onto Raven. Just like a baby bird that had been awakened by its own mother, Molitia gave him a soft smile.

“Did you sleep well?”

“I slept really well.”

The corners of Raven’s mouth were also drawn in response to her smile. Molitia then yawned quietly, even though she was still smiling.

“I must have played chess a little too late yesterday. I can’t seem to rouse myself from sleep.”

“Oh, yesterday.”

Raven immediately recalled last night. In contrast to his own belief that she might have known it well, Molitia actually did not know how to play chess at all. It was only then natural to think that as there was not even a single piece of chessboard present in her room to begin with.

Raven thought that she would wait steadily since it was her first time. At the very least, he knew how to be considerate of beginners as well.

Raven had patiently taught her as well as said beforehand that he would only let her go once Molitia had won skillfully. Unlike Raven, who thought that she’d be happy with that, she appeared rather unhappy instead.

Raven remembered how his wife’s face had burned with such determination to win last night and smiled quietly.


“I made you win over me once though.”

“Yeah, but it was too unfair. I didn’t know anything then, but when I see it now, it’s very different.”

“So, how did you feel about losing then?”

“It actually feels good to win.”

Molitia smiled as much as she could. She had said so, but still, losing to him didn’t feel as bad.

“Try your best next time.”

Molitia beamed at the friendly touch that was stroking her head.



The sweet atmosphere was instantly broken to the sound of sneezing. As Raven had gotten surprised, he straight away moved his hand down from petting her and placed it on her forehead.

“Did you just catch a cold?”

“No, I just sneezed because the air was rather cold. Cough.”

“Is there anyone out there?”

Molitia quickly tried to block his mouth, but Raven was a step faster. He had already called for the servant outside, regardless of Molitia’s swift touch.

“Doctor! Bring the doctor over!”

The servants were taken by surprise when the Duke was looking for the doctor. Maybe the Madame had gotten sick again. Due to the ones who had gotten worried profusely, the attending physician showed up immediately—without waking up properly.

“Madame is just a little tired, but she is in good health.”


“Yes, of course.”

The doctor was already familiar with this kind of monthly event. Despite the Duke’s daunting words, the doctor could still bow her head rather calmly.

“You are taking your meds, are you not?”

“Of course.”

“Then, you’ll be alright. Please don’t worry too much.”

Soon after the doctor had left, Molitia took a look at Raven.

“Did you just hear that?”


“I am certainly fine. Raven, you tend to overthink sometimes.”

“That is much better than you being sick.”

Molitia frowned at his worried words. He knew that she could no longer counter anything if he were to say that—no? Raven then hugged her while saying things like; are you aware of it now?

“You should be going to work now.”

“I should.”


Her husband, who was only good at answering, suddenly fell silent. She appeared to have expected the things he would say next.

“…Raven, it’ll be hard to go to work if you’re just holding me on like this.”

“Yes, I know.”

Raven answered smoothly, but there was not even a single sign of him loosening his arms just yet.

“If you knew it then, why don’t you let me go? If you keep on delaying, you’ll definitely be late.”



“Should I not go to work today?”



Molitia was the one who immediately widened her mouth to those words that seemed absurd. But then, Raven still continued in a rather serious manner.

“What if you happen to get sick while I’m out and I just can’t seem to leave because of all those worries and concerns.”

“As my doctor had said earlier, I’m perfectly healthy. Plus, it doesn’t even hurt anywhere.”

“But you never know when your current condition will suddenly change.”

“Well, I can’t deny that, but…”

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